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483 Golden Pie

 "Star Ocean is not just some simple company, but a revolutionary philanthropic enterprise. It will help all of humanity.

"Star Ocean has three prongs of attacks. The first is to save our environment. Therefore, Star Ocean wants to begin plantation projects in the desert regions in the west. In ten years, we can reduce half the amount of desert land in our country!

"Second, our goal is to save those that require saving. This is also Star Ocean's philanthropic project. We will provide basic medical care and assurance to people that require it.

"Third, our goal is to save the entire world. When all resources are expended, we shall step foot out of Earth and begin developing space mining!"


Fangzheng was left completely speechless when he heard all of that. Were these people ignorant or brainless? Who would believe such claims? Spending just billions to reverse desertification? Were they joking? And they wished to step out of earth and head into space? Are you sure that bit of money is enough to create a spaceship's engine lid?

However Fangzheng's opinion did not matter. Everyone in the room believed her. Their excitement reached an unprecedented height. Fangzheng shook his head in resignation when he saw the frenzied crowd. All he could do was continue listening.

Lu Xin next drew a pie chart. The pie grew bigger as the lesson profressed, and it was just short of making claims of being able to fly to the Sun at night to hide from heat stroke... Yet these people still believed her!

Lu Xin depicted beautiful scenes before explaining how they could make money.

"We are a program that our country is strongly supporting. Greenification is a boon to all of humanity. Therefore we have to invest the money early on, but in the later stages, the country will provide subsidies. In addition, all the trees planted will belong to us. Once they are matured, they can be sold. Of course, they can't be chopped off at once. They have to be done in batches. It will be a planned and orderly chopping, not random chopping. As for the sales, there's no worries at all. As it is a national project, the country will eventually arrange to purchase all the materials produced. This is an enterprise that takes work today in exchange for rewards in the future! It's an enterprise supported by the country and the entire world! We are doing this not only for us, but for all of humanity.

"Let me give you an example. Let's say we invest 18,800 yuan. That would be able to buy one acre of land. Is one acre of land a lot? Some people will say no, but you have to understand that one acre can plant four thousand trees. Once the four thousand trees mature, the present price the country is willing to purchase them at is fifty yuan a tree. How much is 4000 multiplied by 50? That's 200,000! That's right. Just a tenth of an acre is enough to earn back your capital! The rest is all profit! 200,000 for an acre! And the trees we plant are the type that grows fast. They mature in five years! That means you will only need five years to increase your investment by ten times!

"This isn't even the main point. Most importantly, the country will provide all sorts of subsidies and rebates. Of course, that is just the lowest package. If you were to invest 38,888 in land, you could get five acres! 58,000 for ten acres! 99,900 for twenty-five acres! Think about it. How much money is that? I can't even fathom the amount!

"Someone might ask. How do I earn my money? What I'm going to tell you is that all of what I mentioned is just peanuts! But those are things for the future. What I will be talking about next is how we can earn the big money...

"How could I monopolize such good news? Of course I can't! We are doing something good, bringing welfare to the entire world. As a good person, our own personal wealth is of little importance. What's important is to rope in everyone to become rich together. Only then can we have true wealth! Therefore we have to share this news with even more people and let them join us. If you do, should that person's entry have nothing to do with you? Of course not! As a good person, you have to be rewarded. Therefore the company has decided to reward you with 0.1 acres of land for every friend you bring in! There will also be a 10% monetary reward. Is that all? Of course not. There will also be other rewards..."

Fangzheng fully realized it was a huge scam after hearing all of that! It was a huge scam where they could gain something without risking anything of their own! The huge pie drawing was already quite ridiculous, but in the end, they went even further! A new drawing was made, and in its place was a golden pie! This pie did not talk about land or ideals, but money! After Lu Xin finished all that she had said, she finally drew a circle on the whiteboard. "This represents you."

There were two crosses beneath the circles, and there were another two circles drawn below. They were written A and B. She said, "A and B represent the people you recommend. You will receive a recommendation reward for every friend you recommend. Suppose the person invests 20,000, then you will get 10% of that as a recommendation reward. That means 2000 yuan! It's that simple! If you recommend A and B, you will get 4000 yuan! And if A and B have crosses beneath them, they represent two regions. The results of these two regions can also complement each other. Every complementation gives you an additional 10%! That means 2000! So, if you were to invite two people, you can earn 6000! What does 6000 mean? Many white-collared workers in cities don't even make that much! Furthermore, we do not need to take into account our bosses or work for others. You are your own boss. All you need to do is to work hard and find two people every month to join our grand endeavor. That could earn you 6000! Let me ask you, is there anything easier than that?

"In addition, it's not only that. Look down here. If A recommends C and D, while B recommends E and F, they would each earn 6000. But as rookies, how can they earn it so easily? They will definitely need your help; therefore the company will reward you with a diligence reward, which is 10% of what they earn. This means that you will earn an additional 600 yuan from A and B each. Together, that's 1200! Similarly, their results are also yours. Once there's any collision, there's 40,000 on each side. 10% of 40,000 is 4000! You will get another 4000 plus 1200, a total of 5200!

"That's why our enterprise is one that helps others. The more you help your friends earn money, the more you earn. If there's money to be made, let's all earn together. That's our belief.

"Of course, that isn't the end of it, but you can deduce the rest yourself. If C, D, E, and F also recommend people, you will similarly get some money and commission. There might be more complementations too. And as this continues, do the math. If there's a hundred people on one side, how much would you earn? Is a hundred people a lot? There are twelve months in a year. As long as you find ten people a month, you will be able to easily accomplish this! If you then help the friends you rope in, and if you help them find a hundred, how much money would that be? Heavens, it's an astronomical figure!

"Of course, this is still not the main point. The main point is that there are levels. With every three people you recommend, you can increase your level. Once you find three people, you become a Sub-chief. If you help your downlines find three people, you become a Family Carrier. If you help those find another three, you become a Leader! If you can produce three Leaders, you become a Partner! What does it mean to be a Partner? Once you are a Partner, there's no need for you to stay here. The company will groom you and send you on MBA programs and send you traveling across the world. You will learn how to play golf, and your annual income will be a million. You will be given a house and a car. You will become a wealthy elite. Furthermore, this can all be inherited by your descendants. When that happens, all of your family will be elites. All of you will be tycoons, and you will change the fate of your family!"