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522 Madness! Madness! Theyve all gone mad!

 "Elder Li! Elder Li! Quick, take a look. What exactly is this? Is it really wood?" exclaimed Boss Xiong.

Elder Li sighed and walked over. "Don't bother asking. I've already seen it. It's indeed wood."

Boss Xiong pointed at the bell. "Then... The bell?"

Elder Li said, "It's solid metal, weighing more than a hundred tons."

"F**k... How is this possible? It's completely impossible!" Boss Xiong was pushed to the brink of insanity. The situation before him was completely illogical.

Elder Li said, "Boss Xiong, this monastery has a mutated beast protecting it. This bell is covered in scriptures... I took a look at it previously, and it seems like this bell was forged from a single furnace. As for what means were employed to forge it, there's no way to tell. The casting process was done very intricately. Even modern technology would not be able to produce such a perfect bell. This bell in its entirety is without any flaws. It's like it doesn't belong in the mortal world. Such a thing might be a Buddhist sacred item. It's best not to touch it or it might invite retribution."

"Retribution?" Boss Xiong was taken aback before he laughed out rapturously. "I don't believe in that. All I believe in is money! I believe that there's nothing in this world that cannot be solved with money. Man Zi, use everything we got. I don't care what method you use, but get that bell down for me!"

Man Zi acknowledged tersely as he took out a huge saw. With his men, he stepped onto a ladder, as they began sawing the wood.

But the moment he did that, there was a sharp grinding sound as sparks flew from the saw!

"Use more strength!" yelled Man Zi.

Two people used all their strength as a cracking sound was produced. The saw had snapped!

Man Zi was instantly dumbfounded, but he refused to give up. He yelled, "Get the electric saw over!"

Wielding the heavy electric saw in hand, Man Zi stirred up the motor as he moved it towards the frame. Sparks flew and a few minutes later...

Man Zi looked at the electric saw which had been ground smooth before looking at the completely undamaged wooden beam confounded! He went through a great effort to swallow the saliva in his mouth before looking at Boss Xiong. "Boss... This is just too creepy."

Boss Xiong also found the matter rather bizarre. When had wood been this hard? Since when was bronze that firm? This... This was completely unimaginable!

However Boss Xiong refused to give up as he said through gritted teeth, "Use explosives!"

"No, you must not! Once the explosives go off, people down the mountain will be alerted. If they report to the police, we'll be doomed, since there's only one way down the mountain," exclaimed Elder Li hurriedly.

Boss Xiong smacked his head and cursed. "F**k, the anger got to my head. But we can't just return empty-handed after coming all the way here, right?"

Elder Li said, "Why don't we do more research. Perhaps we might discover something."

Boss Xiong looked at Elder Li for quite a while before finally relenting with a nod. "Alright. You are the expert. I'll follow your advice. We will be waiting for your good news. Elder Li, I can wait, but your wife can't. All the best."

With that said, Boss Xiong left the bell tower. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. He saw the drum tower through the side of his eyes as he grumbled. "The drum can't be that bad when the bell is this good, right? Since we have nothing to do, Man Zi, go up and take a look."

Boss Xiong was also afraid after the encounter with Lone Wolf. He was afraid something would suddenly jump out and bite him. After he witnessed his men having their bones fractured, ending up in tragic states, he felt a little afraid.

Boss Xiong looked up when he reached the bottom of the drum tower. "It looks pretty big."

Meanwhile on the triangular rooftop of One Finger Monastery, a squirrel, a monkey, a wolf, and a young monk were slumping over it. The four of them had secretly peeped their heads out to look over.

"Hehe, that idiot is eyeing the drum," exclaimed Squirrel gloatingly.

"Master said that death won't happen if you don't seek it. Hehe, even I feel flustered looking at that drum. Yet they dare go over?" Red Boy curled his lips as his eyes were filled with excitement. He knew that the oppression delivered by the Kui War Drum would depend on the person. If someone was pure and kind, the impact they felt would be greatly reduced. After all, the fiendish nature of the Kui War Drum was able to infinitely magnify the negative emotions of a person!

Squirrel, Lone Wolf, and Monkey already had hearts of steel. They were pure and kind. Yet even they had been sent scurrying in fear. Then what would happen if evil people went up? Hehe...

"Do you think they will hit the drum when they get up?" asked Monkey suddenly.

"If they aren't frightened to death, they will definitely die from hitting it. Even with Master's state of mind, he still requires the Yongle Bell's aid to be able to hit the drum. For these people? Hmph! They have a death wish," said Red Boy.

Lone Wolf grunted as well. "How dare they attack me? Serves them right for being frightened to death. To think they came to Mt. One Finger to steal. Seriously... If this were in the past, just one howl from me would be met with hundreds if not thousands of reinforcement troops! These people would be instantly ripped to shreds."

"Enough. That is just your glorious history, so stop reminiscing. They are heading up now," chuckled Red Boy.

Boss Xiong was quite careful. He did not go up alone. He first instructed a lanky man to go up ahead of him. The man was obedient as he held a blade and carefully went up.

Boss Xiong craned his neck as he looked up, watching the man walk up the drum tower. It seemed fine at first.

But the next moment...

"Ah! Don't come over! I'll kill you! Kill! Kill! I'll kill you!" A deranged cry sounded above. Following that, the man jumped down from the drum tower which was five meters tall. He slammed into the ground, producing a clear snapping sound of bone. He lay there motionless as his eyes turned listless. He was mumbling repetitively, "Don't come over. Don't come over... Don't kill me... I'll kill you..."

Man Zi immediately examined him before saying dumbfounded, "Boss, he's gone mad."

"Mad? F**k, what's on that drum tower? Why would he go mad the moment he goes up?" Boss Xiong retreated in fear. He did not dare approach the drum tower.

"Boss, what do we do?" Man Zi looked at the drum tower worriedly. They had met with numerous setbacks on their trip up the mountain this time. Everything felt bizarre and strange. Even he felt a little worried.

"What do we do? I don't believe it. I haven't gotten the bell, and a drum can scare me? Bring more people up. Kill whatever is up there be it a wolf or a dog! If you succeed, each person gets a hundred thousand!" Boss Xiong was also burning with anger. He had come with full confidence, but now many of his men were injured before he had even reaped any benefits. He would still have to compensate everyone when he returned. He refused to return empty-handed.

Man Zi looked at the drum tower when he heard the order. He felt his scalp tingle, but he gritted his teeth and called out for five people to go up together.

Boss Xiong trusted Man Zi fully. Man Zi's bravery was legendary. His hands were even tainted with the blood of a few enemies he had killed. He was the classic example of a dauntless person. Boss Xiong waited beneath the tower for the news as he muttered, "If I return empty-handed, I'll f**king burn this crappy monastery down!"

The moment he said that, he heard screams from up the drum tower!