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469 Indeed Unwelcomed

 "Is Mt. One Finger that beautiful? I've heard that the bamboo forest there is rather alright. Man, I must find a chance to pay a visit."

"Setting off tomorrow. Anyone want to join me to Mt. One Finger?"

"I heard you can watch the sunrise at Mt. One Finger, enjoy the sea of bamboo forests, and eat their unique Frost Bamboo rice. Now, there are even clouds to see. Tsk, isn't it a must-see location if there's so many things to admire at Mt. One Finger?"

"Sensationalization! Sensationalization..."

There was all sort of talk on the Internet, but it could not be denied that Mt. One Finger had once again turned famous.

It could be said that the first time was a deliberate sensationalization, but what about the second, or third time? And after numerous times?

The Dragon Buddha Epithet, the northern bamboo forest, crossing the river on a reed, the redemption of the heroes by an accomplished monk...

People had not paid much attention to the news when it first appeared in the past, but when such things kept happening repeatedly one after the other, people had no choice but to think carefully. Was this real? Did this monastery and monk really exist? Was he really that godlike?

People from Songwu County were no longer strangers to One Finger Monastery. Many of them had engaged in rural tourism to One Finger Village and had scaled the mountain to pay their respects to Buddha. Many people had also gone to pray for children and succeeded. Now, no one talked about it being a farce anymore. Instead many people proudly shared the news as they added, "Mt. One Finger is really awesome! One Finger Monastery is very efficacious. All the people around me who went to pray for children have succeeded!"

"One Finger Monastery's abbot is very formidable. There are very intelligent animals there too. They are almost human-like."

"I love Venerable Monkey. He sweeps the ground all day. He will also show people concern and take care of children."

"I like the squirrel. He gives everyone tiny gifts. His pine nuts are really delicious."

"I like that huge white dog. Rumor has it that it's a wolf. It's silver in color, and it looks domineering and cool."

"I like the young monk who wears a dudou. He has enormous strength. He walks like he's flying despite carrying such heavy water buckets. He's even stronger than adults."


There was a flurry of discussion as all sorts of talk spread rapidly on the Internet. Soon the talk reached Black Mountain City. Then it was further shared by the city folk as a fantastic tale. Instantly One Finger Monastery's reputation went beyond Songwu County as the Black Mountain City residents became cognizant of it. When Jing Yan saw the news, she instantly helped promote the news. In addition the members of the Calligraphy Association, Fatty, Monkey, Ma Juan, and company also all helped in the promotion. One Finger Monastery slowly became more famous.

"Ding! Congratulations. One Finger Monastery's reputation has spread throughout Black Mountain City. Continue the good work. Perhaps you might be able to complete the Rising to Fame mission," said the System suddenly.

Fangzheng was dumbfounded. What had he done? Why had One Finger Monastery's reputation suddenly spread? All he did was strike the bell, right? Was it really that impactful?

Fangzheng continued leading his days regardless of what was happening in the outside world. He struck the bell every day, chanted the scriptures while striking the wooden fish, and gained insights into the Buddhist Dharma. He also cultivated Red Boy's modified cultivation technique.

It was possible to cultivate the normal Empyronic Breathing Scripture, but its effects were too poor. If one cultivated in the woods arduously every day, there were bound to be rewards to be harvested. It could strengthen the body and naturally, it would not be a problem for it to allow him to live to a ripe old age. Others might live to a hundred, but experts who cultivated the Empyronic Breathing Scripture could easily live to a 120 or 130 years old. Similarly, cultivators in the same age range would have better stamina, endurance, and various physical aspects than their peers. Of course the Empyronic Breathing Scripture did not enhance one's explosive strength. Therefore experts who cultivated in this kungfu were not necessarily martial art experts. They simply had better physical constitutions. If they cultivated some other martial art as well however, it would be possible for them to see success faster and have greater achievements.

However from another point of view, the Empyronic Breathing Scripture was indeed the best combat kungfu in the world. If one was no match for an opponent, just being able to live longer than the opponent was sufficient. Once the opponent was dead, one could dig up the opponent's grave or dance in front of the grave. What could the opponent do then? Of course, that was just a joke. Those who could cultivate the Empyronic Breathing Scripture well were naturally not so impetuous. It would be impossible for them to do such deeds.

As for the modified Empyronic Breathing Scripture, it was clearly different. After Fangzheng started cultivating it, he could clearly feel that his stagnant strength had increased. His body was turning buffer by the day, and his strength and endurance were increasing. His already good skin was turning even fairer and more elastic.

Fangzheng smiled wryly, "With this Empyronic Breathing Scripture, This Penniless Monk could still become rich if he were to renounce asceticism now. Hmm. Just setting up a beauty class would definitely make for a windfall."

"You can try," said the System suddenly.

Fangzheng rolled his eyes. "Can't you let me have my fun? Can't I just fantasize?"

Fangzheng could not be bothered with the System as he continued striking the wooden fish and chanting the scriptures.

In the evening, Fangzheng sat under the bodhi tree as he took out his cell phone. As he aimlessly played with it, he received a group invitation. The person who invited him was an online nickname he did not know. The group's name was: 'Songwu County Second High School. Class 3-3.'

Fangzheng realized it was his class's group. However why was he suddenly added? Fangzheng's cell phone number was not known by many. Even fewer had added him on WeChat.

At this moment in time, Fangzheng had fewer than twenty friends on his cell phone. Half of them were the film crew. They would occasionally tease him, but he was already immune to them. He naturally ignored the beauties' teasing. He would read and smile at their messages, but not reply. Over time, the chicks had given up.

But among these friends, none of them was his former classmate! Then who was it that knew his cell phone and WeChat ID?

He did not think too deeply about it since they had once been classmates. He accepted the invite! Although he had not been in contact with these people for a very long time, those days were filled with the memories of his youth. He still missed those days despite finding the school and classmate relationships terrible back then.

However Fangzheng was surprised when he entered the group. Apparently no one realized that he had joined despite the notification from the WeChat system.

"Indeed, This Penniless Monk is still the one always ignored," said Fangzheng with a bitter smile.

He had studied in Songwu County during high school. Songwu County Second High School was considered a second-rate school. Most of the students were from the surrounding villages. Of course there were also students from the county city. As a consequence, the students had their own caste system. The students from the county city believed they came from a better background, so they would express a sense of superiority. However this sense of superiority seldom lasted more than a month. It would be gone after the first exam...

As for the students from the villages, they basically stayed in the school's vicinities. The school did not have many available dormitories. Therefore there was a strange rule. Girls could stay in the school dormitories, but the boys had to find their own housing. Hence it created a business opportunity in the area. Many families changed their homes and rented out their rooms to students. Due to the lack of teacher supervision, the students outside basically led crazy lives...