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437 Crazy Win

 Fierce Face was taken aback as he cursed. "F**k you. You were clearly nodding, alright?"

Long Face added, "Liu Laosan, I saw you nodding as well."

Wang Qingzhi said angrily, "What's all the shouting? Liu Laosan is the croupier. Why would he be shaking and nodding his head at you? Cut the crap, alright?"

"Bullsh*t. You saw the three As and even got me to call. What's the meaning of that, huh?" Fierce Face immediately switched the target of his wrath.

Wang Qingzhi widened his eyes. "When the f**k did I get you to call? I didn't do anything!"

"Bullsh*t! You were signaling with your eyes. You think I didn't see that?" Fierce Face yelled.

Long Face added, "That's right. If not for the both of you signaling to me, I wouldn't have f**king called."

Wang Qingzhi and Liu Laosan were at a loss. What was going on? They clearly didn't do so, ok? However, having lost money, Fierce Face and Long Face were now flushed with agitation as they shouted relentlessly.

Immediately everything turned chaotic.

Fangzheng smiled. Why did they see so many mistaken signals? The reason was simple...

Fangzheng looked down at the cards in his hand. 3, 5, 7. They weren't three As at all, but he had made it so that everyone saw three As! Fangzheng ignored them as he pulled in the wad of cash on the table calmly. Tripling 18,000 at once, he now had 54,000!

Zheng Jiaxing could not close his smiling mouth. This was the first time he was seeing someone win so much money. Furthermore, it was triple As every time! It was too odd! Zheng Jiaxing finally believed what Fangzheng had said. His luck was really explosively good!

"Gentlemen, are we continuing?" Fangzheng suddenly asked.

"Wait. Brother Fang. Three Cards is typically played by four people who rotate as dealer. We typically play with three people with a professional croupier to hand out the cards. I was here only to make the numbers today. Why don't you continue without me? Something cropped up at home, and I need to make a move first," Long Face said hurriedly. He realized that there was something odd about Fangzheng. He was repeatedly scoring triple As! This was practically impossible! Furthermore, he had brought a gunny sack. Zheng Jiaxing had brought him there, so could it be that he was there for revenge? They were definitely acting the pig to devour tigers. Long Face immediately wanted out when he noticed the situation was amiss.

Previously, they had bent the rules. A three-player game became a game in which five people participated-four players and a croupier-because they believed that there was a lamb for the slaughter. They had done it to get additional bonuses, but now they had lost money, so they obviously did not want to continue.

Fierce Face did not wish to play, but even more so Wang Qingzhi didn't want to play either. They had lost more than 20,000 in the blink of an eye! No one could accept that.

Fangzheng smiled. "Don't do that, I'm really lucky at the moment. Let's continue a few more rounds."

Zheng Jiaxing also said eccentrically, "That's right. Why are you in a rush to leave? Things always reverse themselves after reaching an extreme. Fangzheng's luck has been really good, so who knows if he will turn unlucky now? All of you have been having bad luck, so maybe your luck will now turn for the better? Right? Brother Wang? That was what you told me. I lost 100,000 in one night, yet even I did not run off midway, right? It's not very nice if you run once you lose, right?"

"Who's running?" At that moment, a cold grunt was heard from outside. Following that, Wang Laosi walked in.

Wang Laosi had gone out to buy some beer and watermelon. The moment he entered, he heard Zheng Jiaxing's last sentence. However he was unsure who had said it. Thinking that it was probably referring to Fangzheng, he immediately shouted unhappily.

"Laosi, you are finally back." Wang Qingzhi looked at Wang Laosi as though he saw a straw to clutch at. He immediately went over and pulled Wang Laosi out the house.

Wang Laosi frowned. "Didn't I tell you to let him win two rounds to get him addicted before we pull in the net? Why were you in such a rush? Why are you nearly chasing him away?"

Wang Qingzhi instantly wore a wry expression when he heard that. "Hey, Laosi, you don't even know what happened. That punk is strange, I tell you. He got triple As three consecutive times! He wiped us all out. Each of us has lost more than twenty grand. If we continue, we will go broke!"

Wang Laosi's eyes widened like a bell when he heard that. "How is that possible? I got you guys to let him win, but I didn't tell you guys to bankrupt yourselves doing it, right? Or are you telling me that Laosan is helping him?"

"No, Laosan said that he handed out the good cards to us, but for some unknown reason the punk keeps getting three As. It's f**king odd I tell you! Duan couldn't take it anymore and wanted to bail. As a result, Zheng Jiaxing mocked him. Then you came back. Tell me, how do we deal with this situation?"

"What do we do? Do you think my money is that easily won? Continue playing with him. Don't worry. No matter how much he wins, he will not take a single cent with him," said Wang Laosi with a deep, sinister voice.

Wang Qingzhi was taken aback before he smiled. "Got it. I'll go back in then."

With that said, Wang Qingzhi returned and whispered into Long Face's ear. He ended up sitting down as well.

Their looks changed. Previously, their expressions had been ones of greed, but now they were filled with vileness. They were like ferocious wolves baring their teeth.

Zheng Jiaxing felt the atmosphere change as his hair stood on its end. He felt uneasy and secretly tugged at Fangzheng. Unfortunately Fangzheng refused to leave.

Fangzheng smiled with a relaxed look. "Shall we continue?"

"Let's!" Wang Qingzhi said with an eccentric tone.

At that moment, Wang Laosi stood back on his bench. He overlooked the surroundings as he wore his strange smile.

Liu Laosan continued handing out the cards.

It was again Fangzheng's turn to make the bet. Fangzheng directly threw the sack of cash onto the table. "18,000 multiplied by four. There should be 72,000, right? I'm going all in."

Wang Laosi had learned from Wang Qingzhi how Fangzheng played, but the corners of his eyes could not help but twitch when he saw more than 70,000 be thrown at once. It was indeed quite scary! This was, after all, a tiny village. It was incomparable to a large city. Being able to bet around 100,000 was already pretty impressive. Occasionally there would be a prodigal who would bet his entire family's wealth, but even that would only amount to slightly more than 200,000. However this punk had immediately thrown out 72,000... It was no wonder Wang Qingzhi and company wanted to bail. To reach such high stakes in a single round was unprecedented!

Wang Laosi's face turned grim, but he did not stop the game. Instead he signaled to Wang Qingzhi and company to continue. He would resolve anything that happened.

Feeling backed, Wang Qingzhi and company did not hesitate. They immediately fished out their money and threw it on the table. This was already all their money. There was even Wang Laosi's money in it.

With such high stakes at this table, the other tables stopped playing. All of them crowded around the table and wanted to see their village's massive bet of the century.

Wang Qingzhi and company sounded relaxed, but they still felt pressured. If they were to lose... They would really have to turn to their last resort. It was not something they wished to use. If news of it spread, Wang Laosi's gambling den would be finished. Therefore winning was the best outcome here.

With money in place, Fangzheng smiled. "According to our rules, let's reveal our hand?"

Just as Wang Qingzhi nodded, Fangzheng flipped open his cards. At that instant, Wang Qingzhi threw his cards onto the table and cursed, "F**k!"

Long Face and Fierce Face threw their cards as well. They didn't even need to look since Fangzheng was holding triple As in hand! He had gotten triple As another time! It had happened for four consecutive times! They would rather die than believe that it was luck! However if it was not luck, how could it be explained?

The others drew a cold gasp of air as someone exclaimed, "Another triple As? That's way too formidable, right?"