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465 Awakening

 "Wang Lun, thank you very much for today. I had a great day," said Shao Xinxiu as she adjusted her hair.

Wang Lun happily said, "I was very happy as well. The day only got better and better as it progressed, and this feeling is truly nice." As they conversed, Wang Lun was already closing in towards the wooden blocks.

"Wang Lun, do you have something to say?" asked Shao Xinxiu.

Wang Lun was instantly stunned. Then he blushed as he seemed a little lost. At that moment, a wind blew as a piece of paper smacked him in the face. Wang Lun pulled it down and was surprised to discover that he could read the words clearly despite the pitch-black night! And just one look seemed to imprint the words into his mind. It was a short paragraph, but it was a record of many stories of his childhood. He did not know how, but he read and understood everything from simply a glance.

"A handsome guy has moved in next door. His smile is very nice..."

"It's that idiot's handwriting," said Wang Lun subconsciously.

"Oh?" Shao Xinxiu looked curiously at Wang Lun.

"Nothing much. Where were we?" Just as Wang Lun wanted to continue, another piece of paper flew over. This time Wang Lun was prepared as he caught it.

"It's the final year of middle school..."

The content on the piece of paper included many middle school stories of the two. They played truant, jumped over walls, went on the Internet, fished secretly... He could not help but recall all these stories. That girl who always kept short hair and was a little brash but always washed his clothes for him had entered deep into his heart. He suddenly realized how deep his memories of her were! They were so deep that her every smile and frown seemed vivid in his mind!

"That silly girl..." Wang Lun could not help but smile when he recalled Ding Yu.

"What are you talking about?" asked Shao Xinxiu.

Wang Lun quickly shook his head. "Nothing. I just thought of an idiot. By the way, Xinxiu, why don't I perform some magic for you?"

"You even know magic?"

"It's magic that controls fire," said Wang Lun confidently. It was unknown where he got the confidence from, but... Ding Yu had never disappointed him.

Wang Lun's smile turned a little stiff when he thought of Ding Yu. He felt a little sour deep down, a feeling he could hardly explain.

At that moment, another piece of paper flew over.

Wang Lun subconsciously caught it. It was another paragraph of words that described their life in high school. Them being punished together, their days of fighting together...

"Is this the silence before the magic?" Shao Xinxiu interrupted Wang Lun's train of thought.

Wang Lun jolted and smiled. "Probably."

Wang Lun took out a joss stick and lit it. Then he said, "It begins now..."

Another piece of paper flew over. Wang Lun knitted his brows together. It could have been a coincidence the first time, but wasn't it strange that it happened so many times? When he recalled Ding Yu and then looked at Shao Xinxiu in front of him, he felt a little vexed. He had no idea why he felt vexed. He had a vague feeling that if he flicked the joss stick, he would lose something important!

Therefore, Wang Lun hesitated. The joss stick remained in his fingers as he did not flick it out.

The piece of paper landed on Wang Lun's face. It was another paragraph of text, one that was clear. Even if he did not want to read it, he could still see it! The text seemed to have magical powers of its own. It invoked the warm memories in his heart! He recalled how Ding Yu brandished a bat while he was being mocked. She chased after two boys across the entire room. He recalled that Ding Yu, who always had a good appetite, slowly cut down her consumption because of his appearance. He recalled that the bro he knew had turned more feminine without him realizing it...

"She..." A perplexed feeling flashed across Wang Lun's heart. Why was it Ding Yu who had flashed past his heart when he was facing the goddess he had been thinking of all this time? As long as he flicked the joss stick, he believed that the romantic moment would make Shao Xinxiu give the nod! His career would also rapidly develop. With his goddess, his life could not be any more perfect, but... Why was his hand so stiff? Why couldn't he flick it out?

A distance away, Ding Yu squatted beside Fangzheng as she mumbled, "What's that idiot doing? I have already set it all up for him. All he needs is to flick the joss stick to light up the flames!"

"Aiyah, it's been so long. Shao Xinxiu will lose her patience in a while."

"What is that idiot thinking..."

Ding Yu mumbled to the side, feeling more anxious than Wang Lun.

Fangzheng smiled. He knew he had made the correct gamble. Clearly, Wang Lun had feelings for Ding Yu. All he needed was a catalyst... That was all.

Therefore Fangzheng unleashed the critical blow. Another piece of paper flew over.

This time, Wang Lun was panicking. He discovered that he was doubting something he firmly believed! Did he not like the goddess, Shao Xinxiu, who had long fluttering hair, an excellent body, and good looks? Compared to her, Ding Yu was ultimately that short-haired lass who looked like a man. She was incomparable in any way! He had been courting her for half a year for this instant. After graduation, he had chased her all the way here and had abandoned his past ambition and dreams. He had given all of that up. Now that he was about to succeed, why was he apprehensive? He was actually panicking? He was actually hesitating?

"What's on your mind?" asked Shao Xinxiu.

Wang Lun wished to answer, but he was at a loss for words. The piece of paper ultimately landed on him. Paragraphs of words entered his eyes and imprinted themselves onto his mind as memories were dug out.

However, there was more this time, things he had no idea about!

In order to help him, Ding Yu had studied the violin. She had persisted through gritted teeth despite being mocked by others. Amid the intense winds by the sea, in front of the raging waves, she had endured through blisters on her shoulders and wounds from the rocks. All the injuries she had were a ghastly sight.

At the aquarium, Ding Yu went there daily to serve them with tea or water just for his individual dolphin performance. She did all the cleaning, mopped the floor and glass, bathed the dolphins... She could hardly straighten her back after a day. When she returned home, there was no one there. There were no warm words to listen to. All she did was cook her own meals and wash her clothes.

He saw Ding Yu crying secretly countless times. She hid in a corner, in bed, or somewhere he could not see.

At that instant, his heart felt a wince. He also wanted to cry. Thinking back to the month which Ding Yu had undergone and then thinking back to himself, he had been eating and drinking well as he courted Shao Xinxiu. All of that was to win her smile and happiness, but did he ever think of Ding Yu?

At that instant, Wang Lun discovered that he owed Ding Yu too much, be it for when they were little or when they were adults. Most importantly, his impression of Ding Yu had apparently already begun to change. He did not know when, but she had long since stopped being a tomboy and had become a young beauty instead! However, he had always ignored that...