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517 This Monks Skin Sure is Thick

 "Venerable One, wait for me! The bear is almost catching up!" Afar, Zhang Zi ran frantically behind Fangzheng. He was so frightened that he nearly peed his pants.

When he shouted, Fangzheng really came to a stop as he asked in concern, "Patron, I'll wait for you. If the bear- Uh!"

Before Fangzheng could finish his sentence, Zhang Zi suddenly leaped up and kicked him. Fangzheng allowed the momentum to push him down the ground.

Zhang Zi laughed out loud. "Idiotic monk. Since you want to be a good guy, then be one to the end. Be the bear's dinner. I'm leaving!"

As Zhang Zi laughed, he ran quickly. He made a quick look backward and saw the bear with a face as large as a basin charge right in front of Fangzheng. He knew that there was no other way things could play out, so he ran off without turning his head again.

Fangzheng rubbed his bald head as he looked miserable.


Hot air spewed onto Fangzheng's face as he turned his head. He saw the huge black bear standing by his side, giving him a look of mockery. Then it looked up and said, "Silly baldy, you have been abandoned. For an a**hole to abandon his partner, he should end up in my stomach! I'm leaving. It's meal time!"

With that said, the bear ran off. This time, it ran faster than before.

Fangzheng quickly got up when he saw this. Although Zhang Zi was quite a scoundrel, Fangzheng felt that it would be too easy on him if he ended up being eaten by a bear!

Therefore Fangzheng quickly chased the bear.

"What are you doing now?" The bear looked warily at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng said, "Bear, what are you so excited about? In human society, murder is against the law. If you were to kill him, humans would seek you out shortly. With guns added to the mix, you will soon be served on the meal table yourself."

Fangzheng was not lying. Beasts who had eaten human flesh were typically not left alive. That was because beasts that had eaten humans would subconsciously put humans on their menu after having a taste of human flesh. In the future, they would eat humans again if they encountered them. Furthermore, they would only eat more and turn more ferocious every time. The potential threat was far greater than that of wild beasts that had never eaten humans before. The rules could be relaxed only if it was an endangered species. However, the black bear was obviously not a protected species by the nation.

"What's a gun? I'm strong, and I run fast. With your inability to climb trees with your two legs, I can smack a few of you stupid monkeys to death easily!" said the bear proudly.

Fangzheng grinned. "Heh heh... Are you certain?"

"A baldy like you doesn't count!" shouted the bear immediately.

With that said, the bear subconsciously recalled his encounter with the darn baldy. Immediately he felt close to tears.

Black bears were not to be trifled with. Although it could understand Fangzheng, how could it not eat something that was placed right in front of it? Back when it saw Fangzheng at the riverside, it immediately charged forward. Without even saying a word, it had pressed Fangzheng down to the ground in a bid to rip apart his clothes!

Fangzheng had been so frightened he'd hurriedly shouted, "I'm a man! A man! Aiyah, you don't know what man and woman is, right? I'm male! Male! Don't be too excited!"

Why would the bear care if it heard the word 'man?' Or male? All it wanted to do was rip the baldy in front of it apart to eat his meat! However, it was puzzled. Why was the hairless monkey's skin so hard? Its bear claws could not rip the monk apart!

Refusing to have its beliefs shaken, the bear had raised his claw and struck at the baldy's head. It stretched out its tongue as though it had already seen brain juices squirting out. It was time for a feast!



Ah woo!

The bear fell to the ground as it flailed its claws. It hurt! What the f**k was that head? Was it made of rock?

Fangzheng sat up as well, massaging his head and said, "You were told to stop, but you refused. My hairstyle has been messed up by you."

The bear rolled his eyes. Hairstyle? What hair do you have?

"Bear, you-" Just as Fangzheng was about to say something...

The bear pressed Fangzheng down to the ground again without a word! It slammed down at Fangzheng's chest and neck, producing loud thumping sounds! However the thin, petite, and frail-looking bastard in front of it appeared to be cast out of metal. He did not die or get injured despite the barrage of assaults! He didn't even bleed!

The bear was infuriated. This was an absolute insult to a lord of the jungle like him! Anger! Infinite anger!

The bear stood up on its hind legs as it let out an angry bellow and struck down!

To its horror, the darn baldy turned around and faced it with his back. He even added a challenge. "Massage my back too. It's quite comfortable."

In fact, Fangzheng was also quite curious. Although he was stronger than the average human, there was definitely a difference when compared to a bear. Especially in terms of weight and height, even if he had the White Lunar Monk Robe protecting him, it did not reduce any pain. Otherwise, he would not have jumped up from his aching ass back when he jumped off the mountain.

Logically speaking, the bear's random strikes should definitely be excruciating painful, but now Fangzheng was surprised to realize that he felt no pain. Instead... It felt like he was having a full-body massage. It was quite comfortable!

Fangzheng pondered about it, and the only explanation was that with the striking of the bell and drum, when Buddhistic auras had entered his body, they must have transformed his body tremendously. At the very least, he was capable of withstanding these attacks!

When the bear saw how provocative the darn baldy was, it fumed even more. It roared incessantly and struck down with all its strength!

"Ao..." Fangzheng finally let out a cry from the heavy blow.

Before the bear could turn complacent, it realized something amiss. The cry had sounded a little suggestive... Its four limbs crouched to the ground as it looked at Fangzheng's face. When their eyes met, the bear was instantly infuriated! The darn baldy had a look of utter pleasure! The bear widened its mouth as it bit down on the bald head. It refused to believe that its razor-sharp teeth could not bite through the white egg!


"Wu..." The bear held its mouth as its teeth ached. It looked at Fangzheng like he was a monster.

Fangzheng turned back to look at the bear and grinned. "Don't stop. Continue the pounding. It's quite comfortable."

As the bear looked at Fangzheng's despicable face, it stuck out its barbed tongue! This was its ace in the hole. Typically even wolves would be torn to shreds once it used its tongue!

However its tongue caused a shrill screeching sound across the monk's face, and the monk remained unharmed... The bear was almost reeling in despair, but the next moment...

"Urgh!" Fangzheng nearly vomited there and then when he felt the saliva across his face which had a stench of rotting flesh. He felt disgusted.

"Big guy, are you trying to use a disgusting strategy since you can't beat me?" Fangzheng said bitterly.

The bear realized that licking was effective. Regardless if it had disgusted Fangzheng or not, it felt that it had finally made the darn baldy realize the might of him, Lord Bear. Therefore, it stuck out its tongue again and licked Fangzheng.

"Again? Do you think This Penniless Monk is a weakling just because no violence was used?" Fangzheng pricked up his brows as he grabbed the bear's tongue and yanked it forcefully! Although Fangzheng's strength might be insufficient to harm the bear, he had the strength to pull out the bear's tongue. Of course, Fangzheng wasn't that cruel, but...

"Ao! Ao..." The bear felt as though its tongue was about to be pulled out. Its tears flowed out in pain as it moved his head in the direction of the yank. Unable to close its mouth, it was unable to cry out. All it did was emit a series of strange sounds.