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442 Repentance

 Fangzheng nodded slightly and got up. "Amitabha, the sins you have committed are too numerous to record. All This Penniless Monk can do is wash away a portion of your negative karma. You might have a good start in your next life, but punishment in this life cannot be lessened. Go and surrender yourselves. Of course, you can choose not to, but... Heh heh."

Fangzheng smiled as several terrifying pairs of eyes seemed to appear behind him. It creeped out Wang Laosi and company, making them feel as though they had fallen into a frozen abyss! They nodded their heads repeatedly, guaranteeing that they would surrender themselves and turn over a new leaf.

Only then did Fangzheng nod his head in satisfaction, and he left with Zheng Jiaxing. When he went out, he turned to look at the onlookers. "This Penniless Monk finds this game pretty fun. If you wish to play in the future, This Penniless Monk can have a few games with you too."

Everyone gulped collectively when they heard that as they shook their heads with all their might. "We aren't playing! Absolutely not! We will just play a few rounds at home, never to gamble again!"

"We will definitely not touch it again! Master, there's no need to overwork yourself."

Even a ferocious man like Wang Laosi had been reduced to such a state. Which one of them would dare let Fangzheng come to them? All of them promised him as though their lives depended on it.

Only then did Fangzheng make a Buddhist proclamation and leave.

"Master, what do we do with this money?" Zheng Jiaxing asked in excitement as he carried the sack of cash.

"Take away what belongs to you. As for the rest, you will have to do a bit of work. Investigate and see who were the ones who fell victim to Wang Laosi's scams. Return their money. As for the departed, there's no way to get them back. However the living still need to pass their days. Help them if you can," said Fangzheng with a sigh. After gambling for several consecutive days, even he was exhausted. He was not like Zheng Jiaxing who had had the opportunity to sleep. Zheng Jiaxing was filled with excitement and energy.

Zheng Jiaxing had experienced the despair for himself, the horror of nearly having his family ruined. He naturally empathized with them as he nodded. "Don't worry, Master. I'll definitely do as you say." After experiencing the past few days, Zheng Jiaxing no longer called Fangzheng by his name, nor did he look at Fangzheng as though he was a childhood playmate. He was utterly convinced in addressing him as master.

Fangzheng could not be bothered with correcting Zheng Jiaxing's form of address as he was just too tired. He bade him farewell and left for One Finger Monastery.

Fangzheng knew how to ride a motorcycle, so he did not need Zheng Jiaxing to give him a lift. He rushed back to One Finger Village and returned the motorcycle before returning to One Finger Monastery.

Wang Yougui had no qualms when it came to Fangzheng, so although Fangzheng had borrowed it for days, he did not say a word. Most importantly, the motorcycle was unharmed! Before Fangzheng left, he even gave him a few huge watermelons. In a way, it was an unexpected harvest for Fangzheng.

Fangzheng happily returned home, but Wang Laosi and company had ashen expressions. Wang Laosi did not have any family. Due to his problematic character, no one had been willing to marry their daughters to him.

Long Face, Fierce Face, and Liu Laosan were different. They returned to their respective homes, but...

"Aiyah, you went out for an entire week and have decided to come back? Why? Aren't you going to gamble today?" The moment Long Face entered his house, he heard his wife speak with an eccentric tone.

The moment he heard the word 'gamble,' Long Face felt his stomach churn. He rushed to the side and vomited.

"Duan, what's wrong with you?" His wife jumped in fright as she rushed over and asked him in concern.

"Don't mention gambling to me from today forth. Whoever does it... Urgh!" Duan continued vomiting. This week might have been any ordinary week for others, but to him it had been like a hellish decade! He had continued without regards for time, unable to close his eyes. All he could do was gamble, gamble, gamble... He was truly disgusted by the thought of it.

Meanwhile, Fierce Face experienced a similar situation. However, his house was empty. His wife had returned to her parents' place with their child. The moment he entered, he collapsed into the bed and slept. He did not stir no matter what happened.

Wang Laosi wished to sleep as well, but he couldn't fall asleep. As he looked at his home and the empty safe, he suddenly realized that after all his hard work over the years, he had been exonerated of it in one night. He was penniless now. Furthermore, this was only the beginning. The door opened as two policemen walked in.

"Wang Laosi, you made the call?" asked a policeman.


"Why did you call the police?"

"I want to surrender myself. I set up a gambling den and allowed people to gamble there. Last year, I caused someone to die..."

"Ah... Ah? Don't move! Put your hands up! Squat there in the corner!"


The police quickly came to Long Face, Fierce Face, and Liu Laosan. However the trio slept like pigs no matter how the policemen tried to wake them up. Finally, the police had no choice but to get a trailer to drag them off.

Looking at the quartet sleeping in the van with each snoring louder than the other, the policemen were also dumbfounded. What the heck had these guys experienced? If they wanted to surrender, they could have gone to the police station themselves. Why did they summon them over and end up sleeping like dead pigs? How long had they not slept for? Were they entering the police station just to have a good night's sleep?

At that moment Long Face roared, "I'm not gambling! No more! Master, I really don't want to gamble anymore. Boohoo!" Long Face flailed his hand in his dreams as he wailed. Like a chain reaction, Fierce Face exclaimed, "I don't want to gamble anymore either! I won't scam others in the future again. Take the cards away!"

Wang Laosi was yelling as well. "Get away! Get away, all of you! Take the cards away! I'll bite anyone who approaches me! Roar!"

The policemen were completely confounded. What the hell?

There were other people who were confounded in different situations too. Zheng Jiaxing went to each family to hand out the money. He was thanked by every family he went to. It left him with an ethereal feeling, as though all of this was the fruit of his labor. Soon he realized that he was only experiencing this because of Fangzheng.

"Being a good person is indeed much more interesting than gambling. This is what a sense of achievement is. To live an entire life for fame and fortune is too tiring. Only by helping others can I feel truth warmth." Zheng Jiaxing shook his head and headed to the hospital.

At the hospital bed, Zheng Jiaxing did not mention Fangzheng as the situation was just too odd. He felt that it was best he did not mention it. Wang Laosi and company had been nabbed, so if he mentioned Fangzheng, it would be too easy to invite trouble for him. However Zheng Jiaxing did explain the current situation to Li Na. Wang Laosi had been arrested, he had retrieved all their money, and they could continue living their days in peace.

Li Na immediately teared up when she heard that before she slapped him.

Zheng Jiaxing chuckled foolishly. "Well hit. This matter has completely awakened me. Dear, we should lead our days properly in the future. I promise you that I will never touch anything gambling-related in the future! Also, I have something to tell you."

"As long as you stop gambling, anything is negotiable." Li Na was also happy. The dark clouds had passed, and she felt as though she could see the light again. The past few days of darkness had made her understand that ordinariness was the truth, and simplicity was love! Not having any misery was the greatest bliss.