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433 Fangzheng Wants To Gamble Too

 Zheng Jiaxing smiled wryly. "What can I do? I'm at my wit's end. I feel like... There's only a cliff in front of me. Perhaps I can exonerate myself if I jump down it."

Fangzheng smiled. "If you have no plans, This Penniless Monk does have one. This Penniless Monk just wonders if you would be willing to help him."

"Oh?" Zheng Jiaxing was stunned.

Fangzheng smiled. "This Penniless Monk wishes to go to Wang Laosi's place and gamble a few rounds."

"Ah!?" Zheng Jiaxing was stunned. Despite knowing that it was a trap, the monk was still flinging himself into it? Was he mad?

Fangzheng smiled. "This Penniless Monk is protected by Buddha, so This Penniless Monk has great luck."

"Fangzheng, I'm serious. Gambling is not child's play. You must not touch it. There's no way to escape it once you do so. Look at me. My family was quite alright originally. Although life was tiring, I didn't have problems with my meals. Our family lived happily, but now, look at me... My family is just one step short of being in ruins." Zheng Jiaxing squatted down while hugging his head. He looked miserable.

Fangzheng smiled. "Patron, for you to realize this means that you have already climbed out of the hole. A prodigal who returns is more precious than gold. Repent and ye shall be saved. Patron, it's already very precious that you can repent. This Penniless Monk remembered that you were a pauper when you just got married?"

Zheng Jiaxing was stunned for a moment before he said with some nostalgia in his tone, "That's right. Back then, I had nothing. It was only that silly lass, Li Na, who was willing to follow a silly lad like me. After two years of hard work, our lives have been turning for the better. To be honest, I have always wished for Li Na to lead a better life, even in my dreams. I feel like I owe her greatly in this life of mine. What she has done for me is not something I can repay in this life."

"Then slowly repay it. You still have a long life ahead of you," said Fangzheng with a smile.

"But... What about Wang Laosi? I really don't have the money to pay him." Zheng Jiaxing cringed the moment he thought of Wang Laosi.

Fangzheng patted him on the shoulder. "There's always hope when you are alive. If you aren't around, your despair will be left to the wife you married, as well as your children and parents. Do you really want that to happen?"

Upon recalling Wang Laosi's character, one that didn't show any mercy, and then his wife, son, and elderly parents, Zheng Jiaxing suddenly looked up and exclaimed, "No! I absolutely cannot let that Wang Laosi get to them! Even at the cost of my life!"

"Since you aren't afraid of death, follow This Penniless Monk for a visit to Wang Laosi's place."

"Fangzheng, are you really going?" Zheng Jiaxing stared at Fangzheng. He could not figure out why Fangzheng was being so obsessed about it. However Zheng Jiaxing also knew that there was no way he could evade Wang Laosi. They were all from the same village, and he could hide, but he could not run. They would ultimately meet. Now that Li Na was hospitalized, if he was unable to resolve the problem before Li Na was discharged, it was up in the air what would happen if Li Na ended up being harassed. He did not dare, nor could he afford, to bet on it. Therefore Zheng Jiaxing wanted to risk it. He secretly pondered as a fierce look flashed in his eyes. "At most, I'll just pay him with my life."

With this in mind, Zheng Jiaxing agreed.

Not long later, Zheng Jiaxing's parents came. When they met, Zheng Jiaxing hung his head low. He did not dare raise it.

The fuming Zheng Huo repressed his anger when he saw Fangzheng. He could not show his fury in front of Fangzheng since Fangzheng's One Finger Monastery was known to be an efficacious monastery among the surrounding villagers. And together with the reputation of the monastery, Fangzheng was also held in high esteem.

Seeing Fangzheng lead Zheng Jiaxing out, Zheng Huo felt at ease. He did not wish to see his son and decided that it was best to have him out of sight, out of mind.

Fangzheng and Zheng Jiaxing rode the motorcycle and returned to Backriver Village. The moment they got off, they saw a person at the village entrance. He was none other than Wang Qingzhi!

Almost simultaneously Fangzheng cast his divine power, A Golden Millet Dream!

Wang Qingzhi immediately smiled when he saw Zheng Jiaxing. He threw away the cigarette butt in his hand and walked over. "Jiaxing, you are finally back? This motorcycle looks pretty good. It's worth quite a bit if you sell it. Why don't you sell it to me? I'll give you a good price. How about a thousand?"

Wang Qingzhi had been charmed by Fangzheng, so he did not recognize Fangzheng. To him, Zheng Jiaxing had brought over a young man he found a little familiar, but also unfamiliar at the same time. And for some reason he felt very at ease seeing Fangzheng, as though he was someone he knew well. The youth's clothes were really white, and his skin was also fair... But none of that had anything to do with him. His eyes were on Zheng Jiaxing's motorcycle.

When Fangzheng heard that, he rolled his eyes. The motorcycle was Wang Yougui's baby. It was an imported vehicle, and he had spent 20,000 yuan to buy it. For that, he was chased across the village by his wife with a stick. The fellow wanted to buy a motorcycle worth 20,000 yuan for 1,000 yuan? This was a blatant case of kicking a man while he was down. It was no different from robbery! He was indeed scum!

Zheng Jiaxing was taken aback. Previously Wang Qingzhi and Wang Laosi had clearly avoided Fangzheng, but now they seemed to turn a blind eye towards him. What was happening? But he recalled something that Fangzheng had said to him while they were on the way. "No matter what happens later, just treat it normally."

Therefore Zheng Jiaxing said, "This is not my motorcycle. I can't make the decision."

"Is that so... Then forget it. Laosi is waiting for you. Let's go," said Wang Qingzhi.

Zheng Jiaxing nodded and just as he was about to follow, he heard Fangzheng say, "Wang Qingzhi, right? You like this motorcycle?"

Wang Qingzhi turned to look at Fangzheng and nodded.

"I've been having the itches recently and have been worrying about how I lack the money to gamble a few rounds. If I said I wanted to sell this motorcycle, would you buy it?"

"How much?" asked Wang Qingzhi immediately.


"Deal!" Wang Qingzhi knew motorcycles well. He instantly recognized it to be an imported vehicle, and it had held its value well. For such a new motorcycle, he could resell it easily for 12,000!

They exchanged money for the goods. After receiving the money, Fangzheng handed the motorcycle generously to Wang Qingzhi. Then he led Zheng Jiaxing into Wang Laosi's home.

Wang Qingzhi was in a good mood after benefiting from the transaction. The moment he entered the yard, he revved his new motorcycle and attracted everyone's attention.

Wang Laosi came out and took a look. He chuckled. "Nice motorcycle. Jiaxing, it appears you have money again." Then he glanced at Fangzheng. Like Wang Qingzhi, he did not sense any danger. Instead, he found him a little familiar. Wang Laosi immediately relaxed greatly.

Wang Qingzhi naturally helped vouch for Fangzheng after benefiting himself. "Laosi, this is someone I know. He wishes to play a few rounds. By the way, since he was brought by Jiaxin, I think we should ease off on the money."

Wang Laosi looked suspiciously at Zheng Jiaxing. "Jiaxing, you brought him here? You want to play a few more rounds?"

Zheng Jiaxing nodded to which Wang Laosi roared with laughter. He patted Zheng Jiaxing on the shoulder. "Not bad. Go on in. I'll give you two more days." Then he said to Fangzheng. "Go on in. If you want to drink anything, just tell me. There's beer too."