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535 Heartache

 "Why are you looking at me like that? I'm a man! A man!" said Guan Xiangfeng angrily.

"Oh, so it's a man. I was wondering why this lady was so muscular," replied Dog Song in all seriousness.

To be acknowledged by someone should be a happy matter, but why did the bastard's words sound so jarring despite his serious demeanor? Guan Xiangfeng had a nagging feeling that there was something in between Dog Song's lines.

At that moment, Lame Ma said in displeasure, "From the way you laughed, it seems you aren't very impressed with my skills?"

"It's trash!" said Guan Xiangfeng directly.

Lame Ma's expression instantly sank. The expressions the others wore also turned ugly. Everyone knew that Lame Ma was an engraving dabbler who had undergone a mid-life career change. Lame Ma had even emphasized that several times. Although his engravings were not excellent, it was enough for him to make a living with it. However, physical abuse was better than a public denunciation. Who could tolerate this fellow's condemnation of Lame Ma as trash in front of everyone? Besides, they were learning Lame Ma's craft. If Lame Ma was trash, what were they? Worse than trash?

Guan Xiangfeng was unafraid despite seeing their expressions. He chuckled and said, "Everyone, don't be angry."

Everyone's expressions changed slightly for the better.

Guan Xiangfeng continued. "I'm saying that this uncle's skills are trash, not his personality. Of course, the skills of all of you here are trash too!" By saying that, he was clearly being provocative. Guan Xiangfeng was indeed deliberately making a scene. He was very unhappy that he had been made out as a woman. It was not his style to not scold back.

Everyone was instantly infuriated!

Dog Song sneered and said, "Lass, what you said sure is ruthless. Do you think you can fight ten at a time because of your stature or something?" After Dog Song said that, he held a hoe.

Everyone immediately pulled out various 'weapons' when they saw this.

Guan Xiangfeng was instantly given a fright when he saw this. Only then did he remember that he was no longer in the city. This was a farming village. Although villagers were honest, they could immediately teach a person a good lesson if they were provoked!

Guan Xiangfeng hurriedly exclaimed, "Why are you reacting like that? Are you not convinced by what I said? If you don't believe me, I'll show you my skills. I'll show you what engravings mean and what woodwork and art really are!"

Dog Song rolled his eyes as he cursed. "F**k off with your art. If I want to see art, all I need to do is go to those masters. Why would we watch you? We are cultured people, so since

we can't scold you, I've decided to beat you up!"

With that said, Dog Song walked over with the hoe.

Although Guan Xiangfeng was large in size, he was ultimately just a college student. No matter how long his mustache was, he was incomparable to an experienced gangster. He was immediately frightened as he retreated, exclaiming, "Don't you come over. I'm telling you that battery is against the law!"

Dog Song grinned and said, "I've beaten up people for more than ten years. I've often heard this sentence. Now, do you want to lie down and let me beat you, or do you want me to chase after you before beating you first?"

"Stop!" At that moment, Lame Ma suddenly spoke out.

"Lame Ma, what are you doing? This a**hole shoots his mouth off with profanities left and right. I'm not going overboard if I beat him up, right?" said Dog Song unhappily.

"I do not know if you are going overboard, but I do want to see what kind of art he's talking about. Punk, I can temporarily cast aside your tirade at us, but if you can't produce some skill, you will be beaten today. Just treat it as a vivid lesson about society," harrumphed Lame Ma.

Guan Xiangfeng immediately heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that. His skills? Although he was not considered a master, he was absolutely better than these old farmers! Therefore he said proudly, "No problem. I'll broaden your horizons today!"

Dog Song pouted when he saw this as he stood to the side.

Guan Xiangfeng walked past Dog Song in trepidation, only to heave a sigh of relief when he was certain that the fellow would not whack him in the back with a hoe. He wasn't aware of it at first, but the moment he placed his sights on the bamboo, Guan Xiangfeng jumped in fright! The bamboo was of excellent grade! It was much better than any bamboo he had ever seen! It was emerald green and could already be considered a piece of art without any engraving!

When he picked it up and looked at its bamboo patterns, Guan Xiangfeng felt reverberations through his heart!

Guan Xiangfeng majored in engraving. His goal was to become a world-famous carver. Although he seemed incompetent, he had placed a lot of effort into his training. The number of books he had read could pile up into a hill. Thanks to his economic conditions, he had been able to carve up all sorts of materials. He was also no stranger to bamboo.

Guan Xiangfeng knew very well that not all bamboo was suitable for engraving. Among the various bamboo types, tortoise-shell bamboo and moso bamboo were considered suitable for engraving. These types of bamboo had thick flesh and dense patterns. They were especially suited for engraving. But these were not the best. The truly excellent grade one bamboo was the extremely rare square bamboo that was almost shaped like squares! Such bamboo was truly top-grade engraving material. It was more common in the south's Tianmu Mountain and completely devoid of presence in the north. In contrast, although the bamboo in front of him was circular in shape, not squarish like square bamboo, the bamboo flesh was equally tight and dense. Clasping it felt really good!

Guan Xiangfeng knew that such bamboo was the best kind of engraving material! It was even better than square bamboo!

With this in mind, Guan Xiangfeng felt his heart ache for the destroyed pieces of bamboo on the ground. He cursed inwardly, "What profligates! This bunch of profligates and their wastage of material! They are actually using such good material for training. Darn it, they should be struck by lightning!"

When he looked at the Frost Bamboo in his hand, Guan Xiangfeng wished to curse even more. Bamboo material was a very particular subject. Fresh bamboo should never be used. Usually the bamboo would be chopped off and soaked in water before being air dried. This process would take two to three years after which the bamboo could finally be used. But the bamboo in front of him had not even been cleaned. It was clearly fresh bamboo! When he saw such bamboo, he felt his heart ache.

At that moment, Guan Xiangfeng heard someone mumble, "Let him do it. That bamboo is the lousiest among the Frost Bamboo. It's not worth anything, so he can spoil it."

"Oh, that's right."

Guan Xiangfeng felt his heart jolt. Such good bamboo was actually the lousiest? Then how good was the best? Guan Xiangfeng's mind began racing. He had to see what the best Frost Bamboo looked like. If he could get some and engrave it, he could use it as his graduation piece!

The excited Guan Xiangfeng drew a deep breath as he repressed the excitement in him, and he began engraving.

Lame Ma carved bamboo tubes, which were considered classic among bamboo engravings. The most suitable bamboo parts for engraving were its body and roots. The bamboo body was straight, hollow within, and it had a filled up base. As long as it was cut open, it would be a perfect pencil holder.

Guan Xiangfeng wished to teach the ignorant villagers, so he naturally chose the item which they were engraving. That way, they could determine who was better and worse. The moment Guan Xiangfeng sliced down, Lame Ma knew he had lost. It was evident that Guan Xiangfeng was more professional than him in every aspect.