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480 Leader, Dont Be Angry

 Xu Yin hurriedly ran over and pulled Fangzheng away. "Fangzheng, you can't sit there. This is where the leader sits."

Fangzheng's eyes darted around. "What leader? Aren't all of you working for Liu Dacheng? I'm Liu Dacheng's friend. If he isn't around, there's no problem with me sitting in his seat, right?"

Xu Yin was instantly left at a loss for words. What Fangzheng said was not illogical!

"I'm one of Liu Dacheng's partners. We are all shareholders. He has his seat, and I have my seat. You are in my seat." The female leader came to Fangzheng's side and lifted her head up slightly. She had a little arrogance to her, perfectly exuding the feeling of a leader.

Fangzheng said in enlightenment, "Amitabha. So that's how it is. Since you are Dacheng's friend, you are my friend. Here, don't stand on ceremony. Sit here." Fangzheng patted the seat beside him. Fangzheng was sitting on the only chair, while beside him was a pink plastic stool, which he was patting!

The female leader's face instantly turned raven-black. She looked again at Xu Yin as though she was saying: "How did you educate this rookie? Why doesn't he know the rules?"

Xu Yin was close to tears. Ever since Fangzheng came, he had been acting like an ancestor who needed to be taken good care of. Xu Yin never had a moment's peace with him. And worst of all, it used to be the case that rookies who just came were apprehensive. They wouldn't dare take a seat if no one else sat! Fangzheng was the first exception he had encountered. All sorts of situations where Fangzheng was involved were quite impromptu ones. Xu Yin lacked the abilities and to respond to his actions, nor could he possibly prepare for them. Without a choice, he tugged at Fangzheng and said, "Every place has its rules. This seat is the host's seat, the seat of a leader. It's better if you sit to the side."

Fangzheng nodded slightly when he saw the female leader's face turning green. "Fine, fine. It's just a seat. You can have it."

When Fangzheng said that, Xu Yin immediately heaved a sigh of relief as he looked gratefully at Fangzheng. He thought to himself, "This motherf*cker is finally acting properly."

The female leader's expression also warmed up a little...

But the next moment...

Fangzheng did stand up, but he stood up with the chair. Then he switched the spots between the plastic stool and his chair. Although Fangzheng had switched spots, he was still sitting on the chair!

Upon seeing this, the female leader's face went black. She was extremely sullen.

Xu Yin nearly cursed right there and then as he patted Fangzheng and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Giving up the leader's spot. Why?"

"You... Right, you are switching spots, and you take the chair with you for that?" Xu Yin was fuming.

Fangzheng said matter-of-factly, "That's right. Is there a problem?"

When he looked at the blank-faced Fangzheng who looked like he knew nothing, Xu Yin was rendered speechless from anger.

The female leader was also infuriated. She was wondering if she had to reprimand Liu Dacheng. However when she recalled that Fangzheng had yet to hand over his money, she took a deep breath and forced a smile. "Forget it. It's just a seat. It's no big deal. Everyone, have a seat."

With that said, everyone said in unison, "Leader, it has been tough on you. Leader, please sit first!"

This sudden hollering gave Fangzheng a shock. He looked around and thought that a politician was surveying the area. Although everyone was uniform in their shouting, it did not uplift the female leader's mood. In the past, no one would dare sit before her, but now, she was still standing, while the shiny bald head in front of her was reflecting the glaring sunlight. The dazzling left her depressed.

She took a deep breath and repressed the pangs of fury in her. She thought she would punish the darn baldy after taking his money! After she sat down, everyone took their seats. Xu Yin sat opposite from her, which was the other end of the long table. Fangzheng sat beside the female leader... Fangzheng later learned that that spot was reserved for rookies. It made rookies feel like they were valued by the leader and would increase their sense of belonging.

But regardless, Fangzheng had clearly already found his sense of belonging and did not need anyone to tell him that...

The female leader tried hard to maintain her temperament as leader. At the same time, she was prepared to assure Fangzheng. She smiled amiably at him. "My name is Li Jingchu. You can call me Sister Li, but everyone likes to call me Leader. You can address me as that too."

Fangzheng smiled. "So you are Patron Li."

"Ahem, Fangzheng, didn't we agree prior to this? Everyone here is family. Don't call her patron," reminded Xu Yin.

"Oh, Leader."

Li Jingchu nodded in satisfaction. Regardless, the hairless baldy who kept stirring up trouble was finally on the right path. She felt rather comfortable hearing him address her as leader. She thought, "Who cares what monastery you come from. No matter how impressive you are, don't you still have to call me leader?"

Feeling pacified, Li Jingchu said to Song Keling, "Little Song, let's begin the meal."

Song Keling was one of the sub-chiefs, and food was her responsibility. The moment her leader said the word, Song Keling immediately ran to the kitchen and took out a huge tray of mantous. The huge tray of mantous had been bought early in the morning. The mantous were still a little hot, and their softness made them look appetizing.

The huge tray of mantous was placed in the middle of the table. There were also two big bowls of salted vegetables placed to the sides of the tray. Of course Li Jingchu had an individual plate with three mantous and a plate of salted vegetables specially provided for her.

Fangzheng was also hungry. When the mantous were served, he immediately wished to take action, but he realized that the group of people around him was staring at the mantous with fixation. They were gulping down their saliva, but none of them extended their hands. Even Fangzheng felt a little embarrassed to take the mantous.

At that moment, Li Jingchu said, "Everyone, it has been hard on all of you. You can begin eating."

Once Fangzheng heard that, he did not say anything else. He immediately took a mantou from Li Jingchu's tiny plate. There was no other choice. The tray of mantous was very far from him. It was difficult for him to get them, while it was convenient to grab the one right in front of him! Fangzheng ignored the furious look in Li Jingchu's eyes.

Nearly simultaneously, everyone shouted in unison, "Leader, it has been tough on you! Leader, please eat first!"

The moment that was said, Fangzheng had already stuffed the mantou into his mouth. He looked slightly embarrassed at Li Jingchu once he heard them. He wore a dazed look that read: 'Don't blame me, I don't know the rules.'

Li Jingchu was exasperated as well. The monk in front of her was not acting to the script! He was like a fledgling that had not seen the world! To lash out in anger and hit him? He did not seem to understand such matters. If he was rebuked, he would apologize. He even corrected his faults immediately! How was she to deal with such an obedient person? If she really resorted to violence, it would be difficult to lead the team. However if she did not slap him twice, she didn't know how she would deal with her uneasiness and aggrieved feelings.

But in the end Li Jingchu put up with Fangzheng on account of the money she had yet to receive.

However the moment Li Jingchu brushed the thought of slapping him away, she immediately had the urge to kill! She realized that a short moment of daydreaming had allowed for the three mantous in front of her to vanish! She turned her head to see that the darn baldy was gone! She looked around for him and found him standing by the side of the table. He was quickly taking the mantous from the huge tray, and as he took them, he said, "Leader hasn't eaten. Two of them have to be reserved for her."