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492 Taking Action

 "Abbot Fangzheng." At that moment, another Buddhist proclamation sounded. Old Chen suddenly pressed his palms together and gave Fangzheng a sanctified look. "You must be Fangzheng? I was once a monk at Mt. Longbei. The abbot of Longbei Monastery is my senior brother."

"Oh." Fangzheng replied nonchalantly. From Fangzheng's point of view, he had already left the monastery and had grown a head of hair. Furthermore he had committed acts that were utterly devoid of conscience. There was no place in Buddhism for someone who wallowed in degeneration! Since he had nothing to do with Buddhism, there was nothing to speak of.

"Why, shouldn't you greet a fellow Buddhist?" said Old Chen.

Fangzheng lifted his eyelids. "Do you wish for This Penniless Monk to help your master get rid of the trash?"

"What impudence! Do you think you can walk out of this compound alone?" Old Chen was infuriated as well.

Fangzheng scoffed. "This Penniless Monk naturally doesn't think so."

"In that case, watch what you say," said a fuming Xu Yin.

Liu Dacheng added her two cents too. "Fangzheng, stop messing around. It will still be good if you end up losing an arm or a leg, but if you lose your life, that would be terrible. We are former classmates after all."

"Oh, come over here, my old classmate," said Fangzheng.

Liu Dacheng actually walked over. Everyone around him was in cahoots with him, so what was there to be afraid of? If Fangzheng dared to touch him, he was certain Fangzheng would never walk out that door! However Chen Xiao was a little afraid as he pulled Liu Dacheng back.

Old Chen rolled his eyes at him. "Useless trash. Scram to the side and await orders!"

Chen Xiao quickly scrammed to the side. Clearly Old Chen wielded quite a bit of authority in this place.

Liu Dacheng walked over and tilted his head up, facing Fangzheng with his nostrils. "Fangzheng, why? Do you want to prate on with me? To tell you the truth, it's good that you are here. We can kickstart this enterprise faster, and there will only be joy for all in the future. If you cause trouble, hehe. Old Chen is not someone to be messed with."

Fangzheng smiled. "You are wrong."

"And what's wrong?" asked Liu Dacheng.

"This Penniless Monk is not here to prate on with you, but..."

"But what?"


Fangzheng raised his hand and slapped Liu Dacheng in the face! Liu Dacheng felt his face burn as he spun on the ground. As he lost track of the number of times he spun, he sat down on the ground, feeling utterly dumbfounded!

Liu Dacheng was not the only one dumbfounded, but Old Chen and the rest shared the same feelings. The monk still dared to strike out with so many people around? He was truly daring! It was ridiculous!

Liu Dacheng roared, "Old-"


Another slap came lashing forward. Both sides of Liu Dacheng's face swelled into a standard pig's head.

"F**k, you dare act violent in front of me? Attack! Break his limbs and hang him up!" Old Chen was enraged. He had been planning on resolving the situation verbally, but from the looks of it violence was the only way to teach Fangzheng how to behave!

More than ten men around Fangzheng charged at him amid roars. They flailed their fists and attacked Fangzheng.

Fangzheng surveyed his surroundings and grinned. He raised his palm and smacked out at an incoming punch!



A man's arm was fractured right there and then. He held his fist as he retreated while bawling.

A kick came from behind as Fangzheng suddenly turned around. With a sidestep, his face nearly touched his attacker's! It frightened his attacker so much that he stumbled back pathetically. Following that, a foot came kicking and with a bang, he was sent flying out. With a dull thud, he slammed into the wall, taking three seconds before slipping down...

"F**k, his strikes can leave people hanging like pictures! He's an expert. Take out the weapons!" Old Chen was also shocked. He had practiced martial arts back on the mountains and had heard of various rumors. However he had never seen anyone who could leave someone hanging like a painting with a strike! He had always believed it to be something of legends, a tale. He had never believed it to be possible. Having really encountered it, he cried out in shock.

The men who were about to charge forward were too frightened to attack after seeing someone having his arm fractured while another became a kite. They quickly drew their weapons and picked up tables, chairs, and benches, or blunt vegetable knives. Their eyes stared widely with anger as they shouted, but none of them dared to proceed forward. There was nothing they could do after all. There were people lying on the ground, while there were others hanging from the walls. That terrifying impact was quite scary! Furthermore the crappy weapons in their hands did not give them much sense of ease.

At that moment, Fangzheng moved. He raised Liu Dacheng who had just jolted to his senses and like taking a chick around for a walk, he brought him in front of the door where Qi Liya was. He kicked him and bang!

Like paper mache, the metal door was kicked open with a bang by the utter violence!

"F**k, why are you just watching? Attack!" Old Chen roared in anger.

Only then did the crowd jolt to their senses as they charged forward with their weapons.

Fangzheng turned his head and sneered. With one hand on the door, he yanked it out and with a cracking sound, the metal door broke off from the doorframe. Fangzheng held the door in his hands as he grinned. "This Penniless Monk wants to see who dares come forward! This Penniless Monk does not mind playing whack-a-mole!"

Upon hearing that, the crowd subconsciously touched their heads. If such a huge metal door were to strike down on them... They subconsciously looked at the melon skin on the ground.

Noticing that no one dared to come forward, Fangzheng threw Liu Dacheng to the ground and said, "Kneel down and kowtow!"

"Ah... Ah?" Liu Dacheng was taken aback as he looked at the horrified faces of the crowd. Even if someone was eager to save him, they still had a look of horror and remained trembling in their spot. "You want me to kowtow to her?"

'Bam!" Fangzheng smacked down with the door as Liu Dacheng yelped. He was struck down to the ground, with his limbs sprawling across the floor and his face plastering the ground. Blood flowed out of his nose as a tooth was knocked out of its socket. His back hurt as well. Being struck by the door was like being hit by a car. He felt like his body was falling apart.

"Either you do it, or This Penniless Monk will smack you into meat pulp with this door," said Fangzheng.

At that moment, Li Jingchu shouted from behind. "Fangzheng, stop! Stop or we will kill them!"

Fangzheng frowned when he heard that. He turned his head and saw that Li Jingchu, Xu Yin, Old Chen, Chen Xiao, and company had grabbed a few people. Xu Yin was using a real knife, and the others held various weapons. However their hostages were all ordinary people. If they were attacked, they would be severely injured even if they did not die.

Xu Yin added, "Fangzheng, I know you have some ability with ghosts, but you have to know that regardless of what you do, I'll slice open his neck if I find something amiss! Regardless of what I see or if anything appears amiss, I'll send him on his way! If I die, he dies!"

"Fangzheng, enough! This is not the northeast. This is not your monastery! This is our territory," yelled Chen Xiao as well.

Old Chen said, "A monk should act like a monk. He should not interfere with the secular world. Does your master know what you are doing while out cultivating?"

Fangzheng knitted his brows even tighter. The situation he was in was truly challenging. Having seen the ordeal Qi Liya and company were undergoing, his anger had risen. He had exposed himself only to forget that apart from Qi Liya, there were others locked in there too.

Fangzheng did not say a word as he silently activated the Divine State. While doing so, he thought, "System, I really need your help. Don't you screw me!"

The next moment, a few golden words appeared in his mind. A look of surprise flashed in Fangzheng's eyes as he said coldly, "You will be given one final chance. Surrender or bear the consequences."