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399 Rooster Call in the City

 "Cut it out. Return the money." Fatty couldn't be bothered with his situation. He had met many scumbags who could produce a book of excuses.

Cao Yun was just about to say something when Fatty continued pulling him into the Eight Immortals Restaurant.

Cao Yun said hurriedly, "I'll return it. Now, alright?"

It did not take long before Cao Yun went upstairs with a bitter look as though his mother had died.

And Fatty sat in the passenger seat as he looked smilingly at the 2.36 million transaction on his phone. He could not even wipe away the grin on his face.

"Fatty, where do we go now?" Zhun was also happy. Cao Yun had also owed him a hundred thousand yuan, something he thought was gone, but who knew that he would receive it again for some baffling reason. He felt like he was in a dream and reeling in excitement!

"Where? Just find a spot and sleep on the roads!" Fatty said with a chuckle.

Zhun smiled. "Having earned so much, we have to find a better car park! At the very least, it has to be high-class!"

"Hehe." Fatty laughed.

"Fatty, tell me. Do you think that... Master really knew that we would be able to get back our money if we returned? Why do I find it quite creepy?" Zhun finally verbalized the questions on his mind.

"Don't ask me. I don't know either. But I can tell you that this Master is truly powerful! Furthermore, he's a good person! Nothing will go wrong if you listen to him. When you meet him in the future, be obedient like a grandson. Don't mess sh*t up for me."

"Got it. Got it."

It did not take long before the duo found a bar and went in for drinks. Although they talked about sleeping on the road, they obviously weren't going to do so. They were no longer paupers now, and they were only jesting.

Elsewhere, Ouyang Fenghua got a taxi and brought Fangzheng and Red Boy to the Hilton Hotel.

As they looked at the thirty-story high, opulent hotel with neon lights lining its exterior, Fangzheng felt palpitations through his heart. He knew that the Hilton Hotel was a good hotel, but... That was only something he knew vaguely. To really stay in it felt like a dream.

Ouyang Fenghua said, "I just checked. This is a five-star hotel. It was originally planned to be a six-star hotel, but it barely failed to meet the standards. So although it's a five-star hotel, it's a quasi-six star. Venerable One, your friend sure is rich. He really doesn't feel the pinch."

Ouyang Fenghua came from quite a well-to-do family, but she was ultimately not from a wealthy one. When she went out with her family, she typically stayed in express hotels. They would only bite the bullet to stay in better hotels in certain touristic areas for convenience. This was the first time she was staying in the Hilton Hotel. However all hotels in the world were roughly the same. There was nothing new about it.

After taking a look with his head raised for a while, Fangzheng shook his head. "He was the one who earned."

Ouyang Fenghua did not know what Fangzheng meant, but she quickly beckoned for Fangzheng and Red Boy to enter. As the checking in procedure had been done, Fangzheng and Ouyang Fenghua did not need to walk to the front desk. They went up by the elevator immediately.

The door opened to a huge full-length window. It showcased half the city's scenery, making it look grand and high-class. The furnishing was classy yet not gaudy.

Ouyang Fenghua sighed. "Rich people live a different life indeed. Venerable One, good night. Give my door a knock if there's anything. If not, just give me a call. I live just next door."

After Fangzheng replied succinctly, Ouyang Fenghua rushed to see her room. There was the sound of Ouyang Fenghua's pleasantly surprised laughter outside. Clearly, the lass had her crazy side as well.

After the door closed, Red Boy and Fangzheng exchanged looks. Red Boy exclaimed, "Master, can we stop the act? It's exhausting!"

"Amita-" Before he finished his sentence, Fangzheng dashed towards the bed and sprung onto it. He laughed. "Awesome!"

Red Boy pounced on it as well. "Master, I want to sleep on the bed today."

"You are not to snore."

"I guarantee I won't snore!"

"Alright. Go take a shower!"

"Alright! Together!"

"Do it yourself. I don't have a habit of showering with others."


Their mood was good, and so was the room, but...

"Master, why aren't you sleeping?" Red Boy looked curiously at Fangzheng who was dazedly staring at the ceiling with widened eyes.

Fangzheng smiled bitterly. "Can't sleep. Why aren't you sleeping?"

"I can't sleep either," Red Boy said wryly.

"After being accustomed to the hard beds in the monastery, this bed is too soft."

"After being accustomed to wooden bedding, I'm not used to sleeping on this. Besides, although the environment is nice, it feels like something is lacking..."

Fangzheng shared the same sentiments as Red Boy, and they looked at each other. Fangzheng suggested, "I feel like we should make some modifications to this bed."

"I agree!" Red Boy nodded.

The two got up and removed the Simmons mattress. Then they lined the bed frame with bedsheets and plopped onto it. Instantly, they let out a wistful sigh. "Comfortable!"

An uneventful night passed and just as the sky lit up, the soundly asleep Ouyang Fenghua suddenly heard a rooster's crow outside. "Coo-coo-coo!"

"Whose rooster is it? What a din... Rooster... Rooster? Rooster!?" Ouyang Fenghua suddenly opened her eyes. She recalled herself being in the city. Where did the rooster come from? She quickly got up and wore her clothes before she leaned on the windowsill to look outside. She saw that the sky had just lit up, and the streets were still barren. Only a few middle-aged men and women were sweeping the roads.

At the same time, there were angry voices coming from some windows. "Whose rooster is this, crowing so early in the morning?"

"Where did this rooster come from?"

"I think I heard a rooster crow."

"What happened? The cities have begun rearing roosters?"


Meanwhile, in Fangzheng's room, Fangzheng was covering Red Boy's mouth and saying angrily, "You brat, why did you run out and cry out randomly so early in the morning?"

"Mmmm!" Red Boy pointed at his mouth, indicating his inability to speak.

Fangzheng released his hand as Red Boy said with an aggrieved look. "I couldn't help it. I'm accustomed to listening to a rooster crow in the morning. It doesn't feel right not hearing a rooster crow. I just crowed twice to get myself in the mood. Can't I?"

"This is the city. Making such random noises is a disturbance. You are not to do that in the future," reprimanded Fangzheng.

Red Boy curled his lips. "Alright, alright. I won't crow in the future, but it really did my throat good."

Fangzheng: "..."

The two washed up, and it did not take long before Ouyang Fenghua came knocking on the door. The duo quickly returned the mattress to its original position and lined the bedsheets. Only then did they leave with Ouyang Fenghua for breakfast.

At the breakfast table.

"Master, how strange. I heard a rooster crow in the morning. Did you hear it?" Ouyang Fenghua asked puzzledly.

Fangzheng nodded. "Yeah. It's probably some family's young rooster. It had nothing to do and crowed for no reason."

Red Boy rolled his eyes at Fangzheng before lowering his head to continue eating his congee.