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436 Internal Strife

 Zheng Jiaxing was also stunned. The situation before his very eyes was clearly not because they had gone easy on Fangzheng. Then how had he won all this money? Was it as Fangzheng had said? Was he an expert in this domain? If that was the case, Zheng Jiaxing thought he could begin turning excited. He could finally seek revenge!

Fangzheng made Zheng Jiaxing store the money properly before chuckling. "My luck today is really pretty good. Bros, are we continuing?"

"Y- Yes..." Fierce Face wished he could say no, but the moment he thought of the amount of money he'd lost, he knew he would be playing ducks and drakes with his money. He gritted his teeth and agreed to continue!

Long Face and Wang Qingzhi had similar thoughts. They had to continue regardless of the situation, so they clenched their teeth and continued.

Fangzheng chuckled. "Bro, please hand out the cards."

The croupier's face twitched. He had a nagging feeling that the harmless-looking fellow was even more ruthless than Wang Laosi.

Nonetheless, the croupier continued handing out the cards. This time the croupier switched to a new deck. The pattern on the deck's back was a rare half-white and half-black pattern. It was a special set of poker cards. Even cheats would not be able to produce cards of such patterns on their first visit there. To prepare their own cards to fool the house would basically be impossible.

This was the first time Zheng Jiaxing had seen cards with such a pattern. He wanted to say something in surprise but eventually swallowed his words.

Upon seeing this scene, a gloomy cloud went across Wang Qingzhi's eyes. He pondered if the punk across him wasn't actually a gambling expert. But regardless if he was an expert, none of his sleight of hand could be effective when such cards were used.

With this in mind, Wang Qingzhi signaled to the croupier again who nodded in acknowledgement.

The cards were handed out one card after another. This time it was Fangzheng who got to place the bet.

Instantly Wang Qingzhi's, Long Face's, and Fierce Face's nerves tightened. They thought to themselves, "Will this bastard go all-in again?"

And the moment this thought arose in them, Fangzheng slammed the entire gunny sack beside him on the table! There were even a few leaves on the gunny sack. Clearly it was normally used to hold the feed for livestock. But it was now used to hold cash. Everyone's eyelids could not help but twitch.

In fact, a bit over ten thousand wasn't a lot, but no matter how little it was, this throw could be thought of as a bag of cash being slammed! The impact of it left the scalps of people tingling.

Wang Qingzhi looked at the relaxed-looking Fangzheng and thought to himself, "I refuse to believe that your luck is that good! You will vomit out everything including interest sooner or later!"

Wang Qingzhi showed no mercy, while Fierce Face was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. Indeed he could forget about raising by a few hundred when it came to his turn. Seriously... It felt so 'good' that he wanted to vomit blood!

Fierce Face did not say a word. He took out a wad of cash and threw it on the table-10,000. Then he counted another additional 8000 before throwing it onto the table. "Call!"

He did not blindly follow this time. He had seen the croupier's signal. The good cards had been reserved for him this time. With this in mind, he could not help but smile.

Wang Qingzhi thought of giving up. His cards were ordinary, and it was clear that he was just fodder for Fierce Face. Therefore he chose to look at his cards. The moment he saw them, he was stunned. Three Js! Was it small? Such cards were not something one would encounter all the time! Wang Qingzhi secretly shot a glance at the croupier who was signaling him with his eyes. Wang Qingzhi thought, "Did he secretly stuff good cards with me again this time?"

With this in mind, Wang Qingzhi's heart quivered. As Fangzheng had made a bet without even looking at his cards, while he had looked, this meant he had two choices. Either he folded or he threw down 18,000 yuan and chose a target to see who had the stronger hand. He fell into a dilemma... However he chose to trust the croupier in the end. He smiled at Fangzheng and asked, "Brother, I forgot to ask all this while. What's your name?"

"Fangzheng." Fangzheng answered casually. Zheng Jiaxing was puzzled how Wang Qingzhi did not seem to react in any way. It was as though he did not know about Fangzheng at all.

Zheng Jiaxing was no fool. He obviously knew how famous Fangzheng was in the surrounding villages. It was impossible for Wang Qingzhi to not know him. There had to be a problem, but Zheng Jiaxing did not understand why it was occurring. He decided to shut his mouth and watched silently by the side.

"Brother Fang, let's see whose hand is better. My cards are pretty goo- Uh." Before Wang Qingzhi finished his sentence, Fangzheng had raised his cards and allowed Wang Qingzhi to take a glance at them.

Wang Qingzhi was instantly dumbfounded as he looked at Fangzheng like he was a monster. He gulped his saliva and threw his cards. He smiled wryly. "That luck of yours..."

"Brother Wang, the rules," Zheng Jiaxing said suddenly.

Wang Qingzhi smiled bitterly and did not say a word. Although most of the people there were in cahoots with them, forming a trap they had planted to catch idiots and lambs for the slaughter, there were still a few lambs they had yet to draw in for the final slaughter. He still had to keep up proper appearances.

Wang Qingzhi folded, making Long Face flustered. He secretly looked at Wang Qingzhi who signaled to him, as though he was asking him to take action.

Long Face took up his cards to take a look without a word. A straight flush, QKA! These cards weren't invincible, but they were definitely rare. Immediately he felt filled with confidence as he said, "Brother Fang, let's compare."

Fangzheng raised his cards and flocked them, stupefying Long Face instantly. He sat there motionlessly in misery.

It was Fangzheng's turn again as he looked at Fierce Face. Fierce Face gritted his teeth and said, "I refuse to believe that it's another three As!"

Fangzheng shrugged his shoulders. "I don't believe it either. Shall we show our hand?"

Fierce Face looked at Wang Qingzhi and Long Face, but they gave him an encouraging look. He was baffled. Both of them were finished, but they continued encouraging him. What was the meaning of this? Was Fangzheng's hand not that strong? His just happened to be stronger than theirs?

With this in mind, Fierce Face looked at his cards. They weren't bad. Three 10s!

He looked at the croupier again who gave him a secret nod.

Fierce Face immediately surged with confidence. "Let's open then!"

Unfortunately, when Fangzheng flipped his cards even before Fierce Face managed to do so, what appeared was-three As!


"Three consecutive triple As!"

"Is he cheating?"

"You can't be that impressive even while cheating right?"

"Is he a God of Gambling?"

"Even a God of Gambling isn't that impressive, right?"

"Croupier, check the cards!"

The croupier turned flustered as well as he quickly checked the cards. Indeed, his deck was lacking three As, which also meant that the cards in Fangzheng's hand were real! The croupier was instantly dumbfounded.

Wang Qingzhi immediately fumed, but someone was even angrier. Fierce Face slammed the table and got up, saying angrily, "F**k you, Liu Laosan, what were you doing? Were you deliberately scamming us? You keep giving him three As and keep signaling to us to make us call? Are we just a free lunch to you? Are you in cahoots with him?"

"Who's with cahoots with him? Wasn't I signaling you not to call? I even shook my head, but you continued. Now you blame me?" The croupier was puzzled as well. Why did they call even faster when he was signaling them to stop?