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518 The Down and Out Zhang Zi

 "Have you given up?" Fangzheng hurriedly shouted when he saw the bear on the brink of tears.

The bear had a bitter look. How was it to answer when it couldn't retract his tongue?

"Nod if you agree, and shake your head if you don't." Having found a way to subdue the bear, how could he so easily release the bear?

The bear had truly given up. It could not beat Fangzheng to death, and now, its tongue had been captured by him. The bear was no hero. Its life was the most important thing in the world to it; therefore, it nodded incessantly to express its capitulation.

"Then aren't you getting off?"

The bear quickly raised its ass as Fangzheng pulled his legs from under the bear's crushing body. Only then did he release his hand from the bear's tongue.

The moment he released his hand, the bear raised down and slapped Fangzheng to the ground! Fangzheng slammed back as he decisively reached out his hands and grabbed the bear's crotch!

"Ow!" The bear let out a sharp, tragic cry. It had never imagined there could be someone that shameless. He had grabbed its crown jewels! It had never felt such pain before!

Before Fangzheng could even ask another question, the bear was already nodding its head with all its might. There was no other way about it. It hurt!

Fangzheng released his grip as the bear ran off far into the distance and sat down under a tree. Its paws frantically massaged its crouch as it looked bitterly at Fangzheng. This was probably the first time the bear was seeing such a shameless person in its entire life! He was thickskinned, and he could not even be injured by his tongue. How terrifying!

When Fangzheng saw that the bear was no longer acting up, he stood up and walked towards it.

The bear immediately ran off to open up a gap between it and Fangzheng when it saw this. The darn baldy in front of it was just too terrifying. It did not wish to spend another second with him!

Fangzheng smiled bitterly in a helpless manner when he saw that. "What are you running around for? If This Penniless Monk really wanted to finish you, would you have been released? Come over. Let's discuss a thing or two. If you succeed, This Penniless Monk will gift you a feast. How about that?"

"I'm not going over! You yank at balls!" said the bear finally.

Fangzheng blushed the moment he heard that. If such a mortifying story were to get out, he could imagine how his disciples would be laughing their heads off. Nonetheless, Fangzheng still tried to persuade the bear. "Don't worry. There won't be anymore yanking. Let's discuss a deal."

"No!" The bear decisively rejected him.

"Don't do that. It's just making a deal, nothing else. Let's do this, you can stipulate one of the conditions. If it's not too much, This Penniless Monk will agree to it, how about that?"

The bear had an idea come to him as it said, "You are not to yank my tongue or balls. We fight again. If you win, I'll listen to you. If you lose, you are not allowed to harass me any further!"

Fangzheng rolled his eyes when he heard that. Him, harass a black bear? Wasn't the bear the one who rode him the moment they met? However Fangzheng had no intention to engage in sophistry with the bear. He was in a rush for time. "Alright!"

"Okay, I'm coming! Take this!" The bear roared as it charged forward.

Fangzheng knew that wild beasts were as such. All that mattered to them was the size of one's fist! Therefore Fangzheng did not hold back anymore. He exerted his strength and rushed forward with a roar.


As expected Fangzheng was still the one who got struck down to the ground the moment they made contact. The bear began unleashing a barrage of attacks.

However, Fangzheng was long prepared. Since the bear could not harm him, what was there to be afraid of? Therefore, he slapped at the bear's face!


The bear thought only Fangzheng's body was tough, but the moment it was struck, it knew better. It felt the world spin around it as its face burned with pain. The bear was infuriated immediately. With an angry roar, it pelted down its huge claws like a tempestuous rain in a bid to beat the puny human into submission!

However Fangzheng thought nothing of it. He returned blow for blow as the bear and human exchanged blows and slaps!

Ten minutes later!

"I quit!" The bear finally submitted. Its head was clearly swollen, and even its paws were swollen. Its face was a result of Fangzheng's slaps, while its paws were the result of it striking Fangzheng! No matter how it looked at the situation, it had suffered terribly in the bout.

The bear lifted its butt as Fangzheng got up and smiled. "Why aren't you fighting anymore? This Penniless Monk has only just finished warming up."

"No more. Your skin is hardened, and your muscles are firm. I can't beat you. I've suffered enough, so no more fighting. I submit." The bear properly capitulated this time. Every punch of his had hit bare flesh, yet he had lost in a straight up fight. There was no reason to feel aggrieved.

And so the man and bear had sat under a tree and begun to discuss a shameless matter.

It resulted in the story of Fangzheng running and the bear chasing. However Fangzheng had only wished to get the bear to scare Uncle Da and company to exact revenge on them for their plot against him. However, the bear had a great deal of pent up anger. Since it had been unable to unleash it on Fangzheng, it decided to unleash it on Uncle Da. When it walked past, the crafty bear used its body weight of a few hundred kilograms to crush Uncle Da's leg, causing him to suffer a fracture.

After this flashback, the bear finally jolted back to its senses. "Then... Then, what do you want me to do?"

"Don't kill him and don't let him leave the mountain. The rest is up to you."

The bear was enlivened when it heard that. Although it could not eat Zhang Zi, it could play with him. That was quite a good deal too! With a nod, it chased after Zhang Zi with a roar.

Zhang Zi felt that he had opened a gap with the bear after running for a while, and he finally sat under a tree to rest.

"F**k, that darn Bald Donkey. He actually attracted the bear over. Thankfully I ran fast, or I'd be dead already," cursed Zhang Zi. He took out his water flask and took a swig at it before surveying his surroundings, only to realize tragically that he was apparently lost!

"It's fine. I just need to climb to the mountaintop and from there, I'll find my way back," mumbled Zhang Zi.

At that moment, he heard a bear's roar. Following that, footsteps that sounded like dull drumming slowly approached him.

Zhang Zi hurriedly got up in fright as he cursed under his breath. "F**k, isn't a monk enough? Why is it still chasing me? Why don't you return to eat Ying Zi and the rest? There are three over there..." Although he cursed, he was not slow at all. He had no time to determine his course, nor did he care about any of the fallen trees, thistles, or venomous snakes. All he did was run like his life depended on it.

Zhang Zi soon discovered that the sound of the bear's steps had disappeared. Apparently he had opened up a gap again. However every time he rested for a moment, the bear's steps would approach, which frightened him into running again...

Meanwhile, Uncle Da's side was not any better. Mute carried him on his back while Ying Zi opened up a path with a machete. They began heading back, but without anyone guiding them, they met with numerous obstacles. They took all sorts of detours which wasted their strength. After the encounter with the bear, the few of them had turned more cowardly and more wary.

"Uncle Da..." Ying Zi turned to look at the pale Uncle Da.

Uncle Da waved his hand. "Don't be afraid. We were caught by surprise. If not, with the experience Mute and I have, we would definitely not have met a bear head on. Just walk, but don't be too quick. The moment Mute makes a sound, don't move. Wild beasts have their rules. They demarcate their territory. When you see their mark, just circle around it. Typically, wild beasts do not attack humans. Well, the bear from before probably went ballistic because of that darn monk's provocation."

Ying Zi nodded firmly to indicate her comprehension.