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563 Thunder and Changes

 "You-! Li Xueying, it looks like you are still holding onto some hope until the grim reality forces you to give up. In that case, let's see what happens after three days!" Li Jun hung up angrily after finishing his sentence before cursing. "F**k, this darn arrogant woman! I'll make you kneel down for forgiveness sooner or later!"

"Don't worry, CEO Li. We have already informed the spammers. This time, there's no chance of her making a comeback," said CEO Si.

CEO Feng chuckled. "It's time to let her have a taste of reality. Jiujiu Theaters just agreed to me moments ago. They will be pulling City-Toppling Beauty from their lineup today!"

"Old Feng, well done!" Li Jun was immediately thrilled.

"Let's see how long she can put up with that arrogant act!" CEO Si laughed as well.

After Li Xueying hung up, she made a few phone calls after some thought.

"Sister Li, don't worry. I'm on your side on this matter. However, the spammers aren't easily hired. We can only use reinforcements."

"Little Li, as your teacher, I support you on this. I will help you talk to the higher-ups regarding this. They have gone too far on this matter. The market needs to have fair competition and not such dirty tricks."


Li Xueying kept making phone calls. After more than ten phone calls, she sat in her car exhausted. Then, she subconsciously made one last phone call.

"Amitabha. Patron, what is it? Did you leave something on the mountain?" Fangzheng's voice sounded.

"Uh, I dialed the wrong number," said Li Xueying in embarrassment.

Fangzheng: "..."

"Amitabha. Then This Penniless Monk will be hanging up."

"Hold on!" Li Xueying suddenly cried out and asked, "Venerable One, do you really believe that there will be clear skies tomorrow?"

"With the sun shining high," said Fangzheng.

"I'll look forward to it. Goodbye, Venerable One." After Li Xueying said that, she hung up and started the car to return to her hotel in Songwu County. The moment she reversed, however, she could hear thunder boom from the distance. It gave Li Xueying a fright as she looked up into the sky. A huge clump of black clouds surged over rapidly and in about ten minutes, the sky was covered in dark clouds.

When Li Xueying saw the weather, she could not help but curse. "With the sun shining high? Shining sun, my ass! Darn a**hole was just fooling me."

Fangzheng looked up at the gloomy sky and blushed red in embarrassment. He mumbled, "This Penniless Monk just said that the sun would be shining high, and it turned gloomy. Are you really trying to go against This Penniless Monk and smacking my face? Amitabha, once bitten twice shy. Before bragging, one should check the weather forecast."

Time quickly passed. Soon, it was night. However, Fangzheng did not go to bed early like he usually did. Instead, he leaned on the window sill and watched the lightning flash across the night sky while using his cell phone.

Meanwhile, in a residence at Yuedong City, a bearded man produced a large slam and nearly flipped his keyboard!

"Why are there so many flamers? They are flaming the movie without even watching it? What sort of bullsh*t are they spouting? Although City-Toppling Beauty isn't fully mature, it leaves a strong impression. Who wouldn't finish this movie crying? To think they are flaming such a good movie. Do these people have a conscience? Alright, are you burying my comment? Fine, I'll fight it out with you! I'll post another comment with every buried comment. I don't believe that society doesn't have any righteousness left in it!" After Beardy said that, he quickly duplicated a thread and kept posting new comments.

Meanwhile, Beardy began notifying his good friends. He also cursed directly on Weibo. "I don't care who you are! A movie's merits should be judged by the public and not be deliberately sieged by a bunch of spammers. For justice, for the final stronghold of the movie industry, I'll declare war on you! I'm strongly in support of City-Toppling Beauty! Here is my review. I guarantee you with my experience as a movie critic of five years that this movie is definitely the best movie you will watch this year! Strongly recommending it with five stars!"

"Brother Hu, I watched this movie, and it was indeed good. I think there is someone meddling with this behind the screens. I'll fight alongside you!"

"I've always been reading Brother Hu's movie reviews. Every movie he recommends is really good. I'll watch the midnight movie!"

"I'll watch the midnight movie too. I trust Brother Hu's recommendation."

Meanwhile, Li Jun also received some news.

"What? An influential critic has openly declared war on us? If he has a death wish, help him. I want you to drown him!" Li Jun ordered. The next moment, a group of spammers rushed into Beardy's Weibo. All sorts of criticisms and curses flooded in as a war of words began. The flames of war immediately erupted on Beardy's Weibo. His fans were unable to fend off so many spammers as their comments were quickly buried. They had no means to fight back.

However, Beardy had no intention to stop. Instead, he extended an invitation. "Come on, let's fight! F**k, if we are defeated by you, how can there be a future for China's movie industry? If we lose, I'll quit being a critic!"

Without any need to elaborate, Beardy was massacred. However, he and his fans held on despite their voices turning weaker.

When Li Jun saw this, he sneered. "What a futile attempt. It's useless no matter who tries to help today. City-Toppling Beauty is doomed!"

"CEO Li, Beardy and Li Xueying's fans have been suppressed. There's nothing from them. Soul asked me if we want to continue," asked Li Xueying's secretary.

"Tell Soul that there are two more days. Stop only after that, continue the flood for now! Flood it until City-Toppling Beauty stops showing!" said Li Jun.

Therefore, his secretary immediately called Soul. "Soul, CEO Li said to stop―"


In a room inside Haicheng, Soul received the phone call. When he heard the word 'stop,' there was a sudden clap of thunder. He failed to hear the rest.

"Brother, speak clearly. Do I stop or not? I can't hear you clearly." Soul tried to confirm.

"Of course not!" Boom!

There was another clap of thunder. All Soul heard was 'of course.'

Soul believed he had heard clearly, but he wished to confirm another time. After all, stopping now was fine, but to continue their victorious pursuit and completely suppress their opponent was better. "Brother, repeat again so that I can confirm it."

The secretary was incensed when he heard that. He had repeated it several times. Yet Soul could not hear him clearly? Therefore he yelled, "Do not stop! Do not stop! Do not stop! Hear that?"

As for Soul's side, there was a series of thunder. Soul's reception was unstable, but the disconnection and connection happened so quickly that Soul did not realize it. And so, the words 'do not' were perfectly missed. All Soul heard was "Stop! Stop! Stop! Hear that?"

Having gotten the confirmation, Soul said, "Got it."

The secretary heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that as he hung up.

Soul spat in anger. "F**k, they said that we would be flooding for three full days. D*mn it, that bit of money they gave me has just been used up, and they don't want to continue. They really are f**king untrustworthy!"

Li Xueying had given ten plus spammers like Soul some money per person. He made Soul and company spam according to the amount of money they got. They were told to contact him again once the money was used up. Soul and company naturally did their best when they saw the amount of money offered. Each comment was fifty cents, and he had a thirty cent profit from each comment personally! In order to earn more money, it was best to spam more. Therefore, he had fervently employed spammers and made them spam. With monetary support, the spammers had increased in combat strength and fully suppressed Li Xueying's reinforcements.