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554 Fellow Disciples Working Together

 Red Boy was immediately pushed to the brink of tears. He had suffered big! If not for his last words, he might have had a chance of going!

"Master, Junior Brother only said that because he wished for all of us to go watch the movie. He can't be blamed. Master, please let Junior Brother go. I won't go," said Monkey suddenly.

Red Boy was taken aback before he blushed. He was not really helping Monkey and company. All he did was shoot of his mouth, so just as he was about to say something...

He heard Lone Wolf add to his defense. "Master, I won't go either. Why don't you let Junior Brother go?"

Fangzheng gave Lone Wolf a ruminative look before looking at Squirrel.

Red Boy felt his heart tighten. Could it be that there was still hope for him?

Squirrel pointed his fingers at each other as he tapped them in front of his chest before saying in embarrassment, "Master, although I really want to go, I, I still wish for Junior Brother to go. I... I'll just stay at home."

When Red Boy heard that, his heart was overcome with warmth. He knew very well that Squirrel was the youngest among his Senior Brothers and that he was like a child. He liked to play, so typically, everyone would take care of him and give in to him. He never expected that Squirrel would actually show him concern and give in to him this time. This feeling was really... A little warm, and he seemed to choke up.

At that moment Fangzheng looked at Red Boy and asked, "Jingxin, what do you think?"

Red Boy looked at Fangzheng before looking at Lone Wolf, Squirrel, and Monkey. All three of them were giving signals with their eyes as though they were saying, "Quickly say that you want to go! Quick, say it!"

Red Boy nodded slightly before saying to Fangzheng, "Master, I'm not going. Either I go with my Senior Brothers, or I stay at home to read the scriptures!"

"What!?" After that was said, Lone Wolf, Squirrel, and Monkey were dumbfounded. Even Fangzheng was surprised.

Fangzheng looked at Red Boy intently and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes! Don't ask me or I might regret it," exclaimed Red Boy with a sobbing tone.

Fangzheng roared with laughter when he heard that. "Good, good, good!"

Fangzheng actually said 'good' three times, leaving his disciples confounded. What was happening? Had Master gone mad? Or was he laughing due to extreme anger?

Just as his disciples shivered from Fangzheng's laughter, they heard him say, "Very good. The few of you finally know what camaraderie means. Not bad! In that case, all of you can go!"

"What?" The few of them exclaimed simultaneously. Weren't pets forbidden?

Fangzheng smiled. "I didn't lie to you. Typically, it would indeed not be suitable for all of you to enter the theater, but this time, we booked the entire theater. I believe it won't be a problem if we get the village chief to negotiate with them."

His disciples exchanged looks as they cheered in unison, "Yeah!"

As expected, after Fangzheng discussed the matter with Wang Yougui, Wang Yougui immediately agreed to it. It did not take long before he informed Fangzheng that everything was settled.

As such, the huge group of villagers went for the county city either by car, motorcycle, or bus.

As their transportation modes were different, everyone went at different speeds. Fangzheng was invited by Yang Hua into his personal car. Du Mei had to take care of the twins, so there was a lot of space in the car. The little guys who were sitting in a car for the first time were going mad with excitement as they looked everywhere. Without Fangzheng noticing it, Lone Wolf had already opened his mouth to have a taste of the car...

It resulted in him being punched. With that, he slumped on the seat and did not dare make another sound.

Squirrel squatted behind Yang Hua as his eyes were extremely bright. He watched Yang Hua drive curiously as he mimicked his turning of the wheel. When Yang Hua shifted gears, Squirrel would grab his big, bushy tail. The way he swerved and switched gears made him look quite like an experienced driver.

Monkey was the most stable. He sat there motionless, occasionally mouthing scriptures. Fangzheng nodded when he saw that. Monkey was the most reliable one after all!

But when Fangzheng did not pay attention, he heard Red Boy shout from behind. "Senior Brother, what's wrong with you? Why aren't you moving? Aiyah, he moved. Aiyah, Master, Senior Brother Jingzhen has vomited!"

Fangzheng turned his head only to see Monkey spew out vomit like an erupting volcano!

Fangzheng immediately dodged and grabbed Squirrel. His monk robe warded off all the vomit, leaving him stainless. It was the White Lunar Monk Robe after all, but...

"Venerable One... I just bought this car!" Yang Hua was pushed to the brink of tears. Having been in a farming village his entire life, he was finally able to buy a car. He treated it like a baby, but Monkey had ended up deflowering his car because of his driving... Sob!

What else could Fangzheng say? "Amitabha."

When they arrived at Songwu County City, Yang Hua handed Fangzheng his tickets before sadly driving his car off to the car wash.

Fangzheng looked at the Songwu Cinema in front of him and then at his disciples beside him. Squirrel remained excited, while Lone Wolf hung his tongue out to help himself cool down. He looked quite silly! Monkey seemed dizzy and clearly had not recovered from his motion sickness yet. As for Red Boy, he was looking around curiously as though he wished to find something to do.

Fangzheng felt exasperated seeing his few disciples. Leading them in a group was not easy!

While the strange master-disciple combination observed their surroundings, the people around them were looking at them as well. Anyone of the white-robed monk, three animals, and the extremely adorable child would be a huge highlight in such a county city, much less when all five appeared at the same time.

"Master, where do we go now?" Red Boy looked at the cinema in front of him and asked purposely.

Fangzheng did a count of the time and knew that the movie would start an hour later. Therefore he said, "Let's go into the building and wait. We can enter the theater when the time is right."

Although they were not watching a movie yet, entering a cinema was a first for them. They were equally excited about that. To them, entering a cinema was the same as watching a movie. It was identical.

Fangzheng did not bother explaining to them. He held Squirrel's tail and made Monkey watch Red Boy and Lone Wolf as he walked carefully to prevent them from causing trouble.

Thankfully, the few animals were intelligent. They knew when to act properly as they tried their best not to cause trouble. Even so, they attracted many curious looks and quite a commotion. The security guards held their batons and were prepared to attack. Adults hugged their children tightly and no matter how their children wailed, they continued maintaining a distance from Fangzheng...

With regards to this, Fangzheng ignored it. He came in front of an elevator and entered it with a few others.

Fangzheng could clearly sense that Lone Wolf, Monkey, Squirrel, and even Red Boy, were burning with curiosity. They had questions but did not dare say a word.

With a ding, the elevator's door opened. The few people who had taken the elevator with Fangzheng began walking out. The moment they left, Squirrel exclaimed, "Master, how fascinating. The moment the door closes and opens, the world outside changes!"

With that said, the people who had just exited the elevator turned their heads to look at Fangzheng, Squirrel, Monkey, and Red Boy.

Red Boy coughed dryly and immediately said, "Master, why aren't you answering me?"