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475 F*ck

 "Venerable One, what games can you play?" asked a man.

There had been a total of four people playing. One of them had given up his seat for Fangzheng, leaving behind two men and a woman. The person who spoke was wearing a black shirt. He had short hair, and he looked quite spirited. Across him was someone with relatively longer hair, but it was styled tidily. He wore glasses and looked rather refined and cultured. The woman had a head of short hair. She was dressed in a red t-shirt and a somewhat discolored pair of jeans.

Fangzheng swept his eyes at the few people and smiled. "This Penniless Monk only knows Three Cards."


Xu Yin, who was dying of thirst, nearly spat a mouthful of water on the walls. He didn't know card games? But you f**king know Three Cards? Did this guy not know gambling or was he too good at it? Who would specially learn Three Cards when it came to card games? Who would touch that unless they were aiming to gamble?

The black-shirted man was taken aback too. Three Cards? F**king hell... That was a little crazy!

However Xu Yin came over and said, "If the Venerable One wants to play that, let him play that. If it's Three Cards, so be it. Don't bet too big. We are people with dreams. We absolutely cannot gamble."

The black-shirted man immediately nodded. "Yes, we can't gamble. Venerable One, why don't we play a yuan each? Each game must not exceed ten yuan. Don't worry, we will definitely stay until you have your fun!"

Fangzheng nodded without minding that. He thought to himself, "Let's not even say ten yuan. I can still win so much money that you will lose your pants with one yuan!"

And so the four began...

Xu Yin did not think too much. After watching for a while, he secretly walked into another room.

"How was it? Has Handsome come?" a woman asked inside the room.

Xu Yin nodded and said, "Yes. Leader, do you want to take a look at him?"

"Not now. Is he really a monk?" The woman looked up. She had a round face and looked to be in her forties. Her hair wasn't long, and she was dressed quite decently. She held a world tour magazine in her hands.

"A real monk. He's very fair and looks clean. I saw that he has money on the ride here. He has a stack of red bills. And according to Liu Dacheng, his monastery will soon be getting funds from the government. I think a monk would make it easier for us to gain the trust of others in the future. If he is willing to work hard, it would make it easier to make progress further down the line," said Xu Yin.

The leader nodded. "Not bad. Family Carrier Xu, can you handle him?"

"No problem, but I'll need Leader Chen's help. Do you think..."

"Old Chen? Sure. I'll tell him. If you really can't do it, I'll get Old Chen to do it. Alright, go busy yourself and do whatever requires your attention. Remember, you must give him a good impression. Quickly take possession of his identity card, cell phone, and the other stuff."

Xu Yin nodded. He went out and looked in Fangzheng's direction. He saw the black-shirted man say with a bitter expression, "Venerable One, you have won this round."

Fangzheng smiled. "Amitabha, thank you for going easy on This Penniless Monk. This Penniless Monk really doesn't know how this works."

Fangzheng really wasn't lying. He hadn't even used his divine powers. He had planned on testing the waters first but soon realized that they were deliberately losing to him. They continuously went easy on him, so Fangzheng won no matter how badly he played. Although all his wins were tiny, he was rather happy. However Fangzheng also knew that it was a trick. And from the looks of it, this was as far as these people could afford to go easy on him. He would have to use his own tricks for what followed.

The moment that was said, a man walked over with a bowl of water. He passed it to Fangzheng and said, "Venerable One, the weather's hot. Have some water."

"Thank you, Patron. Sorry for the trouble."

"You're welcome. Everyone here is a family. We will all be together in the future, so it's only right to take care of one another." Fangzheng was taken aback. How did he become a part of their family? And in the future? He was there on vacation. He was not there to work! But Fangzheng did not ask further. He pretended like he did not hear him and continued gambling.

Before another two rounds finished, a woman ran over with a piece of cardboard as she fanned it at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng felt great from the cool breeze! He suddenly realized why these people found themselves unable to escape after coming there. The treatment was too good! Over there, one became akin to an emperor. Although such an emperor-like treatment was definitely not everlasting, it was easy to narrow the gap between people with it. Once people were well-acquainted with each other, conversations flowed freely, and deceit became easier.

By now Fangzheng had already determined that this was a marketing scam. Fangzheng had never imagined that something he saw only on the news would enter his life. Wasn't the harm created by such marketing huge? Fangzheng knew very well what it entailed.That was why he had come to take a good look at what these kind of people were like. He could also have a good time in passing...

While Fangzheng enjoyed the care he was given by his fellow players, he continued gambling.

Xu Yin left the village by car. There was someone else in the car, and it was none other than Liu Dacheng. He was dressed in a white shirt with trousers and leather shoes. He looked very energized, but his face could hardly hide the malnutrition he was suffering.

"How was it?" Liu Dacheng asked in concern the moment Xu Yin got on the car.

"He's here, but he hasn't handed over his money. We'll let him stay here for a day, and he can attend the lesson tomorrow. By the way, your classmate seems pretty rich. I saw a wad of cash in his bag. Why did he need you to borrow money to buy a train ticket for him?" asked Xu Yin.

Liu Dacheng was appalled before he cursed. "F**k, that son of a gun. He actually scammed me! F**k, I've cheated so many people, but to think I was cheated by him. Seriously, what the f**k."

"Enough. You managed to trick him over, so that bit of money was worth it. Go to Old Chen's place today for a day. We will settle him tomorrow. You can come after he pays the money and attends the class. If you go now, meeting him will only be trouble."

"Alright. I'll leave him to you, Family Carrier. If you succeed, I'll treat you to something," said Liu Dacheng with a laugh.

"Work hard. You have already recommended two people. If this one succeeds, you will be promoted. If you become a partner, hehe. All this hard work will have been worth it."

Liu Dacheng nodded immediately, as though he could see the moment of his success already. Apart from greed, his eyes only had fantasy.

Xu Yin went out and bought some things. He interacted with a few people and monitored the surroundings to ensure that there were no investigators. At noon, he returned to the rented compound. The moment he entered, he saw a group of people sitting by the side bitterly. All of them looked like they were about to cry! All of them were looking at Fangzheng who was sitting calmly by the side. He held a huge wad of cash in his hands and was counting bills of all denominations.

Xu Yin was somewhat dumbfounded as he subconsciously asked, "What are all of you doing? Why aren't you playing?"

The moment that was said, he was met with rolled eyes and looks of blame.