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528 Scammy Monk

 Since there was no time for him to try his hand at the Zen Carpentry, Fangzheng temporarily ignored it.

"Master, where are we going? We can't just be randomly walking about in the mountain, right?" As they were planning on entering the mountain, Red Boy could not bear wearing his little monk uniform. There were tree branches and thorns all over the woods, so it would be a terrible loss if his clothes got torn. Therefore the child showed his ability to suffer. He had put on his red dudou and entered with his bare butt. It was unknown where he appeared from, but the moment he appeared, he began hollering.

"I really do not know. Let's just wander around randomly. If we stumble onto some nice place, we will simply take shelter there."

Red Boy grinned. "Isn't that being too cavalier?"

Fangzheng didn't mind. After all, the ones following him all grew up in the mountains. They were not afraid of mosquitoes since they had thick hides and fur. As for Red Boy and him, one of them had skin so thick that even Fangzheng could not penetrate, while Fangzheng had the White Lunar Monk Robe to protect him. If any mosquito dared bite him, Fangzheng would definitely subdue it like a demonic spirit!

The few of them walked extremely fast. They were already deep in the mountains by noon. The mountain breeze was cooling, leaving them refreshed.

Just as Fangzheng wanted to enjoy the moment, he suddenly heard someone cry for help.

Fangzheng was taken aback. There was someone deep in the mountains?

Fangzheng immediately ran over with his disciples. Lone Wolf ran the fastest and swooshed over.

A man was sitting on the ground. His face indicated the pain he was feeling. Beside him was a young man who looked like a college student. He had a mountain-trekking bag on his back. The worry on his face was clear, and the inability to do anything had made him desperately cry for help.

"Little Fan, stop shouting. How could there be anyone in such a remote mountain? Instead of attracting humans, you might end up attracting wolves." The white-haired elder said weakly.

"Master, I can't let anything untoward happen to you. You agreed that as long as I studied well, you would teach me everything you knew. You cannot go back on your words. Sob!" Fan Qing cried.

"Silly child. I've been bitten by a venomous snake. I don't have any anti-venom. I won't be able to leave this forest. Besides, I fractured my leg too. I will only be a burden for you if you stay behind. Alright, listen to me. Walk in that direction. Keep walking, and you will walk out of the mountains. Although I have not taught you much-" The elder's breathing turned heavy as he began coughing.

Fan Qing bawled even more sadly when he heard that. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly heard a series of footsteps behind him. He looked up and saw a wolf the size of a calf run toward him. He was so frightened that the color drained from his face as he dropped to the ground. However, Fan Qing quickly got ahold of himself and protected the elder. "Go away! Quick, go away!"

"Little Fan, run! Ignore me! Run!" The elder turned anxious as well. Fan Qing was definitely unable to stop such a huge wolf. Staying behind only ensured that he would become part of the wolf's meal. If he fled now, there would still be some hope. Simultaneously, the elder was very touched with Fan Qing's actions. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Even married couples could separate in the face of adversity, much less modern-day master and disciple relationships. For Fan Qing to act in such a manner, he felt that taking Fan Qing in as his disciple had been the wisest decision he had made in his entire life.

"I'm not leaving! Master, I can't let you be fed to the wolves!" cried Fan Qing.

"You! Sigh, If you don't leave, who is to pass down my skills?" shouted the elder agitatedly.

Fan Qing was just about to say something when Lone Wolf grunted twice. He then sprawled in front of the two and narrowed his eyes, indicating to them that he had no interest in the two of them.

Fan Qing and the elder were stumped. What was happening? The wolf wasn't eating them?

"Fan Qing, wolves are naturally disposed towards being cunning. Perhaps it's waiting for reinforcements from its pack. Make use of this opportunity to leave. If you can climb up a tree, do it. Do you understand?" urged the elder frantically.

Lone Wolf rolled his eyes when he heard that. If he wanted to eat the elder and the young man, would he need to wait for his pack? He could just pounce over. With the punk's frail body, he could instantly kill him with one strike.

Just as the two men were engaging in a dramatic exchange, a Buddhist proclamation sounded suddenly. "Amitabha. Patrons, don't be alarmed. This wolf is This Penniless Monk's disciple. He will not harm the both of you."

When the two suddenly heard a human's voice, they immediately looked up. They had no idea where the white-robed monk could have appeared from, but there really was a fair-skinned monk with a genial look in front of them! His eyes blazed with a spirited look like they were stars. He stood there like a radiant sun. As for the wolf, it remained sprawled on the ground not far away, yawning. It was still looking at them as though they were retards.

Upon seeing this, the two finally figured out what was happening and blushed.

Only then did Fan Qing jolt to his senses. He exclaimed, "Venerable One, you came just in time. My master has been bitten by a venomous snake. Please save him. As long as you can save him, I'll give you as much money as you want. Even if I can't afford it, I'll repay you when I earn enough."

Fangzheng was rendered speechless as he smiled wryly. "This Penniless Monk is a monk. Saving someone is only right. How can This Penniless Monk covet your money? If you wish, you can offer a few incense sticks at a monastery."

"I can offer any number of incense sticks. Venerable One, please save my master," said Fan Qing anxiously.

When the elder heard Fangzheng speak up, his heart was reignited with hopes of surviving the ordeal. He looked hopefully at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng looked at the elder's wound seriously before saying with a heavy tone, "This Penniless Monk does not know how to treat snake venom either."


Red Boy, who was drinking water in the back, spewed a mouthful of water onto Monkey's face before he roared with laughter. "Master, if you don't know how to treat snake venom, why did you say so much about how to thank you? Haha... Seriously, haha!"

Fan Qing was infuriated as well. He exclaimed, "Monk, if you don't know how to treat it, say so. Why did you waste our time beguiling us?"

"Fan Qing! What are you saying? I don't think this Venerable One is trying to beguile us," reprimanded the elder.

Fan Qing pouted his lips and did not say another word.

Fangzheng smiled. "This Penniless Monk really does not know how to treat snake venom, but This Penniless Monk knows a person who might."

"It's been some time since I was bitten. If it's too far, I might not be able to last long enough to reach that person," said the elder.

Fangzheng smiled. "You have pretty good luck. He's likely not too far from here."

"Master, don't tell me you plan on getting that Cow Snout Daoist?" Red Boy exclaimed when he suddenly realized Fangzheng's intentions.

Fangzheng nodded. "Perfected Letian cultivates in Daoism. Daoists are quite good when it comes to pill refinement and medical concoctions. For him to live so freely in the mountain, he obviously must have means to handle snake venom."

"Venerable One, are you serious?" Fan Qing turned excited again.

Fangzheng gave an affirmative nod.

Fan Qing continued. "Venerable One, please lead us there. Sorry about my words just now, I apologize! If you are angry, just vent it on me later. You can beat me in any way you want."

Before Fangzheng could say anything, Red Boy leaned over and asked softly, "Master, do you know where the Cow Snout lives?"

"He said he lives on Mt. Tongtian, but he never gave an exact location. Thankfully the mountain isn't large. We should find him if we take our time to find him," Fangzheng said.

The moment he said that, the elder who wore a look of hope rolled his eyes and fainted. This monk was way too scammy!