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525 Madman and Retard

 When Jingxin saw this, he was truly overjoyed. "No wonder Master enjoys using hallucinations to scare people. This move is fun, really fun. Hahaha!"

"Village Chief, what do we do?" Chen Jin immediately asked when he saw the group of people rush over.

"They no longer have their knives. Stop them. Don't let them run. Let the police handle them. Also, take video recordings. That'll be evidence of us acting in self-defense," exclaimed Wang Yougui.

The villagers immediately stopped the thieves while the people in the back used their cell phones to record the scene. Others were responsible for illuminating the area with flashlights. There was instant chaos.

"I'll fight it out with anyone who dares stop me!" Boss Xiong was truly shaken up deep down. Things had previously been odd already, but he hadn't seen a real ghost. But now having seen one for himself, he thought of his past actions which had caused the deaths of others, and the guilt in him finally reared its head, causing him to almost break down in fear! All he wanted to do was to run, to run as far as his legs could bring him! He would kill anyone who stopped him!

The rest shared similar experiences. They were afraid that they would be eaten by the ghost if they ran any slower. All of them acted ferociously. As the saying went, the poor feared the unreasonable, while the unreasonable feared the crazy. Now that all these people were acting crazily, the villagers fell back in fear.

Red Boy sneered when he saw this as he waved his hand.

Boss Xiong and his subordinates heard a loud shout behind them. "Underlings, do not let anyone of them escape. Today, I'll be having a human-only feast! I'll eat the brains while they are alive! Hehe, let their yells be music to my ears as I pour a ladle of hot oil into then. Haha!"

Upon hearing the creepy voice and the immense killing intent behind it, Boss Xiong and company teared up involuntarily. All they wanted was to escape, and just as they thought of using violence, they saw the villagers in front of them cackle maniacally. Following that, they tore open their chests, pulling out their intestines, hearts, and livers. As they smiled sinisterly and rapturously, they widened their arms to prepare for an embrace, waiting for them to slam into them!

Upon seeing this scene, Boss Xiong, who was desperately trying to break through the blockade, peed his pants. He yelled, "Ghosts! Ghosts! They are all ghosts!" Then he turned and ran!

Wang Yougui and company were dumbfounded when they saw this scene. What was happening? Were there ghosts behind them?

Therefore all of them turned around only to see nothing. However, they felt a cold chill run down their backs when they saw the thieves' reactions.

"Village Chief, it's odd. There aren't any ghosts, so why are they yelling about ghosts no matter who they see?" mumbled Chen Jin.

Dog Song gave a possible explanation. "If you ask me, I say it's because Buddha is showing himself. He's teaching them a lesson. They are now seeing Jingxin and us as ghosts. Let's go and scare them!"

With that said, Dog Song yelled, "Return my life!" Then he flailed his arms as he bared his teeth while charging over.

Indeed, the group of people peed their pants again when they saw Dog Song rush at them. They scattered in every direction.

When Wang Yougui saw this, he came to a realization about what was happening. Hence he exchanged looks with Chen Jin and the other villagers. All of them began smiling nefariously as they threw aside their farming tools and weapons. Some extended their arms wide, while others jumped like Chinese hopping vampires. Some rolled around on the ground while others ran around randomly while growling. It made Boss Xiong and company run back and forth without being able to escape.

It was unknown if it was a coincidence, but the remaining dozen or so people were forced to the foot of the drum tower.

Boss Xiong's mind was no longer clear. Without knowing where he was, he charged ahead and by the time he raised his head to realize that something was not right, he was already right in front of the Kui War Drum! Boss Xiong was just about to say something when the people behind him ran into him, causing his head to strike the Kui War Drum!

With a dull thud, Boss Xiong felt a chill rise in his heart. Many shadows appeared in front of him, many of which he recognized. All the deaths of the people he saw were either directly or indirectly related to him. When he saw these people, he wished to cry for help, but no matter how hard he tried, he did not make a single sound. It was as though something was stuck in his throat. His body went limp as though his entire being was enervated.

"Don't come over. Don't come over..." Boss Xiong tried his best to cry out, but all he could produce was a deep and hoarse sound. He tried to look at the others only to see they were in even worse states. They were sitting there on the ground, their eyes staring straight ahead. The blood in their faces had been drained clean.

"He really deserves whatever punishment awaits him." When Red Boy saw this scene, he shook his head gently. He had originally planned on scaring them by acting as ghosts to restrain them until the police came. They could then be apprehended, but of all places, they had run up the drum tower. Boss Xiong had even struck the drum with his head. Although the strike wasn't loud, everyone in the drum tower suffered the effects.

"Don't come over! Don't! Ah!" Tragic screams undulated.

It stopped the villagers who were curious from going up. None of them dared to approach it.

Red Boy hurriedly went over and said, "I'll take a look."

Before everyone jolted to their senses, Red Boy had already gone up. In the drum tower, more than ten people were sitting there in a daze. Their eyes were staring straight ahead as they drooled. When they saw Red Boy, all of them sat there chuckling to themselves. Boss Xiong was even worse. He hugged his toes and bit at them. As he ate, he laughed. "Delicious, really delicious. Pig's trotters are delicious! Haha... How delicious."

Red Boy shook his head and threw all of them out.

Red Boy's divine strength was no longer news to anyone, so the villagers were not surprised at that. However, they found it quite unacceptable that these people who were running around frantically could turn into retards in the blink of an eye. All of them looked at the drum tower, their eyes filled with curiosity and horror.

Red Boy quickly came up with an idea. "Amitabha. Patrons, this drum tower suppresses the banal aura of One Finger Village. If there's no good reason, it's best not to go over. If one doesn't have enough good in one's heart, one's soul will easily be tainted by the banal aura. As for the bell tower, it contains the light of providence that shines on One Finger Village, so there will be everlasting light as long as the bell tower exists. If one is unable to get rid off one's messy thoughts and be as pure as water, one cannot go up for it would contaminate the bell tower. If that happens, everyone in One Finger Village will suffer from bad luck."

Red Boy had spoken nonsense, but everyone believed him. After all, everyone could tell that there was something special about the bell and drum from listening to them every day. It had become even more apparent today. The situation with Boss Xiong and company was just too bizarre. It was not something that could be explained with science.

Red Boy added one more thing. "Patrons, when the police come, these people..."

"Young Venerable Jingxin, don't worry. We will watch these people. We know what to do when the police come," said Wang Yougui with a sigh when he came round.

Tan Juguo said, "If you don't see this with your own eyes, I doubt anyone will believe it even it's the truth."

"Everyone, delete the videos on your cell phones. Everyone is to give this account..." Wang Yougui gathered the villagers together, and they agreed to have a unified statement.

It did not take long for the police to arrive. When they came up the mountain, they were shocked. All the people there were suffering from either fractured arms or broken legs. Some even had a few of their ribs broken. Further away, there were a few mad men tied up, while a few retards were slumped on the ground... They had never seen such a bizarre scene in all their years of being policemen!