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524 Jingxin Attacks


"Village Chief, what can we do? I've seen shameless people before, but I've never seen someone even more shameless than me. Now that I've seen someone like that today, let's beat him to death and bury him. He will be a scourge if we keep him alive anyway," said Dog Song with a chuckle.

Boss Xiong turned anxious when he heard that, exclaiming, "You can't do that. I'm a law-abiding citizen! I'm here for the debt he owes me!"

"Mr. Xiong, I don't care if you are here for an owed debt or for anything else you might be up to. If you dare touch this monastery, you will becoming the enemy of the entire village. Today all of you can forget about leaving. We have already called the cops, and they will arrive soon. We will only take action after the matter is thoroughly investigated. Fangzheng owes you money? Why don't you say that the President of the United States owes you money?" Wang Yougui was the chief of the village after all. It was impossible for him to allow Dog Song and company to harm or even kill someone.

"You called the cops?" Boss Xiong instantly turned anxious. His excuse was not up to scrutiny. He would be in big trouble once the cops arrived. All the skeletons in his closet would be dug up. He could not bear the consequences of failure, and he'd be doomed for a very long time of imprisonment!

With this in mind, Boss Xiong immediately said fawningly, "Chief Wang, everything is negotiable. Is there a need to call the cops? That's not very nice of you, right? By stirring up such a hooha, it's bad for the monastery's reputation."

"Don't worry. The monastery's reputation is none of your business," said Wang Yougui with a sneer.

Dog Song chuckled. "Abbot Fangzheng's character is not something a clown like you can smear with a few words. F**k, back when I stole an egg, I had to probe carefully before taking action. As for an idiot like you, you came without figuring out anything. Do you think you can touch Mt. One Finger? Pui!"

Chen Dashan added his piece. "Do you think you were flawless in your execution? The tourists in your group are all able young men. You were supposed to scale the mountain to enjoy the scenery, but you lugged all sorts of baggage of various sizes up the mountain. Why? Are you climbing the mountain with additional weights as exercise?"

"Indeed, Old Chen's eyes are much better, and he has a sharper mind. He noticed something was amiss, so we came here. Hmph, we nearly let you succeed. Thankfully, we came in time. Otherwise the lot of you would be in for a good time if the monastery were to have even one tile displaced," said Dog Song threateningly.

"Cone on, gentlemen. Can't we discuss this matter cordially? Look, we were wrong on our part. Why don't we negotiate. Let's go down the mountain and find a nice restaurant. It will be my treat. I'll treat everyone to drinks. We can then settle any differences and be off on our merry way. How about that?" Boss Xiong was anxious too. He could not figure out how his actions against a pint-sized monastery would be treated as though he had dug up the villagers' ancestral graves. They had come out in full force and looked at him like he was their archenemy. Seriously, none of this made sense. Meanwhile, he really regretted not having done the adequate investigations beforehand. Back when he heard Uncle Da mention the monastery, he thought of it as a small monastery and village and had brushed it off. He thought that he could quickly settle the matter and flee once the deed was done. But he eventually realized that he was stumbling at every turn. Everything was odd about it and now, he could not escape from the hole he had dug for himself.

"We can't afford your treat. It's best we wait until the cops arrive. We can have a nice talk at the police station," said Wang Yougui with a serious look.

When Boss Xiong saw how unrelenting Wang Yougui was, he whispered, "I can offer you a hundred thousand yuan to let me go. How about that?"

Wang Yougui did not even lift his eyelids.

"Two hundred thousand! That's enough to buy quite a nice sedan car," said Boss Xiong.

Wang Yougui scoffed. "Do you think my name, Wang Yougui, is only worth two hundred thousand?"

"Three hundred thousand! A hundred thousand for each character. How about that? We do not have any animosity between us. There's no need for you to be at such great odds against me, right? The monastery has not lost a thing. I'll leave while you get money. I'll never come again. Won't it be a joy for all if we just mind our own business?" Boss Xiong used what he felt was his most sincere voice.

"You are overthinking things. My name, Wang Yougui, is worthless. Your three hundred thousand is too heavy a burden for me," said Wang Yougui with a chuckle.

Boss Xiong's face sank the moment he heard that. "Why? Are you ready to fight it out with me? Village Chief Wang, these brothers of mine have seen blood on the edge of their knives. I believe none of the villagers behind you have seen blood, right? If we really come to blows, my men are unafraid of death. If a few villagers were to die for this monastery... I don't really care, since I'll be in prison. It will be the same regardless. If I can escape, that's good, but if I can't, I'd rather take a few down with me."

With that said, Boss Xiong's men lunged behind him. There were more than ten people who could still fight. All of them held knives, looking fierce and unafraid of death.

Wang Yougui was indeed a little worried when he heard that. Villagers were villagers after all. They could engage in verbal sparring at times, but if they truly came to blows, although victory might not be a problem due to their number advantage, a few people could get injured or killed! Wang Yougui hesitated when he thought of the possible repercussions. However he was unwilling to let Boss Xiong and company leave.

Just as both sides were staring down each other, they suddenly heard a cough. "Gentlemen, aren't you not giving me face? Although my master isn't in the monastery, I'm still around."

Everyone looked over and saw Red Boy with his hands behind his back. His head was tilted as he stood at the monastery's door. He had an expression as though he was an esteemed person while everyone beneath him was a wretched beggar.

That undisguised look of contempt did not need any explaining to make everyone feel insulted!

Wang Yougui and company naturally knew who Red Boy was showing contempt for, so they did not mind him.

However, Boss Xiong was infuriated. He was just about to settle Wang Yougui when this little brat appeared! In his fury, he shot a glance at a man nearest to Red Boy. The man raised his foot and kicked while cursing. "Little brat, scram aside while adults are talking!"

"Oh?" Red Boy looked up as his eyes burned with killing intent. In the world he came from, how terrifying could a great demon king's killing intent become after killing so many fiendish demons and ghosts? The instant the man kicked out, he cried out loud and slumped to the ground, his knees buckling. He peed his pants before turning limp on the ground!

"What the heck!?" Boss Xiong did not sense the killing intent that Red Boy had released specifically for the man. However, he felt a chill down his back when he recalled all the strange things that had happened previously.

"Ghost, I'm a ghost!" Red Boy grinned at Boss Xiong before stretching out his hands and pulling the corners of his mouth right to his ears! Then he yanked at his skin, tearing it all off of his face. A white skill appeared grinning at Boss Xiong with a widened mouth.

"A ghost!" Boss Xiong and his subordinates threw their weapons and began running.

As for Wang Yougui and company, they were puzzled. What was happening to these people? All Jingxin had done was smile. Was it that terrifying?