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378 Play Ball!

 In fact, that was indeed the case. Whenever classmates were bullied by other students, the ones who rushed out first to correct the injustice would always be the students in the last row. In their words: "Only we can bully students from our class, no one else!"

Therefore, one's character was not dependent on grades.

With this thought in mind, Fangzheng smiled even more brightly. After he explained his plan to Wang Kun, Wang Kun gave a few suggestions after some thought. Finally the duo decided on a final plan after some discussion. Following that Wang Kun ran back into his house and switched off the television and sound system. He then explained the situation to a huge group of people. It was unanimously agreed upon!

When Fangzheng looked at the fervent youths, his heart filled with anticipation! He also had the urge to cry out, "Who said that the millennial generation is doomed? Doomed my ass!"

The day quickly flew by as a brand new day was ushered in.

Lu Hui was pacing around uneasily in his living room. Finally, he clenched his teeth and said, "Su Yun, let's go out and take a walk."

"Ah? What about Little Zheng?" Su Yun was taken aback.

"He will be fine. Let's go. I'll wait for you downstairs."

With that said Lu Hui went downstairs, where he met Wang Kun and company as they arrived. After giving it some thought, Lu Hui clenched his teeth and walked over.

When they saw Lu Hui walking towards them, Wang Kun, Chen Wei, and company were at a loss. They had been chased away by Lu Hui more than once. They felt uneasy in front of Lu Hui, as though there was some repressive feeling coming from him.

Just as everyone was still nonplussed, Lu Hui came in front of Wang Kun and Chen Wei. He suddenly did a ninety-degree bow and said, "Thank you to all of you. It was my fault in the past."

Upon seeing this scene and hearing Lu Hui's apology, Wang Kun, Chen Wei, and company were collectively dumbfounded. What was happening? But soon they realized what was happening. They quickly dodged to the side, afraid of receiving the bow. The girls went forward to help Lu Hui up. Wang Kun scratched his head, embarrassed. "Uncle, don't say that. We were in the wrong previously too."

Chen Wei nodded like a chicken pecking at grain. "Yes, yes, yes!"

Everyone could not help but be amused when they saw Chen Wei's silly expression. Instantly the awkward mood was lifted.

"Uncle, go have a walk with Auntie. You can hide away as well. Leave the rest to us," said a pony-tailed girl.

"Thank you, all of you." Lu Hui had a plethora of feelings. He had not been friendly to the children, and regardless of his considerations, he had been too selfish and unreasonable. Now these children were even helping him while disregarding the past. He felt like he had wasted decades of his life and was ashamed. In the past, he saw Wang Kun and company as a bunch of ignorant ruffian students, but now, he felt his face blushing. Were children that wished to play not good children? Clearly, the answer was no, they were!

Su Yun pushed open Lu Zheng's door. He was still lying in bed in a daze. He only took a glance when Su Yun entered.

Su Yun came to the bed and whispered, "Little Zheng, Daddy and I will be going out for a while. Stay at home. We will be back in a while."

Lu Zheng did not say a word, but Su Yun knew that he had heard her clearly.

Su Yun sighed and left. When she reached the ground floor, she saw Lu Hui together with Wang Kun and company. She was slightly taken aback. When did Lu Hui begin mixing with the bunch of children he found an eyesore?

When Lu Hui saw Su Yun, he did not explain further and instead, pulled Su Yun away with him. They did not go far since both of them were still worried about Lu Zheng. They hid in a corner and looked at the basketball court. Lu Hui even held a cell phone and connected to a surveillance system at home. He watched Lu Zheng's every move, for he was worried for him. Especially with him having watched the news recently, it had mentioned depressed children choosing to commit suicide. This made him even more uneasy. Therefore he had secretly installed a surveillance camera. He would rush back the moment he noticed something wrong.

Su Yun was also worried about her son. Therefore she did not even work. She stayed at home to watch Lu Zheng every day.

Meanwhile Wang Kun and Chen Wei exchanged looks. They smiled together and rushed out. Not long later...

Lu Zheng was lying in bed, watching the ceiling. He did not know what he was thinking either. His mind felt like a movie reel. It played scenes from when he was young. He ran around, kicking a ball or playing basketball. He jumped and fooled around... Until the day of his accident, and after that... There was no after. Everything was a blank. He had no idea how he passed the days. Everything was turbid and grayscale. He did not see any light.

If there were any other color, it would be orange. Like the tangerine peels often seen at the end of autumn as they were placed on the ground to be dried.

If there were any other sound, it would be thumping sounds that resembled his heartbeat.

But on careful thought, there was another sound he yearned to hear, which was...

"Wang Kun, f**k you. Stop posturing! I'll block shock you 'till you become a good grandson!"

"Chen Wei, f**k you. I'll let you know what it means to have your score trashed! In the future, when you see me, your big brother, you will know what it means to be a basketball god!"

"Pui! You grandson!"

"Both of you stop cursing at each other. If you have what it takes, play on!"

"That's right, that's right!"

"Wang Kun, all the best!"

"Chen Wei, you are the coolest! All the best!"

It turned noisy outside. The familiar voices, the passionate shouts, the cries of both boys and girls. It snapped Lu Zheng out of his reverie. He sat up with great difficulty and moved himself into the wheelchair. He came to the window and pulled open the curtains, but...

"This?" Lu Zheng was stunned rooted to the ground.

The window had been sprayed with something. It was blurry, and he could not see anything that was happening outside. At best, he could only see a huge group of people on the basketball court.

Lu Zheng, who had always been extremely calm, turned nervous! He tried his best to push the window, but to no avail. Due to his disability, he could not even reach it. Exasperated, Lu Zheng clenched his teeth and wheeled himself out of the room. This was the first time he was leaving his room. He saw the familiar living room which hung a picture of him hugging a basketball and smiling brightly. He shook his head and gave a self-deprecating smile. He moved to the window in the living room, but was enraged to find the windows also blurred. He could not see a thing!

Lu Zheng could not help but curse. "Bastards! All of you are bastards!"

Lu Zheng looked at the door and his own feet. After some deliberation, he whispered, "I'll just hide in the corner to watch secretly. They won't see me."

Lu Zheng found an excuse as he came to the door and opened it. The moment he opened the door, he saw a huge white dog sitting at the door.

"Oh?" Lu Zheng was given a fright. What would happen if such a huge dog pounced on him? But on careful thought, the dog appeared familiar. Lu Zheng watched the basketball matches all the time, so how could he not have seen Fangzheng and the eye-catching large silvery-white dog appear on the basketball court?