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439 Using Knives

 The person who had intercepted the blow was none other than Fangzheng!

"F**k, you even dare fight back!?" Fierce Face raised his foot to deliver a kick!

Fangzheng's foot was even faster than his. Stamping his foot down onto the ground with a bang, the cement floor cracked open! Everyone sensed that shocking sensation as Fierce Face did not even dare deliver his kick after raising it. If he could crack the cement ground with his foot, what would happen if that kick landed on his body? Just the thought made him break out into a cold sweat.

Long Face raised the bench to smash it at Fangzheng, only to realize in horror that Fangzheng had raised the massive gambling table with a single hand over his head! Fangzheng smiled. "Amitabha. Patron, if you hit This Penniless Monk once, This Penniless Monk will hit you once to harmonize the karma. How about that?"

Long Face immediately put down the bench in shock. What a joke! If he struck with his tiny bench, Fangzheng might be alright, but if the massive table came smashing at him, he could very well die!

Meanwhile, with Fangzheng addressing himself as 'This Penniless Monk,' everyone felt their eyes blur. Their subconscious ignorance of Fangzheng's identity suddenly vanished as they came to recognize him for who he was.

"It's Fangzheng!"

"F**k, he already said that he was Fangzheng, why didn't I realize it?"

"F**k, why would a monk come here to gamble?"

"Most importantly, this monk is way too good at gambling!"

"He has heaven-defying luck, perhaps because of Buddha's blessings! It looks like I should pray to Buddha when I have nothing better to do."

"I pray to Buddha everyday, but it's ineffective. Indeed, I'm not sincere enough."


While these onlookers let out wistful sighs, Wang Qingzhi, Wang Laosi, and company jolted awake too. When they saw Fangzheng in front of them, they did not dare beat him even if they could! He was the accomplished monk of the region. If they were to beat him, perhaps the entire village would stir and tear them apart! At the very least, there was no way they would be able to sweep the matter under the rug. If the police ended up being involved, they would all be in trouble.

Wang Laosi was puzzled. The monk was dressed in monk robes, and his head was as shiny as a bulb. Why didn't he recognize him immediately? Why were Wang Qingzhi and company blind enough to bring him over? Weren't they always eager to hide from Fangzheng?

However it was already too late to ponder over such matters. Wang Laosi said in a deep voice, "Venerable Fangzheng, why do you engage in such meaningless actions? Let's go our separate ways and mind our own business. Must you force us to a dead end?"

Fangzheng smiled and put down the table before pressing his palms together. "Amitabha. This Penniless Monk isn't one to force people to a dead end, but it's hard to say for you, Patron. This Penniless Monk came because he had nothing better to do. Since everyone enjoys gambling so much, This Penniless Monk also decided to join in for a few rounds. Is there anything wrong with that?"

"What do you exactly want?" cried Wang Qingzhi.

Fangzheng pointed to the table. "Nothing much, just some gambling."

"Gamble my ass! We have lost everything. How do we continue gambling?" shouted Fierce Face.

Fangzheng placed the gunny sack of money on the table and smiled. "It's fine if you don't have money. This Penniless Monk can lend it to you! Just write an IOU for the amount you lack. This Penniless Monk is very generous. As long as you accompany This Penniless Monk in playing, This Penniless Monk will not put a maximum bet. You can keep borrowing, and This Penniless Monk will never urge you to make repayment."

"You..." Upon hearing Fangzheng's suggestion, Wang Laosi rolled his eyes in anger. Wasn't this his scheme? However his scheme involved digging a hole to boil the frog slowly, before eating his victim bit by bit. As for Fangzheng, he forcefully pressed his victims into the pot until they wailed from the heat before he ate them up!

"I'm not gambling!" Long Face turned to run, but...


With a loud bang, a table slammed into the door. Accompanied by the deafening noise, the large metal door was smashed open!

Fangzheng smiled. "No one is to leave until they satisfy This Penniless Monk's gambling itch today!"

"What? You even dare to kill?" asked a quivering Long Face.

Fangzheng smiled. "This Penniless Monk doesn't dare kill, but... This Penniless Monk can guarantee you that you will have a great time if you try to leave."

"I don't f**king believe you. Let's see what you can do if I leave!" Long Face steeled his heart. He believed that Fangzheng was a monk, so it was unlikely he would commit murder, right? Even if he suffered a beating, it was better to leave than to end up being ridden in debt due to all the losses, right? The moment Long Face left, he felt his neck tighten. Then his entire being flew up before he fell onto a brick bed with a bang. Then like a chick, he could not move despite his struggles. In a matter of seconds, his clothes were stripped off before he was tied up by the very same clothes.

"What do you intend to do?" Long Face yelled.

"Jiaxing, there's a feather duster over there. Bring This Penniless Monk some feathers."

Having seen this much, Zheng Jiaxing was already bursting with joy! He had been scammed so terribly and had nearly suffered a ruined family! Now with the chance to exact revenge on them, he was feeling especially happy. Without a word, he plucked out some feathers and asked, "Fangzheng, what do you wish to do?"

"Tickle his foot. There's no need for This Penniless Monk to teach you, right?"

Zheng Jiaxing laughed immediately as he said, "No, hahaha!"

Zheng Jiaxing ran over as Long Face wailed while his shoes were taken off. A stench emanated the room as Fangzheng subconsciously retreated. Zheng Jiaxing pinched his nose and moved the feather forward. Long Face, who was cursing and yelling loudly, suddenly began to laugh...

"Ahahaha... Haha... stop tickling me. Haha... Don't... Haha... Zheng Jiaxing, f**k your... haha... Grandm... Haha..."

"Venerable Fangzheng, aren't you overdoing it? Aren't you forcing us to gamble with you?" raged Wang Laosi.

Fangzheng shrugged his shoulders. "Don't say that. This Penniless Monk is a good man. Look, see how happy he is." With that said, Fangzheng looked innocently at Long Face.

Wang Laosi's face turned livid. When he saw a vegetable knife outside, he really wished to slash the darn baldy! But before he even took action, Wang Qingzhi suddenly ran over to it. He grabbed the vegetable knife and ran back in, yelling, "Fangzheng, don't you f**king take our kindness for granted. No matter how good you are at martial arts, you should be afraid of a knife! Do you believe I won't slash you to death!?"

"Amitabha. Patron, your words are quite scary."

Wang Qingzhi believed Fangzheng was fearing him as he brandished the knife. "That's all for today. Put the money down and get lost!"

Fangzheng shook his head.

Wang Qingzhi threatened him. "Do you want to test if my knife is sharper or if your head is harder?"

Fangzheng walked straight towards him and smiled. "That's something This Penniless Monk really wishes to try. Come on. This Penniless Monk is waiting." With that said, Fangzheng offered his bald head to Wang Qingzhi. He looked relaxed and casual.

Wang Qingzhi was instantly dumbfounded. He had seen people who were unafraid of death, but he had never seen someone this unafraid! He dared beat people up or even cripple them, but he did not dare kill anyone! If he cleaved down with his knife, someone could die! Furthermore, Fangzheng was no ordinary person. If they really started fighting and he got injured, there would only be bigger trouble awaiting him.

Wang Qingzhi subconsciously looked at Wang Laosi who was furrowing his brows tightly, almost to the point of having his brows join as one.

Wang Laosi gritted his teeth and said, "Venerable Fangzheng, if you really force our hand, I might really dare kill you!"