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564 Pleasant Surprise And Suspicion

 Li Jun had made his calculations very thoroughly. His only opponent in the same period was City-Toppling Beauty. If he defeated his opponent, the amount he would earn was bound to be more than he had invested. If he failed to defeat his opponent, however, his losses would definitely be bad! Therefore, Li Jun was adamant about seeing things through to the end.

However, the Heavens were unfair. When a few of his spamming leaders received the phone call, they were all suffering from terrible storms...

"Stop the spamming. Everyone is to rest!" Soul immediately gave the order to stop the spamming war.

Li Jun did not know of the situation. Even his secretary who paid attention to the spammers' progress daily was taken to drinks by the happy Li Jun.

Li Xueying slept very soundly that night. When she opened her eyes, she realized it was slightly past eight in the morning. She rubbed the area between her brows and said, "As expected, I can't go to One Finger Monastery. Every visit leaves me with a quality of sleep that is out of this world."

Shaking her head, Li Xueying picked up her cell phone and switched it on. She saw that she had more than twenty missed calls―all from her manager.

Almost simultaneously, Li Xueying faintly heard a sound outside her room. She got up and peeped through the peephole only to see her manager, Xiaoliu, standing outside with red eyes! At that instant, Li Xueying's heart skipped a beat. Although she had been mentally prepared, the outcome was there much too fast! Even though Li Xueying knew she still had a trump card, having yet to have used those friends of hers, it would be difficult to strike back even for them if they suffered an early defeat.

The moment the door opened, Xiaoliu shouted. "Sis Xueying!"

"Alright, alright. There's no need to be agitated. I know about it. Look at you; you must not have slept an entire night, right? Come in and have some warm water and have a rest." Li Xueying had already accepted the outcome and had thought things through. She was no longer worked up over it.

"Sis Xueying, you know already?" Xiaoliu nudged her glasses and looked at Li Xueying in a daze. This Xiaoliu, whose actual name was Liu Xiaoxiao, was adorable and slow to react. It was precisely because she was unable to keep an eye on Li Xueying that she was kept as her special manager.

"Is there anything I need to know? I had already guessed the outcome. Don't worry. I have already thought of a solution. I believe there should be some results in two days." Li Xueying slowly poured a glass of water and drank it.

When that was said, Xiaoliu, who had just sat down, jumped up and yelled in excitement, "Sis Xueying, you attacked? No wonder! It's no wonder those critics have all shut up!"

Li Xueying spat out the water at Xiaoliu when she heard that. She exclaimed in astonishment, "The spammers have all shut up?"

"That's right, they have all shut up. And yesterday at midnight Xiaoxiang Theater's supervisor said that he will add more slots for us. He said he enjoys what our movie represents. He's a very swell guy. He mentioned that he didn't think we would do well before watching it and that he was planning on doing Li Jun a favor by lower the number of our time slots, but... Haha, the guy was conquered by us!" exclaimed Xiaoliu in excitement.

"This does match Wang Hu's way of doing things. If there's no substance, he will consider ties, but if there's substance, he will only care about the substance. No good film has been buried because of him. Basically, as long as it's a good movie, he will not listen to anyone or take the person's reputation into consideration." Li Xueying smiled. Although she had always believed that Wang Hu would be a breakthrough point, she never expected the breakthrough point to be activated so fast. However, that alone would not be enough. She needed more, or there would be no way to break out of the siege!

Xiaoliu sat back down and cleaned the water on her. She agreed in excitement. "Also, the moment the spammers shut up, your reinforcements finally appeared and flooded everything. It felt great to see that!"

"Get them to stop immediately. I want to know the thoughts of the real audience," said Li Xueying immediately after a frown.

Xiaoliu immediately took action. As for Li Xueying, she kept refreshing a site to read the reviews it had.

As the reinforcements shut up, the real reviews finally appeared.

"One really cannot rely on reviews when deciding to watch a movie, or there would never be any movie to watch! To think such a good movie ended up with a pathetic 3.8. Seriously..."

"Although I can't claim that it's a classic, it presented everything it's meant to represent. The beginning was warm and cozy, while the middle was filled with insanity, sorrow, and pain mixed with ardor and blood. It presented the true side of war. Regardless if it's the past or present, humans should stay away from war! The colors were somewhat subdued in the beginning, but when the final ray of sunlight appeared, the colors turned vibrant. The strong contrast was f**king beautiful!"

"There were many flaws, but the flaws did not obscure the splendor of this gem. I would say it's really good overall. I actually like how it's beautiful yet flawed."

"F**k, the spammers on both sides have finally shut up. I can finally read some useful reviews in peace. I'm really amazed at this crappy site. Can't they block spammers? I'm just an ordinary member of the audience. I only want to watch a good movie, and not such disgusting attacks from all sides. I've watched the movie. It's not bad, and it's worth the price. I recommend it to all."


Upon seeing this, Li Xueying laughed.

Xiaoliu chuckled. "Sis Xueying, it seems the storm has passed. You sure are impressive. You managed to resolve all the problems at once."

Li Xueying nodded with a smile. At that moment, she received a few WeChat messages.

"I informed them, but it will be a little troublesome to handle this. There should be some results in a week, though."

"I'm still working hard on my side, but I need a little bit more time."

"Xueying, all the best. I'll settle your problems in three days."


Upon seeing these messages, Li Xueying was taken aback. The people she had sought out to help her had not let her down after all. They had begun taking action. Three days to a week could not be considered slow, but it was too slow for City-Toppling Beauty. By the time they had any results, City-Toppling Beauty would be done for.

Then, if it had not been them, who was it that had stopped Li Jun? Li Xueying was at a loss. No matter how she racked her brains, she could not figure out who had the ability to resolve everything at once.

Li Xueying attempted to ask some higher-ups, but none of them had interfered in the matter. This left her even more baffled. Even the people who had the ability to stop the conflict had not taken action. Then, who had?

After lots of thinking, Li Xueying recalled the figure of a white-robed monk whose smile was as warm as the sun. Could it be him? Thinking back to the words Fangzheng had said to her when she had left as well as to how he had prayed for her an entire day...

Li Xueying thought, "It's likely... not him. He can't be that godly, right?"

Although Li Xueying felt that Fangzheng was a good man, and it was true that he made her feel relaxed when she was with him, she refused to believe that Fangzheng knew spells that could change fate. She had traveled to many places across the world. She had seen many masters, but none of them knew spells. Most of the world's masters were experts in psychology or philosophy. They guided people to enlightenment with their wisdom.

"Yes, it must have been someone else." That was what Li Xueying believed.

At that moment, Xiaoliu suddenly received a phone call. After she heard what was said on the phone, she erupted with laughter. "Sis Xueying, I know what happened. Li Jun's side made a huge blunder. The spammers were told not to stop, but the spammers ended up hearing it as an order to stop, so all of them stopped. Hahaha! Li Jun is now blowing his top!"

"Then?" Li Xueying's heart palpitated. So that was the reason? Was it a coincidence? Maybe...