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382 Standing Up!

 Lu Zheng looked up at the flying basketball. When the 70-to-70 score flashed in his mind, the thought of how supportive Chen Wei and his teammates had been and how Lone Wolf had helped Chen Wei take the lead before he joined, as well as how he had been a burden to the team a few times, a fiery fighting spirit burned in Lu Zheng's heart!

He repeated a certain belief in his mind. "I can do it! I can do it! I can do it! I'm not a burden. I want to win for my team. I want to win! Win! Win!"

With an inward roar, he also bellowed out under his breath without realizing it. "Win!"

Lu Zheng had no idea where he found the strength. He suddenly felt something in his legs which he hadn't felt in a long time. With a forceful kick, Lu Zheng suddenly stood up!

At that instant, the whole world seemed to turn silent. Everyone's eyes seemingly froze! At that instant, Lu Zheng seemed to control the entire world. He had stood up! He had finally stood up! Since he had stood up, could he jump?

Then Lu Zheng jumped! Although he was weak having just stood up, he still managed to jump.

At that moment, someone grabbed him by the waste as his entire being soared into the sky. He grabbed the basketball!

"Amitabha. Patron, do a slam dunk!" Fangzheng's voice sounded. Simultaneously Lu Zheng felt a force emit over. His body flew out involuntarily! He was in the sky with the hoop right in front of his eyes! Lu Zheng wished to execute a slam dunk even in his dreams. He had practiced the posture needed for a slam dunk countless times in his mind! This time, he subconsciously controlled his body and slammed the basketball down the hoop!

He remembered someone once say: "What is a slam dunk? It's to use all your strength to slam the ball through the loop. Smash through everything. Smash the loop! Smash the basketball! Use your strength to prove yourself. Use every shred of energy to conquer everything and use your strength to obtain victory!"


Lu Zheng used all his strength and roared!

He raised his arm high and slammed down!


A loud crash sounded.

It boomed tumultuously!

At that instant, everyone's eyes glazed over.

"Oh my god!"


"F**k, is he still human?"

"Sick! He actually threw such a huge body so high? Is this monk Sun Wukong?"


That's right. Everyone was not exclaiming about Lu Zheng's slam dunk. They were more astonished as to how Fangzheng had thrown Lu Zheng so high!

Wang Kun patted Chen Wei on the shoulder. "Chen Wei, if you continue posturing in the future, I'll get Master to throw you into the latrine."

"I can't posture anymore. That's way too incredible..." Chen Wei smiled bitterly.

However these discussions were soft murmurs. Lu Zheng was completely immersed in the joy of executing a slam dunk. He did not hear a thing.

Fangzheng heard it, though, and he blushed red. He feigned ignorance and quickly rushed underneath the loop to catch Lu Zheng.

It was only then that Lu Zheng snapped out of his daze. He looked at Fangzheng with an excited look. "Master. I... I managed to do a slam dunk."

"Yes, a slam dunk. Can you give me the hoop?" Fangzheng looked at Lu Zheng bitterly.

It was only then that Lu Zheng realized that he had yanked the loop down as he used all his strength to deliver the slam dunk! Immediately he blushed and looked around in embarrassment. He knew very well that the basketball court in the Yanchang compound was the one nearest to the school. However the Yanchang compound was in the region of an old school. It was very old, so many of the public facilities had not been maintained. Under the elements, the internals had corroded, but at the very least, they could still be used for playing...

Great. With his strike, everyone could forget about playing in the future.

Fangzheng looked at the hoop in his hand and patted Lu Zheng. "Congratulations. You can stand on your own."

Lu Zheng was stunned. Only then did he finally realize that Fangzheng had long let go! He was standing with his own strength! He was standing!

"Congratulations, Bro!" Chen Wei and Wang Kun went forward to congratulate him when they saw this.

Chen Wei wrapped his arms around Lu Zheng's shoulder and said, "Bro, all the best. Get well soon. We can join forces!"

"Chen Wei, you bastard. Lu Zheng was discovered by me. He has to join my team!" yelled Wang Kun.

"F**k off! At the very least, he is still my teammate! Besides, I won! We agreed to call whoever wins boss! I'm telling you. Not only is Lu Zheng my teammate, you still have to treat us today!" Chen Wei chuckled.

Wang Kun immediately rolled his eyes. "You sure are ruthless!"

Lu Zheng smiled when he heard the two guys arguing over him. He could tell the friendship within the vulgarities.

"Alright, Lu Zheng just stood up. He has probably worn himself out. Let him have some rest first." Fangzheng interrupted them.

Although Lu Zheng was unwilling, he still looked at Fangzheng with gratitude. He was no fool. This was not Wang Kun's and Chen Wei's first time playing basketball here in his compound, yet everything that had happened began after Fangzheng went to his place for a meal. This was enough to explain everything. Besides, after all his excitement, he realized he was indeed tired and was in need of rest.

Everyone understood that as well. Wang Kun and Chen Wei said in unison, "Lu Zheng, all the best. Let's play basketball together from tomorrow."

Lu Zheng nodded in agreement.

As everyone else scattered, Fangzheng wheeled Lu Zheng to the spot beneath the flight of stairs. He asked with a smile, "Do you want to go up yourself or do you want This Penniless Monk to push you up?"

"I'll do it myself!" said Lu Zheng without any hesitation.

Fangzheng smiled. He did not really want to let Lu Zheng go up himself. All he wanted was to see if Lu Zheng had re-established his confidence and fighting spirit. From the looks of it, his worries were no longer necessary.

It was easy to go down, but going up was still difficult. Having used all his strength, how was Lu Zheng to go up? Finally, Fangzheng lifted Lu Zheng up. Lu Zheng blushed as he thanked Fangzheng.

"Amitabha. Patron, there's no need to be ashamed. Going up stairs on a wheelchair is not something many people can do. You are not alone. Besides, This Penniless Monk believes that you won't need this very soon." Fangzheng patted the wheelchair.

Lu Zheng gave a certain nod.

At that moment, Su Yun and Lu Hui returned. The moment they met, Lu Zheng shouted, "Dad, Mom!"

"Haha! Lu Hui, you hear that? Little Zheng is calling out to us. Sniff... He's calling us! Sniff..." The emotional Su Yun hugged Lu Hui's shoulders and cried again.

Lu Hui stiffened his face and berated, "What are you looking at? Haven't you seen your mother wheedle before? Stop being a third wheel!"

Lu Zheng stuck out his tongue in fright as he hurriedly rushed into the house.

Fangzheng laughed and entered Lu Hui's house once again. Fangzheng realized that the house was still the same. There were the same furniture and lighting, but the house seemed to have lit up.

Fangzheng had his lunch at Lu Hui's place again. This time, Lu Zheng did not hide in his room. Instead he sat in the living room and enjoyed a conversation with his family. The overabundance of joy did not reduce the number of thanks that were given.

After Fangzheng rejected Lu Hui's monetary gift and offer to walk him out, Fangzheng came to Wang Kun's doorstep.

He heard laughter inside Wang Kun's house. Clearly these big children were very pleased with their actions today.

Fangzheng even heard Wang Kun and Chen Wei give a speech.

"Brothers and Sisters, we succeeded today! I realize that helping people feels much better than bullying others! F**k, I want to be a good person in the future!" Wang Kun yelled.