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 Therefore Fangzheng replied: "Impressive."

"Fangzheng, I'm telling you, the southern economy is developing really well. Although I can't be considered rich, I can be considered as doing quite well. If there's a chance, come have fun over here. I'll treat you to all kinds of seafood. Oh, I nearly forgot. You are a monk and can't eat things like that. That's fine. There are plenty of sea vegetables over here. I guarantee you that you will have a feast and a great time." Liu Dacheng sent an invitation.

"Amitabha. This Penniless Monk appreciates your kindness. This Penniless Monk will definitely go in the future if there's an opportunity."

"Why talk about the future? Now that you are monk, you should be free every day. Come now. Take a plane over. I'll cover your plane tickets." Liu Dacheng immediately invited Fangzheng. His words were filled with kindness and a sense of sharing his immense wealth.

Fangzheng was surprised. He had only been polite by agreeing to go. After all, they were not that well-acquainted! However Liu Dacheng appeared extremely warm! He was so warm that Fangzheng felt that the person on the other side of the WeChat message was not a human. Was he a ghost? Man, he was seeing ghosts in broad daylight. What happened to his luck with people?

Fangzheng did need to go out more often. There were naturally benefits to the Formless Door. It was convenient for him to travel, but the Formless Door's disadvantage was obvious as well. He had to complete a mission whenever he traveled. Once outside, he had to work hard at finding his mission target to not starve outside or never be able to return home... After he finished his mission, he usually did not have the mood to continue traveling.

It was better to be more relaxed when outside. Being burdened with a mission was tiring for Fangzheng.

At that moment, Liu Dacheng sent another message. "Fangzheng, I'm already inviting you, and if you aren't coming, does it mean you don't look up to a former classmate like me after becoming an abbot? That wouldn't be nice, right."

Fangzheng smiled wryly when he heard that. This was the first time he met someone rushing to spend money on him. Fangzheng thought about it, and indeed there was nothing that required his attention. Why not visit and take a look? Since they were paying for his board and lodging, it would be quite nice to visit, right?

Liu Dacheng continued. "Fangzheng, I've said what I needed to say. If you don't come, you are really not treating me as a friend."

Fangzheng smiled bitterly. "Patron, This Penniless Monk probably doesn't have the money to fly over."

"Look at what you are saying. You are already an abbot. How can you not have the money to fly? Don't worry, I'll reimburse you the money when you come over. You won't get a single cent less."

Fangzheng felt exasperated. Why was he questioning his lack of wealth just because he was an abbot? He was really out of money! But on second thought, few abbots in the world were like him...

"Alright. I'll cut the crap. Call me when you reach Haicheng. This is my telephone number. The landline is my office number. Just say that you are my classmate and directly say what you need. My secretary will contact me." After saying that, Liu Dacheng sent his telephone number and address before going offline.

Fangzheng rubbed his bald head and suddenly realized that the world appeared surreal. He had really gotten such a passionate classmate... for almost nothing! More importantly, he seemed to be doing really well. He even had a secretary. Reflecting back on himself, apart from Monkey, there was only a squirrel and a wolf. The only other person was actually a demon. There was nothing that was proper. Indeed, comparison only led to exasperation.

However Fangzheng still did not agree immediately. "Although This Penniless Monk hails from a small temple, there are many miscellaneous things to do and to arrange. This Penniless Monk will definitely go if there's time."

"Alright. Think about it. I'll be waiting for you," agreed Liu Dacheng readily.

Fangzheng acknowledged the invitation when someone in the group asked, "Why haven't we seen Qi Liya in a while? She would often appear in the past. According to her status, she went to CEO Liu. @CEO Liu, is Qi Liya at your place?"

Fangzheng was alarmed to realize that Liu Dacheng, who had been chatting happily with Fangzheng, was suddenly silent. What was going on?

At that moment, Chen Xiao replied, "She's with us. She finds the place pretty good and has begun work. CEO Liu is working on germless organic food. Cell phones are prohibited in the factory. She works eight hours a day, and there's overtime pay for nightwork. I have to hand it to her, Qi Liya is quite capable of taking on work. She works overtime daily and sleeps once she gets back at night. Qi Liya is now working hard and has no time to chat."

"Chen Xiao, it sounds like you went as well?" someone asked.

"That's right. I came a long time ago. I'm now a workshop manager. Days are pretty good. There's quite a lot of leisure time, so I can chat idly with everyone." Chen Xiao seemed quite pleased with himself.


"Of course. Follow CEO Liu, and you will have a house and car."

"By the way, what's CEO Liu's company name? I always forgot to ask."

"Got to go. I'm busy over here. An inspection team just came. Bye." Chen Xiao suddenly vanished.

Everyone was left helpless.

Fangzheng frowned. Wasn't it a little too timely that the inspection team came? There were a few instances in the past when people asked what Liu Dacheng's company's name was. Liu Dacheng would evade the subject. Something would always crop up, or Chen Xiao would appear to divert the topic of discussion. It was the same today...

In addition, Liu Dacheng was around, but he did not say a word. There was radio silence from Qi Liya the moment she went. When all this was put together, Fangzheng had an ominous premonition! This was probably not something simple!

At that moment, Fangzheng saw Yang Hua come. He looked happy, and clearly, something good had happened to him.

The moment Yang Hua entered, Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Patron, from your happy look, you are likely inviting This Penniless Monk to a celebration, right?" It was about October last year when Yang Hua and Du Mei came to pray for children. It was already July, so it was about time for the birth of their children.

Yang Hua could hardly close his mouth. "Abbot Fangzheng, Du Mei hasn't given birth yet. She's almost due. Everyone is feeling nervous and worried. I came here to pray to Bodhisattva so that both my wife and children would be safe and sound. However the delivery is soon, so you must come and have some celebratory drinks in the village. Oh, I mean celebratory water."

Fangzheng smiled. "Definitely."

Yang Hua smiled and entered the temple hall. He reverently offered the incense, made a wish, and kowtowed. Only after he finished the procedure did he walk out of the temple hall.

Fangzheng walked Yang Hua out, and at the entrance, he heard murmurs. "Did you hear the rumors? Many people went to the south recently and they went silent."

"I heard about it. What do you think happened? Apparently they went to work, but why did they disappear after going there?"

"It's not like there's nothing from them. Some of them call home every now and then, but it all feels fishy."


Upon hearing that, Fangzheng knitted his brows. He subconsciously recalled Qi Liya.

Yang Hua whispered to Fangzheng when he saw his expression, "Abbot Fangzheng, do you not know?"

"Know what?"

"Hehe, it looks like you were unaware. Recently, many people from the village went south, but there's been no word from them after they went. These people would call home the first day they arrived, but after the second day, they seldom called home. Whenever they made contact, they would ask for money. Tell me, if their families had money, would they need to go south? I'm guessing that they met with trouble in the south."