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377 Front and Last Rows

 "Oh?" Lu Hui looked at Fangzheng in surprise. One could not solicit donations for nothing as a result of karma, but if that were the case, what was the reason for the monk coming to their house?

Fangzheng smiled and looked in the direction of Lu Zheng's room. "When This Penniless Monk was downstairs, he saw a pair of earnest-looking eyes. But deep within those eyes was despair. Patron, please share with This Penniless Monk about the owner of that pair of eyes."

Lu Hui was taken aback once again before he fell into silence.

Fangzheng did not urge him any further as he waited silently.

Lu Hui remained silent for quite some time until Su Yun served the all the dishes. She said with an embarrassed smile, "Venerable One, go ahead and have your meal. I'll deliver the food to the child."

With that said, Su Yun walked into Lu Zheng's room with a bowl filled with rice and other food.

Fangzheng looked over and saw that the room was pitch black. The curtains were not drawn, but soon, there was nothing else he could see since the door was shut.

At that moment, Fangzheng heard a murmur. "It's my son Lu Zheng inside there. We call him Little Zheng. This kid always liked to play basketball from a young age. Unfortunately... He was in a car accident and lost the ability to stand. The doctors say that there's a chance for him to stand again, but it's slim. He's quite depressed and locks himself in the room every day. He doesn't want to meet anyone."

"From the day of the accident forth, he has almost never lost his temper or laughed. It's like he lost his soul or his ability to think. He doesn't care about anything or have any questions. It's like he's completely isolated from the world."

"I bought him a wheelchair, but he only uses it occasionally to go to the bathroom. He doesn't use it usually. All he does is lie on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. In recent days, that bunch of children began to play basketball at the court. When that happens, Little Zheng will go to the window to watch. But every time the children leave, he will fall into a deeper silence. A person might not cherish something they possess, but when they lose it, they will realize how precious it is! Little Zheng had a pair of perfectly working legs in the past. He could run, jump, and he was pretty good at basketball. Now... Now all he can do is watch others play basketball. I was afraid he would feel upset seeing all of that, so I chased the children away."

"However Little Zheng appeared to turn even more despondent. To be honest, I had no choice. I have no idea what else I can do for him."

Lu Hui spoke with a raspy voice when he said that. As a father, it was a living hell seeing his son turn more depressed by the day. His suffering was in no way less than Lu Zheng's. As a father, he could endure all sorts of hardship and pain, but he knew that his shoulders were the final support for his child. Things would be hopeless for his son if he were to collapse.

"Sigh, why are we talking about this?" Lu Hui grumbled bitterly. He picked up a cup and poured himself a full cup of alcohol. He then shook his head and said with a bitter smile, "Sorry."

"Patron, This Penniless Monk doesn't drink, but you aren't a monk. Feel free to do as you wish." Fangzheng knew what was on Lu Hui's mind.

Lu Hui nodded and downed the cup. Only then did he feel a little better, but his eyes were redder.

Fangzheng looked at Lu Zheng's room. "An onlooker sees things more objectively than the person involved. From This Penniless Monk's point of view, Patron Little Zheng might not really be a lost cause. On the contrary, he has a burning flame in his heart. He has not completely given up on himself, or else he would not watch the basketball match. Instead, he would be in bed, no different from a living zombie."

"Oh?" Lu Hui looked up suddenly, his eyes sparking with hope as they trained themselves at Fangzheng. He was no fool. He was enlightened the moment Fangzheng said that! Indeed, if someone felt complete despair, why would they watch a basketball match?

Having come to this conclusion, Lu Hui said chokingly, "Venerable One, please enlighten me."

Fangzheng shook his head. "This is not an illness of the feet, but an illness of the heart. This Penniless Monk has an idea, but it will require your cooperation."

"Cooperation? How so?" Lu Hui was surprised.

Fangzheng smiled before whispering into Lu Hui's ears.

Lu Hui said skeptically, "Will... Will they agree to it?"

"That will depend on you. This Penniless Monk can only help you this much."

Lu Hui thought about it before he gritted his teeth. "Alright! We'll do it!"

After lunch, Fangzheng did not see Lu Zheng either. But that was not important. After he bade Su Yun and Lu Hui farewell, he left the Yanchang district and went straight for Wang Kun's home.

Fangzheng was somewhat surprised to hear a din outside Wang Kun's house. The door was not closed, and when he entered, Chen Wei, Wang Kun, and a huge bunch of teenagers who had also been playing basketball with them were there! They were drinking beer, singing, or yelling... They were like a bunch of madmen!

Lone Wolf looked up at Fangzheng. "Master, these guys have gone mad."

Fangzheng nodded. "They are quite mad."

"Are we still going to talk to them?"

"Of course!"

"Master, you are back! Quick, have a seat!" Wang Kun waved his arm happily when he saw Fangzheng. His other hand grabbed a bottle of beer, his entire body filled with excitement.

Fangzheng said with a wry smile. "Continue enjoying yourself. I'll take a walk outside."

With that said, Fangzheng went out with Lone Wolf. Wang Kun gave it some thought before following immediately.

"Master, do you not like rowdiness? Why don't I let them scatter?" Wang Kun was extremely grateful towards Fangzheng. Their conversation yesterday might have not been able to change the way people viewed him, but it had changed the way he viewed the world! Believing he was right and persisting on would not make the journey be in vain or a waste of time. He liked such a feeling! Therefore Wang Kun treated Fangzheng as though he was a good friend.

Fangzheng thought for a moment before saying, "Wang Kun, This Penniless Monk has something to discuss with you."

"What is it?" Wang Kun asked immediately as he thumped his chest. "Master, why are you being polite with me? Just tell me anything."

Fangzheng nodded. "It's like this..."

After Fangzheng explained Lu Zheng's situation with Wang Kun, Wang Kun was taken aback. "So the schoolmate that was in the accident recently was that uncle's son? It's no surprise that he chased us away."

"That's roughly the situation. This Penniless Monk wishes to help Lu Zheng, but all of your help will be needed."

"No problem. Master, tell us what we should do!" Wang Kun promised immediately.

"Oh? You are agreeing without a thought?" Fangzheng looked at Wang Kun in surprise.

Wang Kun rolled his eyes. "Although I only like basketball, it's not like I'm completely emotionless. If I can help others, why not?"

Fangzheng smiled. This was not the first time he was hearing something like that. Back when he was still in school, a few students just like Fangzheng did not do well in their studies. That was how they ended up being treated as poor students by the rest. The only thing they were bad at was their studies, though. When help was required, they were always the most positive and passionate ones. Someone had even made a joke. "A class's standing in a school depends on the students at the front row in the eyes of teachers and the principal. But among students, it depends on the strength of those that line the back!"