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485 Master Is Lying

 "It's worth it!" the crowd which had lost its faith answered subconsciously.

"Too soft. I did not hear you. Louder!" roared Xu Yin.

"Worth it!" the crowd shouted in unison. As the volume of their voices increased, so did their confidence.

"Very good. That's all for today's meeting. Go back and think carefully. Think about what Teacher said to you when you first came. Read your notes and exchange pointers. Now split up into teams. Team captains, lead your teams in discussion." After Xu Yin said that, the crowd began dispersing.

Fangzheng saw the students sit in groups when he left the classroom. They were discussing the fruits of their labor for the day. Fangzheng had not thought of what to do next when Xu Yin called Fangzheng to the side. He had a few people sitting around him as well. Xu Yin was seated closer to the north as he faced the south. He looked like a honcho, while the depressed guys looked to be burning with ambition after Xu Yin had worked his magic on them.

Xu Yin patted the seat beside him. "Fangzheng, come over and have a seat."

Fangzheng immediately sat down, and the moment he did, he heard Xu Yin say, "What thoughts do you have after listening to Teacher Lu Xin's class today? Did you learn anything new? Let's talk about and also share your experience of growth here. We'll begin from my right. We will go counter-clockwise and do it one by one."

Fangzheng rolled his eyes when he heard that.

Dude, is listening to a class for two hours not enough?

They even had to do a summary after the lesson! A report on the spot... They were seriously taking every opportunity to brainwash everyone. When that happened, regardless if one was willing to join or not, one would have to say something nice while in the circle. One would have to think hard about the benefits of this so-called enterprise. After a lot of thought and the passing of time, one would become part of them without realizing it.

Fangzheng knew how effective this method was. However it was useless against him. The number of times he chanted the Buddhist scriptures daily was way more times than the revising of the scam talk. Yet he still wanted to renounce asceticism! If Buddhist scriptures were useless, what use would this be?

Sitting to the right of Xu Yin was Sun Pu. He took a deep breath and said, "Hello everyone. My name is Sun Pu. I hail from Sichuan, and I still have an elderly mother, a wife, and three kids. I was born in a farming family, so I'm not cultured. I've traveled away from home to work all these years, but I have not earned much. Every year, I would take the train to go all across the country. I am long since battered by the elements, yet after so much hard work I could still see no future for myself. I was almost losing myself to despair... until I met Star Ocean. Here, I found my confidence. Through my hard work, I will definitely become a millionaire, a multi-millionaire. When that happens, I'll be able to let my family lead a good life." Sun Pu's eyes were filled with gloom when he began his introduction, but when he mentioned Star Ocean, his eyes immediately emitted a lustrous glow. It was as though he was halfway towards success already, as though he could really become a millionaire, or even a multi-millionaire.

Did he not think at all about what would happen if he failed? He was unable to earn a single cent staying here. His family would be paying for him, and with time, what would happen?

The next person was the woman with the baby. As she coaxed the baby into sleeping, she said, "My name is Chang Xiaohong. I hail from the north. After graduating from high school, I had nothing to do, so I came here. I find this place pretty nice. Everyone is nice to me. At home, my family always disparages my inability to study. They wag their fingers at me in everything I do. It's like I'm good at nothing. I'm scolded daily at home. And it's the same in school. That's why I quit school in a fit of anger. After I entered society, I realized that society isn't a bed of roses. My leader would reprimand me at the factory, and because I didn't have money in the dorms, I was ostracized and always the one being mocked. Only when I came to Star Ocean did I find hope and my confidence. Here, everyone treats me like family. They praise me for being quick to learn and that I do good work. I like how it makes me feel. This place allows me to regain my confidence."

Fangzheng looked at the baby in her arms. It was unknown which man's child it was, but Fangzheng knew one thing. For such a young girl to enter, she must have been coaxed using different means. As for the goal... The baby in her arms spoke volumes. However Fangzheng also learned something from her sharing. Chang Xiaohong was not there to earn money. The only reason was because no one scolded or made snide remarks about her in this place. It allowed her to find her confidence and to free herself from her inferiority complex. That is why she had chosen to stay. Fangzheng thought about the treatment he received when he first came. There was the fanning, the washing of feet, the pouring of water, and how the word 'family' was thrown around freely. He was praised for any tiny thing he did. The leader requested him to sit beside her... This series of actions appeared simple, and even a little retarded, but when they were exacted on the right person, it would resonate with them in response. Chang Xiaohong was likely such a person.

The third person was a middle-aged woman. She was the only one without a notebook. She held an old cell phone in her hand and when her turn came, she remained calm. She tipped her head and said in great spirits, "My name is Chen Darong. I've never attended school, nor do I know how to write. I don't know any big ideals and stuff. I used to sew clothes at a factory. Later on I met CEO Xu, and he brought me here. Although I remain illiterate, through my daily practicing of the sound recordings I made with my cell phone, I have learned a lot. Using the techniques taught to me by Teacher, I have invited two people to come by phone. Furthermore, they have already made the payments and become members of our family. By now, I've earned a few thousand yuan. I have used actions to prove to those that look down on me that I can do it! Thank you!"

The fourth person was a middle-aged man. He held his head low and did not say a word.

Xu Yin frowned in response as he coughed. "Ma Zhi, it's your turn. Come, share with us."

Ma Zhi looked up at Xu Yin. "What can I say? I want to go home..."

Fangzheng felt a jolt in his heart. He had finally met someone who was not completely bewitched. How happy!

Xu Yin snorted coldly. "Ma Zhi, no one will stop you from leaving, but think well. By staying here, you are using our money. You can return home, but you will have to pay back the money."

"I don't have money," said Ma Zhi with a lowered head. Fangzheng could sense the despair and destitute feelings Ma Zhi had.

Xu Yin was completely unmoved. "There's nothing I can do if you don't have the money. In fact, this matter is very simple. Develop your downline by getting more people to join, and you will immediately have money. Once you return the money, won't you be able to return home?"

Ma Zhi remained silent.

Upon seeing Ma Zhi's reaction, Xu Yin felt pissed. He clapped his hands and said, "Everyone, listen up. In our world, we must first set our attitudes straight. What sort of attitude should it be? We have to be positive and motivated. Don't say pessimistic stuff and work hard instead! Ma Zhi, go back and think about it."

Ma Zhi acknowledged tersely. He appeared very down, and Fangzheng kept a mental note of the whole event.

Xu Yin looked at Fangzheng. "Fangzheng, share with us. What do you think of our enterprise?"

"Good! Extremely good! Especially good! We can earn money and help people at the same time. It's really boundless merit!" Fangzheng immediately gave his approbation.

The result...