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568 Regret!

 "Excuse me, do you have tickets for City-Toppling Beauty?" At this moment, a big-sized boy walked in front of him and mistook him for a service staff due to his attire.

"No..." Jiujiu Theater's boss was at a loss for words. All he felt was his throat burning, and he felt terrible.

"What kind of crappy cinema is this? It doesn't even have City-Toppling Beauty. It might as well close down." The young man turned and left.

Jiujiu Theater's boss wished to cry!

"Boss, City-Toppling Beauty has rejected our request to air it. They aren't even giving us permission even if we don't take a card," a secretary whispered.

The boss's eyes went black as he fainted immediately.

In contrast, Beardy was overjoyed. He had been the first to help City-Toppling Beauty in battle, and now that they had won the battle, he naturally reaped the rewards. Countless praise was heaped onto Beardy in his comments section. This made him laugh so happily that he could not close his mouth. All he could do was keep typing 'thank you.'

Consequently, due to his rise in reputation, advertisement sponsors came to him. Beardy's face cramped up from all his smiling.

Of course, the happiest people were the City-Toppling Beauty crew members. All of them were ecstatic in the chat group. They were calling for Li Xueying to treat them to meals and buy them branded bags...

Li Xueying naturally agreed to it. However, before she got on a plane, she subconsciously took a look at Mt. One Finger. For the past few days, she had gone there daily. She had watched the monk strike the drum and hit the bell, practice calligraphy, and teach Lame Ma carving. She had also watched the bamboo forest sway in the wind, Squirrel soundly sleeping on the tree, Lone Wolf chasing butterflies, and Red Boy reprimanding locusts like he was an old man. She had watched the clouds drift through the sky and enjoyed a carefree and relaxed pace of life.

"If there's one day I can't take it any longer, I'll stay on the opposite side of your mountain to enjoy this serene, peaceful side of the world," muttered Li Xueying inwardly. But finally, the engine roars of the plane shattered her silent dream.

Regardless of the din outside, Mt. One Finger remained silent and peaceful.

Fangzheng was sitting under the bodhi tree reading the latest news. The war in the Middle East had also completely embroiled the country. The entire world denounced the war as countless people took to the streets to protest against the war, hoping for it to end. Although there were no protests in China, the anti-war sentiment increased continuously. With the entire world seeking peace, City-Toppling Beauty was brought to the forefront. It met no obstacles as it prospered at the Chinese box office. No one knew if the five billion mark could hold it back, but in any case, nothing but joy belonged to City-Toppling Beauty.

Red Boy leaned over Fangzheng's back and read the content on his cell phone. He cocked his head and asked, "Master, the level of popularity City-Toppling Beauty is receiving sure is inconceivable."

Fangzheng shook his head. "This is not because City-Toppling Beauty is popular, but because everyone's desire for peace is so intense at this moment. City-Toppling Beauty was just a pig standing at the cusp of the wind."

Red Boy nodded in apparent understanding.

After an uneventful night, days passed one after another, until one day, Fangzheng was surprised by the explosions of firecrackers and the clanging of gongs. He stood at the cliff and looked down and saw a bustle.

"Master, what's happening?" Lone Wolf looked down curiously. He stretched his head beyond the cliff as on his head, Squirrel was desperately yanking his ears in fear of falling.

Fangzheng said, "It's August 1, People's Liberation Army Day, a national holiday for our country."

"People's Liberation Army Day?" Red Boy was taken aback as he asked, "Master, isn't the People's Liberation Army meant for fighting wars? This isn't anything good, right? Didn't you also say that war is a sin?"

Fangzheng nodded. "War is indeed a sin, but a People's Liberation Army is not necessarily made for wars. Just like wolves, if you would like to survive in the forest, would giving you enough food be enough? Would you be eating and sleeping all day?"

Lone Wolf shook his head decisively. "Of course not. If you aren't strong enough yourself and don't build up strength in numbers, what happens if the bears raid you?"

"That's right. Countries work on the same principle. Every country has a certain amount of resources. If one country lacks the strength to protect these things, it's very likely that it will invite others to attack it. With that, war cannot be prevented. On People's Liberation Army Day there typically is a military parade of which the goal is to show to any possible bear how many wolves you have, how powerful you are, and how sharp your claws are. If you are sufficiently strong, even if the bears wish to snatch from you, they will think twice.

There is no such thing as unconditional peace in this world. Peace requires potent strength to safeguard it."

Lone Wolf nodded repeatedly, clearly in full agreement with what Fangzheng had to say.

"Master, there's quite a bustle at the foot of the mountain. Can I go down to take a look?" Squirrel looked at the bustling scene of One Finger Village with a sense of wonder.

"Master, I wish to see the military parade too," exclaimed Red Boy.

Lone Wolf did not say a word, but it was evident how he felt about the matter from his yearning big eyes.

Monkey softly said, "Amitabha. This Penniless Monk wishes to go as well."

Fangzheng answered with a happy laugh. "If you want to go, let's go together!"

"Yeah! Let's go!" Squirrel jumped up happily and slipped, planting his head down into the ground. The pathetic fall made everyone burst out in laughter...

They could already sense the festive mood from the mountain, but when they arrived at the foot of the mountain, there was dead silence. There was not a single person on the streets.

"Master, where are the villagers? Why don't I see anyone?" Squirrel had abandoned Lone Wolf, an unqualified mount which often caused him to slip. He sat on Fangzheng's shoulder as he hugged a bamboo shoot.

Just as he said that, they heard cheers from Wang Yougui's home. "Great! This is great! Hahaha!"

Squirrel, Lone Wolf, Monkey, and Red Boy looked suspiciously at Fangzheng.

"Why are you looking at This Penniless Monk? This Penniless Monk doesn't know what they are doing either. Let's go take a look." With that said, Fangzheng brought his disciples to Wang Yougui's place. The moment they entered, they saw lots of villagers as well as Jiang Zhou and his disciples. There were a group of people sitting on the stove beds, while another group sat on the ground. Watermelons and ice-cream was placed on the table. There was also a huge bucket on the ground filled with cool, recently plucked cucumbers and tomatoes. They looked delicious.

The television was broadcasting a Chinese program. Everyone was watching a troop of soldiers march in line, raising their feet with great precision. The sound from their landing feet sent ardor and zeal through the hearts of the viewers! They discussed the program and mentioned how orderly the troops' marching was or how handsome the soldiers were, etc.

When Fangzheng arrived, he immediately caused a stir. Everyone greeted him and gave up their seat for him.

Fangzheng did not stand on ceremony as he sat on a stove bed and joined the bustle.

Red Boy and company looked at Fangzheng who gestured to them to sit anywhere.

With permission granted, Squirrel, Lone Wolf, and Red Boy dashed out. Squirrel jumped onto the table and threw the watermelon on the ground. Lone Wolf rushed over to eat it. Compared to the television program, this idiot was more interested in food.