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565 Luck

 "Then? I have no idea. Take a look at the comments." Xiaoliu immediately checked.

Meanwhile over at Li Jun's side.

"You bunch of retards! If you can't even do this well, what's the point of having you? Listen up, I want you to burst the floodgates for three days. None of you are to stop for the next three days even if the sky collapses!" Li Jun roared furiously. He had never expected that such a mishap would happen the moment he let down his guard. How infuriating! Now, he only hoped that he could redeem the situation in time.

Thankfully, he received news from Jiujiu Theaters that they had pulled City-Toppling Beauty from their lineup.

Li Jun felt a little better. Although Jiujiu Theaters were a second-rate cinema chain and them pulling the movie was just a means to curry favor with them, it was still good news.

"Jiujiu Theaters have unilaterally decided to pull our film from their lineup?" Li Xueying was angry when she received the news.

"Yes, Sis Xueying. We did not sign a minimum instance agreement previously, so... We can't do anything if they do this," said Xiaoliu.

"Forget it. Since they have chosen a side, let them stick to it. It's still alright even without them," said Li Xueying.

Li Xueying had already calmly thought things through, but someone else was going crazy!

"Where's my cell phone?" Soul had just bought some vegetables to improve his meals, but after going one round in the market, he realized his cell phone was no longer in his pocket! Soul instantly turned flustered. The trade he was in was shady and although everyone knew that his alias was Soul, no one knew his real name or contact information.

The reason was simple. His occupation as a spammer was a trade which offended people. It would not be good if his enemies came seeking for revenge. A cell phone was an essential tool for his business, as large amounts of information were stored on it. Losing his cell phone was like losing half his life!

In his fluster, Soul hurriedly borrowed a phone from the vegetable-selling auntie and called his own number. If no one picked it up, it meant that he had left it at home or dropped it somewhere. He could still have some hope even then, but if...

"Hello, the number you have called is not available!"

"F**k!" Soul nearly smashed the auntie's cell phone. He knew it was over. He had lost his phone!

"Thankfully, I still have a backup on my computer." Soul heaved a sigh of relief when he thought about his backup. However, he could not take the matter lying down. He went on to file a report at the police station. All of this took him nearly half a day.

After recording his statement, Soul returned home depressed. When he entered his estate, he saw a large truck drive out of his estate grounds. It sputtered and left quickly.

Soul could not help but curse. "F**k, why are you driving so fast? Aren't you afraid of dying from a collision?"

He shook his head and reached his door. However, he was dumbfounded when he opened the door!

His cutlery was strewn all over the floor. Things like his television were gone! All that was left were some crappy tables and chairs or things that were either too heavy or worthless! Soul's heart skipped a beat as his brain instantly went blank, except for one thought coursing through it: "F**k, I've been robbed!"

It took Soul quite a while to snap back to his senses. He rushed into his study and found that the high-end computer he had spent twenty thousand yuan to buy was gone! All that was left was the LAN cable wobbling in the wind.

He had no idea which unprofessional burglar it had been, but even his windows had been smashed. The moment he opened the door, a wind blew through the room and at Soul, chilling his heart!

"What's happening? Why is Soul's phone switched off? He isn't online either. What's this fellow doing?" Li Jun's secretary cursed unhappily. Then he called the other spammer bosses, but none of them picked up. Either their phones were switched off or their line wasn't free. Some even appeared to have no signal.

Meanwhile, certain things were happening all across the country.

Some people were caught for prostitution, some were being investigated for an accident; others were sent to the hospital from choking on water, and someone got into an argument with another person and was sent to the hospital with one punch.

"CEO Li, for some reason, I can't contact Soul and company at all," said the secretary uneasily.

"What do you mean you can't contact them? Do they not want my business?" Li Jun pricked up his brows and said in a pissed manner.

"No, I'm not sure what's happening either. I can't get reach them on their phones, and they don't reply to me on QQ. I don't know what happened, but it seems like they all vanished collectively. Do you think there's something wrong?" asked the secretary.

Li Jun turned a little anxious when he heard that. It could be understood if something happened to one person by coincidence, but there was more to it if it happened to all of them! With this in mind, Li Jun hurriedly made a few calls and asked around. He wanted to know if anyone had taken action against him, but his attempts were in vain. For a moment, he was left suspicious of everyone and everything.

The secretary then met with another troublesome matter. All other spammers he knew of did not take his calls either, because they had been hired already! And the people who had hired them belonged to Li Xueying's reinforcement team. Although spammers did shady business, they did not dare violate the rules of the game. Being trustworthy was a necessity in their business. If they were to take business from both sides, it would be equivalent to them destroying their own reputations. Even a fool would not do that.

Therefore, the secretary was left at a loss. Without being able to hire spammers, how was he to deal with City-Toppling Beauty?

Li Jun, CEO Si, and CEO Feng were somewhat dumbfounded when they heard the update. Although they were displeased, they were helpless when faced with such a situation. In present times, there was a lot of transparency in the movie industry. Despite their bragging, there were not that many useful tricks they could pull off in reality. They could buy out the media to sully City-Toppling Beauty with scandals or hire spammers to flood out the good reviews to deter the real audience from watching the movie.

The third move was to inform the theaters. If the theaters did not air the movie, even god could not help it.

These were their three trump cards. Once these three failed, they were out of solutions.

"It's already the third day. Based on yesterday's results, City-Toppling Beauty definitely won't do well. Once it's moved to the midnight slot, this movie is as good as dead," said CEO Si.

CEO Feng said, "That's right. Although there were some setbacks, it's already the last day. Even if she's Monkey Sun, there's no way she can escape our grasp."

Li Jun nodded slightly. With the way things were, all he could do was console himself.

And yet, Li Jun couldn't help but keep feeling uneasy. He had a nagging feeling that something was not right. It was as though a pair of eyes was watching him from above. It left his heart in a fluster.

Compared to Li Jun's worries, Li Xueying was rather at ease. She had done whatever she could do. All that was left was to wait. Since she had to wait whether she was worried or not, why worry?

Therefore, Li Xueying happily drove toward Mt. One Finger.

There was a rainy storm the entire morning, so no devotee came in the afternoon. Fangzheng sat under his roof and looked up at the raindrops that kept dripping down the roof. They smashed onto a rock and disintegrated repeatedly.

"Master, you have already been looking like that for half an hour. What are you looking at that it requires your head to be sideways?" Monkey came over out of curiosity and asked.

"What I am looking at? You will know why if you ever sleep without a pillow," said Fangzheng bitterly. That's right, our Venerable One had slept without resting his head on a pillow. His neck felt alright when he kept it sideways, but it hurt the moment he moved it...Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.The Monkey King was fooled by Buddha and failed to escape his palm.