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478 This Penniless Monk Doesnt Mind Snoring

 Sun Pu failed to read between the lines as he smiled. "My name is no good. It just makes me too ordinary. If I had a better name, I might have been a successful man already."

"How long have you been here?" asked Fangzheng out of curiosity.

"A year."

"A year. Twelve months, huh?" Fangzheng added inwardly: "To wash feet around ten times a month, he must have washed more than a hundred pairs of feet in a year. It's no wonder his skill is so good! If this guy doesn't work out in network marketing, he can probably get a job in a foot reflexology store and make it rich!"

After his feet were washed, Xu Yin brought in a bowl of water and placed it to the side. "It's hot, so you can drink this when you are thirsty at night."

Fangzheng quickly thanked him. Although Xu Yin was up to no good, Fangzheng knew not to smack a smiling person.

Xu Yin left shortly after he said some pleasantries.

Sun Pu leaned towards Fangzheng's side and asked, "Venerable One, do you plan on staying here for long?"

"Yeah. This Penniless Monk finds this place pretty nice. Everyone is very amiable; it's like a family. This Penniless Monk plans to stay here for long. As long as all of you do not chase This Penniless Monk away, This Penniless Monk plans on staying here the entire time."

Sun Pu chuckled when he heard that. However, there was more of a sneer to his smile than kindness. He thought to himself, "You might say that now, but you will probably be crying tomorrow, wailing to leave."

The others had similar thoughts. At around half past nine, the doors were shut and the lights switched off. Once the doors were shut, there was little foot traffic in the compound. The number of people in the room also increased. Soon, the room heated up as many people rolled in bed, unable to fall asleep. Fangzheng could not help but ask, "Why aren't all of you sleeping?"

Sun Pu replied, "Nothing. Just thinking about my goals in life. Recalling and revising what we learned during the day. We won't be sleeping so soon." He felt a little embarrassed to say that he was unable to sleep because of the heat.

Someone echoed, "Venerable One, go ahead and sleep first. The lot of us like to snore. It's thunderous, so if you do not sleep early, you won't be able to fall asleep later."

"Haha, that's right. You should sleep quickly," echoed someone else.

Fangzheng immediately turned righteously indignant. "What are you saying? This Penniless Monk is a monk. Since This Penniless Monk has entered the mortal fray, This Penniless Monk naturally has to do as the Romans do. It's just snoring; it's nothing major. Don't worry. This Penniless Monk won't be that petty and become angry because of the snoring. This Penniless Monk will not be disdainful towards people who snore!"

"Venerable One, well said. You are indeed an accomplished monk. You are really enlightened," said Sun Pu.

"That's right. What's the big deal about snoring? Snoring won't steal your food or spend your money. Venerable One, I support you on this front!"

"That's right. We can be considered fated to be together. It's only snoring. It's nothing!"

The few people who were unhappy after losing their money suddenly said.

"Alright, all of you snore, each louder than the other. None of you have the right to say this. Venerable One is the one that's right."

Fangzheng chuckled in response. Everyone conversed for a while before falling asleep. However there were some who just could not sleep due to the hot weather.

And just as some of them were about to doze off...


A thundering snore sounded. Sun Pu, who finally managed to fall asleep, sat up in shock. It was as though a cemetery of dead bodies had been awakened. All of the people in the room sat up in shock as they exchanged looks. Finally, their eyes were fixated on the source of the snoring-Fangzheng!

"F**k, it's no wonder he said that. His snoring is even worse than all of ours combined!" cursed the fellows who were guilty of snoring.

"Sun Pu, what do we do? How are we to sleep with his snores being so loud?" grumbled a woman.

"Why would you ask me? Weren't all of you bragging just now? Didn't you say that snoring was no big deal? Why are you now going back on your word?" said Sun Pu.

"Didn't you also say so just now?

Sun Pu stated matter-of-factly, "That's right, which is why I'm not waking him up."

"If you aren't waking him up, I won't."

"Then we can only put up with it."

"Zzz!" A reverberating snore sounded. For some unknown reason, the snores sounded like they were ringing right by their ears. It left their eardrums hurting.

Sun Pu covered his ears and cursed, "F**king hell. This isn't snoring, this is thunder!"

The others joined the cursing and deliberately spoke louder, hoping to wake Fangzheng up. However they sadly realized that as they raised their voice, Fangzheng's snoring rose in volume as well. The snoring was like thunder, resonating so badly that they were burying their heads in their pillows or blankets. They used everything at their disposal.

"Bear with it. He will probably stop snoring after a while," said Sun Pu.

But ten minutes later.


Another twenty minutes passed.


"F**k, I can't take it any longer. I'm sleeping outside." Finally, someone gave up. His eyes were bloodshot as he got out of bed and went out with a towel.

"I can't stand it either. I'm going outside as well." A woman took her pillow and blanket out.

"Me too..."

Sun Pu was the only one left in the room after thirty minutes of that. As he looked at the empty room and the thundering snores, Sun Pu eventually capitulated. He too left with his blanket.

When everyone left, Fangzheng opened his eyes slightly as he let out a nefarious smile. He dispelled A Golden Millet Dream and turned around to continue his sleep.

The next day, Fangzheng woke up before the rooster in the village crowed. He was accustomed to sleeping and waking up early. When he saw the empty room, he beamed radiantly. He pushed the door open and saw a group of people sleeping underneath a shed's roof. They were wrapped in blankets, sleeping in all sorts of sleeping positions. Moreover, they were bitten by mosquitoes one after another. Many of them were scratching themselves even in their dreams.

When Fangzheng saw this, he felt a little pity for them. Had he gone a bit overboard with this matter?

But when Fangzheng turned his head and saw the huge metal lock on the main door, as well as the two guards who were sleeping by the door, his bit of sympathy for them vanished instantly.

Fangzheng nodded and entered the kitchen. As he circled around it, he found a vegetable knife. However, it was completely chipped. Fangzheng picked it up and tested it, but it was so blunt that it was tiring to cut vegetables! Looking back at the people outside, he shook his head slightly. "In order to prevent others from committing suicide or taking any violent action, they are really willing to do anything..."

At that moment, Fangzheng's eyes landed on a few items. He then smiled nefariously. "You shall be it!"




Sun Pu was sleeping soundly when he heard the sound of a knocking. It was extraordinarily loud! He trembled in fright and woke up suddenly in cold sweat. However he could not care about the state of his body at the moment. With bloodshot eyes, he looked fiercely in the direction of the sound!