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490 Haunted

 "Go back first. I want some peace and quiet." Li Jingchu's voice was already trembling. What had happened before her very eyes was too bizarre.

Fangzheng nodded. "In that case, goodbye. By the way, Leader, This Penniless Monk knows some aspects of the supernatural from his time in the monastery. Your room has quite a few people-"

"What nonsense are you spouting? Get out!" Li Jingchu was clearly frightened when she heard that. She warily looked back.

Fangzheng added more though. "This Penniless Monk has heard from others that when you are alone at home and there's no light, a face will appear on the wall behind you. The face will keep looking at you-"

"Leave! We are staunch materialists. You are not to say such things in the future!" Li Jingchu was truly enraged. Thinking back to the water and what had happened, her heart was palpitating.

Fangzheng smiled before walking out.

The moment Fangzheng left, Li Jingchu rushed over to close the door. Then she abruptly turned her body towards the wall but saw nothing. Li Jingchu secretly heaved a sigh of relief as she looked at the table. She plopped to the ground! The table was covered with water! There was water all over the floor as well!

"What... What's going on?" Li Jingchu was still reeling in fear. She clearly recalled that the cup had not overflowed. Why was there water everywhere in the blink of an eye? It was too spooky! Too bizarre! Unbeknownst to her, the reason why she could see water now was because of a particular inglorious fellow who had used his divine powers to hide what was happening from her.

When Fangzheng heard the voice behind him, he returned to his room while humming a tune.

Li Jingchu did not leave her room for dinner. Xu Yin sought her out of curiosity only to be chased out. He was kicked out into the cold.

After dinner, the sky gradually darkened. Fangzheng walked past Xu Yin and whispered, "Patron Xu, This Penniless Monk sees someone following you."

Xu Yin frowned. "Who?"

"Can't tell. Probably not something alive."

"Fangzheng! You are already a member of Star Ocean, not a monk. Cut out the supernatural talk!" Xu Yin scoffed before leaving.

Fangzheng grinned in the direction of Xu Yin's back before returning to his room.

Although Xu Yin spoke indignantly and confidently, could he really be that assured? Xu Yin would look back from time to time. For some weird reason, he had a nagging feeling that someone was following behind him after Fangzheng's warning.

When Xu Yin opened the door to enter the building, he saw a figure in the door's glass pane! It looked familiar, but he could not recall who it was. Xu Yin turned his back suddenly, but there was nothing.

Xu Yin swallowed a mouthful of saliva as his hands began to tremble. When he looked back at the glass, there was no one there. However upon a careful look, it did look as though there was something flitting around in it. Xu Yin leaned in and looked very, very carefully...

Suddenly, the thing inside plastered itself over the glass, causing Xu Yin to scream out in fright! The face finally turned clear when it came close enough. It was Song Keling!

Following that, the door opened. Song Keling looked oddly at Xu Yin and said, "Family Carrier, what are you doing? Why are you acting like a ghost at the door?"

"Don't talk about ghosts." Xu Yin held his chest as he heaved a sigh of relief before entering the building quickly.

The marketing nest only allowed the lights to be turned on from eight in the evening. Of course, if there was a rookie, they would switch on the lights ahead of time. Now that Fangzheng had paid, though, he was not considered a rookie anymore. Therefore the lights were still switched off. That made it impossible to see in from the outside, but it was still possible for the people inside to see the outside.

The building was pitch black as a group of people sat there. Those who were completely trusted were using their cell phones to reply to their recruitment notices. There were others sending out recruitment notices too. Everyone looked very busy.

Xu Yin managed to get a grip of himself after seeing people. Feeling a lot more comfortable, he returned to his bed and prepared to sit down there. However that's when he saw someone sitting on his bed. The person was hugging his head, and it was unknown what he was doing.

Xu Yin knitted his brows and bellowed angrily, "Why are you sitting on my bed? How improper! Go away."

Upon hearing Xu Yin, everyone looked at him. Song Keling had an appalled look as she patted Xu Yin. He turned back only to have Song Keling ask, "Xu Yin, who are you talking to? There's no one on your bed."

Xu Yin's heart palpitated as he jerked his head back to his bed. It was empty! There was no one! At that instant, he felt all his pores explode. Goosebumps covered his body as he felt ice-cold.

"You... didn't see someone on my bed?" a trembling Xu Yin asked Song Keling.

Song Keling was a little afraid. "Don't talk nonsense. There was really no one. You really saw something?"

"Perhaps it was a hallucination," Xu Yin said as he wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

At that moment, Song Keling's face turned dark and sinister as she cackled at Xu Yin. Using a hoarse voice, she spoke at a volume only the two of them could hear. "Perhaps it was a ghost."

Xu Yin wailed out when he saw her acting that way. He raised his foot and kicked Song Keling to the ground before running to switch on the lights!

The moment the lights were switched on, he saw Song Keling holding her abdomen as she groaned. "Xu Yin, why did you kick me? Aiyah... It's killing me."

"Who are you?" Xu Yin shouted in immense horror.

"Song Keling! Have you turned stupid?"

Xu Yin stared intently at Song Keling and after confirming that it was indeed Song Keling, he slumped to the ground as he wiped his sweat. "Are you unaware of what you just said?"

"What did I say?" Song Keling looked at Xu Yin with a look of puzzlement.

"What about all of you? Did you hear what she said?"

Everyone in the room shook their heads. It was as though they had not seen or heard anything.

Xu Yin felt even more flustered. He had a feeling that although there were many people around, they were unable to help him! Something was seeking him out!

"Xu Yin, what's wrong with you?" asked Song Keling out of concern.

"Don't ask." Xu Yin began sucking on a cigarette. He had no idea what to say, and at that moment, the lights began to flicker.

Xu Yin's senses turned tense instantly as he felt like he was plunging into an ice cavern. He could clearly feel that someone was blowing cold air down his neck! Someone was whispering by his ears. "Do you still remember me? I'm Qi Liya!"

Xu Yin scurried away before turning his head abruptly. He shouted, "There's someone behind me!"

And there was indeed someone on the wall! The wall protruded as it formed a human figure that resembled a woman!

However what pushed Xu Yin to the brink of a mental breakdown was that everyone else was exchanging looks. They could not see a thing! They asked, "Family Carrier, what are you saying? There's no one."

"That's right. Family Carrier, there's no one."

"There's really someone!" Xu Yin was almost crying. This was because he could see Qi Liya smiling at him with an extremely horrifying smile!

Xu Yin yelled in horror, "I didn't kill you. Also, you aren't dead yet! What are you... Boohoo! I know! You are Jiang An, right? You are Jiang An! If you hadn't ran, I would not have caught you. At most... At most I would have given you a beating. All I wanted to do was to give you a fright, but I never expected you to fall off the cliff. If you had paid, I wouldn't have needed to beat you daily, nor would I have had to scare you! Boohoo!"