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374 Buying Cigarettes

 After having breakfast, Fangzheng left with Wang Kun together with Lone Wolf. They turned a corner and saw a group of young teenagers gathered at the school entrance. Wang Kun's arrival was received with great fanfare. He subconsciously wished to raise his chin, to posture as though he was gracing the area as king, but...

"It's that huge white dog that plays basketball!"

"It's the silver dog that snatched Chen Wei's basketball!"

"Pui! Screw your silver dog. Don't you insult my idol."


The group of teenagers ran over noisily and ran past Wang Kun. Wang Kun rubbed his nose as he looked up into the sky. That was embarrassing.

Behind him Fangzheng was even more embarrassed. After yesterday's experience, the girls liked Lone Wolf even more. Lone Wolf was handsome to begin with, and he had a majestic air about him. Men would find him cool, while women just fell in love with him. However, as Lone Wolf was too large, it made people somewhat apprehensive about him. Therefore, to showcase their bravery, some of the young men surrounded Lone Wolf and gesticulated while making all sorts of comments.

As the girls were a little afraid, they ended up surrounding Lone Wolf's owner-Fangzheng!

Fangzheng appeared more harmless when compared to Lone Wolf. Furthermore, he was also pretty handsome!

"Master, is this dog yours?"

"Amitabha. Yes..."

"Master, this dog is very pretty. What breed is it?"

Fangzheng rolled his eyes inwardly. How would he know what breed was Lone Wolf? A wild wolf in the mountain? A Chinese Rural Dog? A Samoy cross breed?

Thankfully, the girls were only asking randomly. Before Fangzheng diverted the topic, their second dog question was thrown at him. "Master, where did you buy this dog?"

"Master, how did you train it?"

"Master, why is it so large?"



Fangzheng felt like there was a flock of ducks around him as they went on and on. He felt the same way as back when he was surrounded by the female actresses. Despite being able to control himself, he was still a hot-blooded young man. As he took in the youthfulness and fragrance around him, he blushed. He was feeling shy...

Upon seeing Fangzheng blush, the girls felt as though they had broken new ground. A handsome, clean, and radiant young monk was blushing because of their tugging! Wasn't he just too innocent?

The girls turned even more unruly as they winked at him, smiled at him, and tugged at him... When they saw Fangzheng's redness spread rapidly to his neck, they immediately convulsed with laughter.

Fangzheng knew that he had been teased by a bunch of female perverts! He quickly charged out of the encirclement and sought Wang Kun's help.

Wang Kun and company were already green with envy, especially Wang Kun. As someone who could practically fly in the court, he had never received such treatment before! Usually he was the one finding opportunities to tease the girls. He was never the one being teased by a bevy of girls. If it wasn't for him feeling grateful towards Fangzheng for his guidance yesterday, he might have pulled a tantrum.

Noticing Fangzheng request his help, Wang Kun gave the command, and a group of young men rushed over and intervened, holding the girls back...

Fangzheng successfully extricated himself and stood by Wang Kun's side. "Your classmates are truly formidable!"

Wang Kun said bitterly, "You are flaunting yourself in an undisguised fashion!"

Fangzheng: "..."

After some rowdiness, the group had once again arrived at the basketball court in Yanchang compound. Chen Wei and Wang Kun stared at each other, as though the person with the bigger eyes was better. Once the referee threw the ball high into the sky, the game began once again. The girls cheered on while the backbenchers sat behind, roaring at the top of their lungs. Instantly Fangzheng felt as though he had returned to his school days. The feeling of youth, those blood-boiling feelings... Unfortunately, he was a monk!

Things that really made ardor and zeal course through his blood years ago no longer had much to do with him now.

Meanwhile, a tiny crack was pulled open in the tightly shut windows upstairs. A pale face appeared as it looked towards the basketball court. The spectator was smiling with a longing look in his eyes. He watched silently, as though the basketball in front of his very eyes meant everything to him.

Meanwhile, in the living room.

"Why are those brats here again!?" Lu Hui, who was worrying over his child's situation, snuffed out the cigarette in his hand. He got up, ready to chase them away.

Su Yun, who was seated beside him, immediately tugged at him and glared. "What are you looking so fierce for? Go look at Little Zheng first!"

Lu Hui frowned, but he secretly opened Lu Zheng's door. Lu Zheng, who lay in bed motionlessly nearly all the time, was now sitting in front of the window. Motionlessly he was looking in full concentration.

"This is Little Zheng's most favorite and beloved sport. Ever since he lost the ability to walk, he has yearned to return to the courts. Now that he can't play basketball, are you going to rob him of his right to watch basketball too?" rebuked Su Yun softly.

Lu Hui lowered his head. "I was afraid those kids would agitate him. He could run and jump in the past. But now, he can only watch. I'm afraid this stark difference could-"

"I believe in Little Zheng." Su Yun said firmly.

Lu Hui sighed before he turned to leave.

"What are you doing?"

Lu Hui took a glance at Su Yun. "Out to take a walk..."

The last time Lu Hui said that, he had chased the teenagers away. Su Yun was adamant about not letting him leave, but Lu Hui was bent on leaving. Unable to stop him, Su Yun could do nothing but feel anxious and angry.

"Stop! Stop! Stop, that uncle is here again!" as the game was in progress, someone shouted suddenly.

Wang Kun, Chen Wei and company immediately stopped. They looked helplessly and unhappily at Lu Hui who was walking towards them.

Upstairs, Lu Zheng frowned. A faint melancholic look flashed across his eyes...

At that moment, Lu Hui turned his head and looked upstairs at Lu Zheng before he turned to continue towards the basketball court.

"Uncle, we are only playing basketball. Is there a need to come to us every day?" Wang Kun exclaimed, feeling somewhat speechless.

Lu Hui did not say a word. Only when he was close to the court did he turn in a different direction. He said indifferently, "I'm out to buy some cigarettes. What has that got to do with you?"

With that said, Lu Hui walked off.

Wang Kun, Chen Wei, and company were stunned, rooted to the ground. Chen Wei scratched his head. "What did he mean?"

"Are you stupid? He means he doesn't care if we play basketball! F**k! Let's play ball!" After Wang Kun said that, he shouted as a signal to continue.

Chen Wei snapped out of his daze and laughed. The others laughed as well. The match that had stopped midway restarted! The basketball flew through the sky as the youths ran and jumped. The girls' cries went on unceasingly. At that moment, the basketball court seemed even more fervent.

When Lu Zheng saw Lu Hui walk towards the basketball court, he also believed that the players would be chased away again, so he had prepared to return to his bed. But the moment he turned around, he heard vehement cheers outside. He turned around as his eyes stared blankly before he smiled.

Behind him, Su Yun was already there. She smiled seeing this scene as well. This was the first time she had seen Lu Zheng smile in a long time. His smile was truly nice...Silver in Chinese sounds like the word for licentious.