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567 There Is No Medicine For Regre

 There was a large number of comments below the news. Some people were giving their well-wishes while others were denouncing wars. Some called for peace. On this day, after seeing the harsh realities of war, everyone looked forward to peace.

At the same time, the comments under City-Toppling Beauty blew up!

"Back when I was watching City-Toppling Beauty, I felt that the film was making a fuss about an imaginary problem, but I never expected war to be so close to us. Taking a look at Afghanistan and then ourselves, I realize how beautiful peace is; it's truly a city-toppling beauty."

"Strongly recommend!"

"Recommending this. This is a good film that people should really watch."

"Learn to appreciate the happy life we enjoy. The grass might be greener on the other side, but in China, you can peacefully see a life worth of grass."

"I did not plan on reviewing the movie, because I felt really uncomfortable after watching it. It's too bloody and cruel. The war scenes were too realistic, and I couldn't take it. However, after seeing today's news, I wish to cheer on our country for the peace it enjoys. I support this movie!"


Instantly, many people who had watched the movie but did not leave reviews before posted reviews after seeing the news. A large number of good reviews appeared. City-Toppling Beauty's review score jumped up from 3.8 to 5.0!

Fangzheng and Li Xueying exchanged looks and saw the happiness in each other's eyes. However, there was even more sorrow in them due to the war in Afghanistan. The father's cry left their hearts in pain.

Li Xueying suddenly muttered, "Venerable One, I understood what you said just now. I get it. I should use my own means to do good. Charity is not as simple as giving money."

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Amitabha."

Meanwhile Fangzheng asked the System, "System, did you cause the war?"

"Ding! What do you mean I caused it? All you spent was 700 merit points, and you think that's enough to change global events? Stop dreaming. It's purely a coincidence. As for your blessings, they can only influence some individuals," said the System.

Fangzheng immediately heaved a sigh of relief. He would not feel at ease if he realized that his blessing of City-Toppling Beauty had stirred up a war. That would be a grievous sin, a sin too great to record.

Li Xueying only stayed for a while before leaving.

Many people suffered from insomnia that very night.

Li Xueying together with Xiaoliu constantly refreshed the real-time box office results. When they saw the box office numbers successfully go from 99,999,999 to 100,000,000, both of them cheered fervently! Finally, three days after release! Their box office results had reached a hundred million pretty much in that single day!

Some people rejoiced while others cried.

Li Jun, CEO Si, and CEO Feng looked at the screen as though their children had died. Li Jun roared furiously, "Soul and those bastards, don't let me know who they are, or I... I'll eat them!"

Meanwhile, Soul who was on the way home from the police station sneezed.

The next day, City-Toppling Beauty completely reversed the trend from before due to word of mouth as well as the international development. With people's aversion towards war increasing, the box office results rapidly improved, and the movie reached 150 million in a single day on the fourth day of showing.

Meanwhile the movie Frost Rain, of which the results were still alright at first despite it being criticized for having nothing except for a gorgeous lineup, was thrown completely into the gutter.

Li Jun had originally planned on using Frost Rain to absorb the audience of City-Toppling Beauty.

The result...

"Holy sh*t, Frost Rain is truly amateurish. What a crappy movie. Apart from its beautiful cast, there's nothing! Their acting bleeds my eyes. I need to get some eye bleach by watching City-Toppling Beauty again."

"I was disgusted by Frost Rain as well. I'm going to watch City-Toppling Beauty again to cleanse my eyes."


Upon seeing such a result, Li Jun smashed everything he could smash in his office. Even his secretary had a few bruises on his head.

From that day forth, City-Toppling Beauty's box office results kept increasing exponentially.

It hit 200 million at the box office on the fifth day alone.

It hit 300 million at the box office on the sixth day alone.

It kept making new records and smacked numerous critics in the face. These famous critics had previously criticized City-Toppling Beauty for being a flop, but with it going viral, all of them had their faces swelling from the face smacking.

At that moment, an important verified critic named I'm A Good Man Originally made the comment: "City-Toppling Beauty is trash. It's full of violence and bloodshed. I suggest it be banned! Children can get nightmares from watching it. It will distort our children's views on human life."

However, the moment he posted that, he was slaughtered in minutes.


"IQ is a good thing; unfortunately, this retard lacks it."

"Classic case of double standards. Which foreign blockbuster doesn't have hundreds of people dying? When that happens, it's extolled, but when it's a domestic movie, death means bloodshed and darkness which can lead our children astray."

"The moon is fuller in foreign lands than in China; but it's best you go to Mars. An express ride to Mars. Buy a hundred thousand yuan worth of fireworks and sit on them. Light them up and off you are! All the best, my money is on you."


I'm A Good Man Originally was instantly derided terribly, but he refused to back down by throwing out the following comment: "What a bunch of City-Toppling Beauty dogs. When did we stop criticizing domestic films? Can we only extol them while negative views are drowned?"

The moment I'm A Good Man Originally's hands left his keyboard, he was left dumbfounded. He saw countless comments appear beneath him. He was a little happy at first, thinking that he had succeeded in inciting people. He was finally going to become famous! But the moment he opened the comments, he broke out into a cold sweat. There were thousands of comments, all scolding him! Furthermore, the comments were increasing rapidly. He basically became infamous right then and there!

Following that, he received a notice that as a result of his comment overstepping boundaries, his account would be banned.

At that instant, I'm A Good Man Originally instantly fell from heaven to the mortal world, before plummeting down to hell.

As the original instigators of City-Toppling Beauty's matter, Li Jun and company were fined a huge sum of money for their nefarious attempts to hurt others and harm the harmony of the movie industry. Together with the money they had invested previously, and with Frost Rain suffering abysmal results, Li Jun, CEO Feng, and CEO Si finally...

"Li Jun, you son of a b*tch. Didn't you say that the audience would accept it as long as there was a beautiful cast? Didn't you say that this was what is called a fan economy? F**k you! Where are the fans? Where is the economy? What use is that crappy sh*t of yours apart from making us losing money?" CEO Feng blew up.

"I long said that we shouldn't film such―" said CEO Si eccentrically.

Li Jun turned incensed as well. "F**k, this was something the three of us agreed upon from the beginning. Why are you blaming me now!?"

"Who else do we blame but you? Also, who are you scolding?"


A brawl began as fists met flesh...

However, the most miserable person was the boss of Jiujiu Theaters. He squatted at his empty cinema's entrance and looked at the long line outside the theater across the road until it looked overcrowded. He really felt like dying. If he had not attempted to curry favor to gain ties with the consortium by taking down City-Toppling Beauty, he would probably be earning boat loads of money like everyone else right now!