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484 A Good Scare Is Worth More Than Good Advice

 As Lu Xin explained, Fangzheng's expression turned darker the more he listened. Indeed, all the pies in the sky from before were nothing but a scam. The true goal was to rope people in! The more people roped in, the greater the benefits!

Fangzheng could not fathom the rationale. If it were really so easy to earn money, the situation wouldn't be so bad that Xu Yin, who was a Family Carrier, had to look so malnourished. Even a Leader had to eat mantous! As for becoming a Partner, that was likely another pie in the sky! Yet there were people who believed in such an obvious scam. Fangzheng found their thoughts inexplicable, but there was one thing Fangzheng was certain of-he was very angry!

Lu Xin said a few more motivational words which stirred the excitement in the crowd. It was as though all that she had talked about could be accomplished in a day.

At that moment Lu Xin suddenly looked at Fangzheng. "Our new friend, do you have any questions?"

Fangzheng said with a smile, "Yes."

"What questions do you have?" asked Lu Xin.

"Where are the people who became Partners?"

"Partners all have their own businesses, their own mansions, and their own luxurious cars. They are everywhere in the world. There are many of them all across the world."

Fangzheng continued asking. "But has anyone really succeeded in becoming a partner?"

"Of course. According to what I know, there are more than ten Partners! This is also a part of our company's history. In the evening, I can introduce you to someone who you can talk to if you want. They can give you a proper introduction."

Fangzheng nodded as he secretly conjured a hand seal. He tapped it towards Lu Xin and asked chuckling, "There is still something I don't understand. Where's our forest and land?"

"What forest? Why would we want a forest and land? We are just gaining something without risking anything of our own!" Lu Xin had thought of a different answer, but the moment she spoke, her answer changed.

There was a wave of shock that ran through the crowd the moment she said that. Xu Yin and Song Keling turned anxious as they threw questionable gazes at Lu Xin.

Lu Xin turned anxious as well. She cried out. "I'm saying the truth! There's no desert, forest, or land to begin with. There's no bullsh*t two billion, it's all boasting. Our goal is very simple. To cheat! We lure you in with lies. You pay us the money, and then you cheat others to join us! We do not have anything except the ability to scam people out of money!"

"Lu Xin, cut it out. Are you crazy? What nonsense are you saying?" Xu Yin hurriedly ran over and pulled Lu Xin away

However Lu Xin escaped his grasp and pushed the malnourished Xu Yin backward as she continued. "Why are you pulling me away? I'm speaking the truth! We are all seniors in this scam, why hide this any further? We are cheats! Everyone knows we are cheats! You are a cheat, I am a cheat, everyone is a cheat! We all know that deep down. Why put on a farce?"

The moment that was said, many people cried right there and then. They had the feeling that their dreams were shattered, but they had no idea of how to retort.

However someone suddenly stood up from the crowd and forcibly dragged Lu Xin out. Xu Yin charged forward and slapped her, cursing. "You are f**king nuts! What nonsense are you speaking!? Scram! No money for you today! Song Keling, she will not be paid for today's lesson! Find someone more reliable in the future!"

Song Keling nodded. She knew that the matter had blown out of proportion.

However Xu Yin and Song Keling were most concerned with Fangzheng's reaction. After all, all of the people there were in cahoots with each other already, and there was only one outsider. Yet they saw Fangzheng sitting there, chuckling, as though he was watching a show. He did not seem to be highly emotive, so the duo heaved a sigh of relief when they saw this.

Lu Xin's outburst mandated that the class could not continue. The host quickly went up the stage to hold down the situation. "Alright, everyone don't mind that. Teacher Lu Xin was simply pulling a joke with everyone. Now, let's let our senior members share with everyone their journey in Star Ocean."

Fangzheng was amused when he heard that. He threw out another hand seal...

"Forget it. Let's talk about my journey instead. This is a lair of cheats! Everyone here is a cheat, a thief! What Lu Xin said was right. All of you know what you are doing, yet you are self-hypnotizing yourself. In fact, all of you are cheats too! None of you are good people!" The host suddenly turned more and more agitated.

However Xu Yin was even more agitated. He hurriedly ran in cursing. "Madness! Madness! All of you have gone mad!" Then he pulled the host out as well. Soon they heard someone shouting outside, "What the heck did I just say? I never wanted to say that!"

"Shut up! Scram!"


And everyone in the room was dumbfounded. Their ambition and confidence came from their daily self-hypnotism and the brainwashing from others. They forced themselves to believe that they were in the right and that they were helping others, not earning the money of others. They were working hard to greenify the Earth, but what Lu Xin and the host said apparently served as a wake up call. It struck them until they saw stars. The self-deceiving mechanisms that they had built up arduously were shattered with a bang.

Their hearts winced!

At that moment, it was unknown who suddenly started crying. "F*ck! What nonsense was that? I don't believe it! This is an enterprise that is working hard for all humanity. This is an enterprise of goodness! I'm no cheat!"

"Yes, I'm no cheat!"

"We are good people."

"All that was just said must have been a joke."


Upon seeing these ugly faces that refused to face reality, Fangzheng shook his head. He knew that they had been administered too much poison. These people relied on these mental drugs to persist on. It could be said that they had nothing at present. They had no money, no jobs, no family. The only thing they had was the poisonous belief that they would become rich! If their only belief was shattered, the blow to them would be immense. There might be people who would be fine, but there would be people who could not withstand such a blow. Even now, they appeared to continue deluding themselves, numbing themselves to the reality before them. Even if Fangzheng were to call the cops, apprehending and dispersing all of them, a large number of them would eventually fall for another multi-level marketing scam.

Fangzheng sighed. This matter needed to be handled slowly, step by step. He could not be bothered to save truly stubborn people. A good scare was worth more than good advice. Some people deserved death and were unredeemable. But if there were people who could be saved, Fangzheng would definitely try his best to help them. Fangzheng wished to try especially hard for the woman with the baby. Regardless of anything else, the child shouldn't have to grow up in such an environment.

At that moment Xu Yin entered and immediately shouted, "What's all the shouting for? Sit down!"

The crowd simmered down immediately as they looked hopefully at Xu Yin. They were like drug addicts looking at their supplier, yearning for new drugs to free them from their misery.

Xu Yin took a deep breath and said, "All that happened just now was a joke. Life is all about ups and downs. It was a joke, so don't take it seriously. So, let's invite a few senior members to share-"

When Xu Yin said that, he felt a little worried. The two people before him had said nonsense for some baffling reason. It had nearly destroyed their entire downline. Therefore Xu Yin said, "Forget it, I'll do the talking. Although Teacher Lu Xin was joking with all of you at the very end, I have to say that what she said in the beginning was very right. What are we doing here? We are not here to earn money. We are here to benefit all of humanity! We will simply be able to earn money that can also change our lives at the same time. Isn't such an enterprise something worth pursuing with our hard work?"