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523 Being Surrounded

 "An ox! An ox!"

"I'll kill you!"

"Don't come over!"

"Save me!"

"Ahahaha, I'm rich! Rich! There is so much money!"

"Scram! If I can kill you once, I can kill you a second time! I'll kill you! Kill!" That was Boor's voice.

Following that, Boss Xiong saw six people scramble down the tower. Two of them were laughing maniacally, one was a weeping mess, and another seemed to be a victim of rabies, biting anyone he saw. One had his head lowered as he yelled, "I'm an ox! I'm an ox with one leg! I'll bull rush you to death! Roar!" Behind them, Boor was brandishing his knife, slashing at anyone he saw. As he did so, he smiled nastily, "Run? Don't you even think of running! I'll kill you all!"

Boss Xiong was also frightened when he saw that. The six people that had gone up had all gone mad! Even Boor had gone mad. He felt his scalp tingle and finally realized that something was amiss. He hurriedly shouted, "They're mad! All of them are mad! Boor, quickly stop!"

As a result, Man Zi turned around suddenly and charged at him with his knife raised. "Who are you to be scolding Boor? I'll slash you to death!"

Boss Xiong ran in fright as he yelled, "Quick! Someone, stop them!"

Only then did everyone snap to their senses. The ropes and nets were all used, and soon the few mad men were restrained. Nonetheless, some of them had been injured or bitten already. Instantly the valiant and spirited thieving army was reduced to a bunch of injured duds. Everyone was screaming all over the place.

Although they had been subdued, none of the mad men showed any signs of turning better. They continued shouting bloody murder loudly...

Boor was the fiercest among them. He opened his mouth and bit at the ropes as he yelled, "I'll bite you to death! I'll bite you all to death. Roar!"

"Elder Li, what's going on? It's only a drum tower. Why did they all turn mad once they went up?" At that moment, Boss Xiong was truly afraid. He did not dare send anyone up the drum tower anymore. He summoned the expert on historical relics, Elder Li, and asked with a tremble.

Elder Li smiled bitterly. "Boss Xiong, who am I to answer the question you are asking me? Ever since we stepped foot into this monastery, has anything we saw or touched been normal? Sigh... Perhaps Buddha is showing himself by finishing all you bunch of sinful people."

Upon hearing Elder Li say that, Boss Xiong felt his heart palpitate.

"Boss, several of our brothers are injured. From the looks of it, a few of them are even crippled. What should we do?" Someone ran over and gave the report.

"What can we do?" Boss Xiong burned with anger. He too wished to know what he could do! He had brought so many people over, but not only did he fail to reap any benefits, he was now on the verge of a terrible loss!

With this in mind, Boss Xiong felt flustered.

"Boss Xiong, why don't we offer a few sticks of incense at the monastery. Let's pray that Buddha lets us off. We have probably bumped into the supernatural," the person said with a tearful choke.

"Bumped into the supernatural? Bumped my a**! I want to see how godly this darn monastery is! Take your weapons and follow me in! If I don't get an explanation today, I'm going to demolish this darn monastery!" Boss Xiong had nowhere to vent his anger. He did not dare head up the drum tower, but there would unlikely be any problems when entering the monastery, right? Nothing could be odd about the monastery itself, right?

With how things had developed, Boss Xiong no longer had any hopes of taking the drum or bell away. However, he needed someone to pay for his losses, or he alone would not be able to afford it. Therefore he placed his sights on the monastery.

The others could do nothing but follow Boss Xiong and head towards One Finger Monastery.

On the rooftop, Squirrel turned anxious as he began jumping up and down, exclaiming, "Aiyah! They are coming to the monastery! What do we do? What do we do?"

"What are you worried about? I'll go take a look!" Red Boy sneered as he jumped down with a whoosh.

Lone Wolf jumped down as well, exclaiming, "I am this monastery's Guardian Protector."

Monkey jumped down as well, saying, "We'll face any adversities together. To let a fellow disciple risk danger would only result in Master's scoundrelly punishments."

With that said, Red Boy and Lone Wolf turned to look at him in unison as they nodded in agreement.

When Squirrel saw this, he grabbed a pebble and puffed himself up, shouting, "I'm going too!"

"Break the door open!" Boss Xiong yelled.

The moment that was said, the main door opened.

Nearly at the same time, there was an angry bellow, "I want to see who has the nerve!"

Red Boy, who had opened the door in preparation to posture and fight, was surprised to realize that someone stole his lines...

Boss Xiong was also taken aback as he looked back. He saw dozens of flashlights shining at him from behind. He looked over with narrowed eyes. There were countless looming shadows, and they seemed to be holding things. Very clearly, the person standing in front of the shadows held a hoe and was eager to rush forward.

"Who? Who is it?" Boss Xiong was also stunned to see the group have more people than he had.

"Leader Xiong, what's the matter? Do you not recognize me despite meeting me a few hours ago?" The flashlights were switched off, revealing Wang Yougui's silhouette. Standing behind him was a huge group of villagers. They held woks and pans and even huge ladles in their hands. The villagers were equipped with all sorts of weapons-tables, chairs, benches, hoes, rakes, pick axes, machetes, vegetable knives!

Boss Xiong immediately lost his confidence when he saw what he was up against. His mind churned quickly as he immediately greeted with a smile. "Aiyah, it's Village Chief Wang. Why are you here?"

"If I hadn't come up, how would I have known that I let something evil up the mountains? Boss Xiong, why? Are you going to demolish One Finger Monastery? And those people. They have welding rods, hammers, and electric saws. Trying to dismantle something?" asked Wang Yougui with an eccentric tone.

"Village Chief Wang, are you hearing yourself? I'm a good man. I run a proper tourism company. How could I do dismantling work?" Boss Xiong's eyes darted around as he thought of a way out of the situation.

"Oh? Then I would like to hear about your intentions if you are not doing dismantling work," said Wang Yougui.

Boss Xiong's eyes rolled. "I'm here for an unpaid debt!"

"Debt? Who owes you money?" Tan Juguo lowered his smoke pipe as his voice sounded cold.

"Who else can it be? The abbot of this monastery, Fangzheng! Since he owes me money, I'm here for the unpaid debt. Yet he has hidden away. I obviously had to slam open the door to get him. Tell me, there's no easy way of earning money these days, ain't it? How can he not return the money I lent him? He can't be such a bully, right? I have so many subordinates under me. They need to eat and support their families too. I had no choice, which is what brings me here. I need to force him a little. If nothing works, I have to take something back to sell to cover his debt," said Boss Xiong immediately.

"Fangzheng owes you money?" Chen Jin sneered. "How much does he owe you? So much you are demolishing his monastery?"

"Not much. Just five million!" Boss Xiong's eyes darted around before he immediately shouted. Since he was speaking nonsense, it was better to fool the villagers with a higher number. From his point of view, a monastery would seldom have interaction with the villagers. Especially the way internal funds were allocated was never publicized to others. It was not difficult for a monastery to have a few million yuan, so he felt that his words were flawless.