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482 Great Philanthropis

 However Fangzheng felt his heart palpitate when he saw the two children. The older one was already at schooling age, yet he was sitting there, listening to such quack talk. A fledgling was supposed to live under its parents wings while aiming for the skies. Yet it ended up fantasizing about the future in a cage. It was truly lamentable. Fangzheng felt even sadder when he saw the baby. The baby was not as fair and plump as other babies its age. Instead, it was a little thin. Clearly it was malnourished! If the mother could not have her fill, how was she to feed it? Besides, how could she have the money to buy milk powder?

However Fangzheng was even more infuriated about the mother. Her situation was one of stubbornly being stuck on a misguided path. She refused to leave or abandon the groundless illusions to lead a good life and take care of her child.

But of course Fangzheng was most peeved about Xu Yin, Li Jingchu, and the others who appeared to be brainwashed! These people had sold their souls to the devil. Their aim seemed to be the tearing apart and devouring of perfect families! At that moment, the look Fangzheng directed at them turned fierce. However, this was hidden in the deep recesses of his eyes. It was still not time for him to erupt.

But the baby really left a deep impression on Fangzheng. It had large, protruded eyes and sallow skin, but it had eyes that exuded innocence! The innocent pair of eyes appeared especially bright amid the eyes filled with greed and confusion. It appeared like light in the middle of the night, giving off the light of hope. It did not deserve to be there, much less suffer from all this!

With this in mind, Fangzheng made a decision.

The moment Fangzheng came, Song Keling immediately stood up. She gave up her seat to Fangzheng. It was right in front and closest to the wall with a whiteboard. She exhorted him. "I'm giving you my seat. So pay attention and do your best!"

Fangzheng said with a look of gratefulness, "Definitely!"

Then Fangzheng sat down and took out the notebook and pen, looking like he was attentive.

Upon seeing this, Xu Yin and Song Keling heaved a collective sigh of relief. They were not afraid of Fangzheng making a fuss, but afraid that he would not pay attention. They believed that as long as he was willing to listen to the class, it would not take three days before he would also obediently join them in their road to riches. Who cares if he was a monk or nun! At the same time, they finally saw the haloes of victory. This darn baldy would finally be resolved!

Of course Xu Yin still felt a little uneasy. After all, they had not had any peace ever since the darn baldy arrived. However when he looked at Fangzheng's serious expression and the fact that everyone around him was in cahoots with them, he could not figure out what trouble the darn baldy could cause. Therefore finally, he sat in the back at ease and got ready to listen to the lesson.

And at that moment in time, Fangzheng was no longer looking at Xu Yin and Song Keling. Instead he was looking extremely seriously at the so-called tycoon in front of him!

She was a slightly plump middle-aged woman. She had dark red hair and very fair skin. She looked vibrant, and she stood there straight. She looked rich and also had an aloof arrogance to her. When she looked at everyone, it was as though she was looking at her subordinates. Just based on her looks, Fangzheng could believe it that she was a multi-millionaire.

The woman did not immediately start the class. Instead first a young girl went forward and bowed. "Alright, it seems like everyone is here. First, I'd like to thank everyone for sparing some time from your busy schedules to come here to listen to a Prosperity Event! I will be your host today. My name is Ma Ling, and you can call me Little Ling. Today, we are very honored to be able to invite an extremely important guest. She is our multi-millionaire wealth counselor, Teacher Lu Xin! At the age of fourteen, Teacher Lu Xin started a business. She set up road stalls, worked as a saleswoman, and forged her way forward by trial and error. Finally, she became fated with our Star Ocean Family. In Star Ocean Family, it took her just a year to accumulate a wealth of ten million yuan! Does everyone wish to become a multi-millionaire just like Teacher Lu Xin in a year?"

"Yes!" Before Fangzheng said a word, the people around him roared at the top of their lungs. Their voices were delivered with great gusto. More importantly, their voices were extremely loud. It gave Fangzheng a fright!

As he looked at the students around him who had their faces flushed red, Fangzheng guessed that for them to be able to shout so loudly, it meant that they could endure louder snores from him...

"Wish? Wishing is useless! Execution determines everything! Now let us give a warm round of applause and invite Teacher Lu Xin to begin our Prosperity Event!" Ma Ling shouted with great enthusiasm as though Lu Xin could really lead all of them into earning ten million yuan.

Lu Xin finally walked forward. She tidied her clothes and nodded at the crowd before smiling. "Thank you everyone for your applause. The host, Ma Ling has given me quite an introduction, so I won't harp on that any further. However before I begin my lecture, let me ask everyone a question. Do we have a new friend here today?"

Nearly instantly, everyone looked toward Fangzheng. He felt like he was being stared at by starving wolves. Were they going to boil a pot of water and cook him the next instant?

Lu Xin smiled. "Welcome, our new friend. I have to remark that you have very keen foresight, and you also have good spirit. You dare to take risks. This is an opportunity for you, and also our shared fate. I'm willing to help you, so let's embark on this journey towards success together."

Fangzheng nodded in response.

Lu Xin continued when she saw Fangzheng nod. "Alright, let me talk about what Star Ocean is. How do we earn our wealth through Star Ocean?"

Lu Xin took out a marker and wrote the words Star Ocean on the whiteboard.

Fangzheng nodded inwardly and thought, "Her handwriting is pretty good. It's much better than my handwriting when I was in elementary school. This fellow has at least graduated from elementary school..."

Lu Xin continued. "Everyone knows that Earth's resources are depleting. Humans have been developing without any moderation, depleting the amount of resources Earth has with time. There will come a day when there will be nothing left. With global warming, the sea levels will rise. Earthquakes will happen, as well as tsunamis and hurricanes... Is all this normal? Of course not! The Earth is like a computer. Humans are like computer viruses. When there's too many viruses, the computer will activate its anti-virus software to kill the viruses. We are now experiencing the wrath of Earth! Now, praying to gods is useless. We can only save ourselves!

"That is why our chief executive officer, CEO Zhang, established Star Ocean! CEO Zhang has the benevolence of a world-savior. He has invested billions into his dream, and for what? Of course, it's not for money! If it were for money, why would he need to invest? He could retire immediately. Besides, he could have invested in property, right? No, instead, CEO Zhang's motives are for the good of the world!

"When a person no longer needs to worry about money, that person starts considering how they can help others. This is why everyone can see that many wealthy people are philanthropists. CEO Zhang is one such person."