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371 Flying Dog in the Sky

 With that, Fangzheng sat from noon to the evening. He watched the sun set as stars appeared in the sky. During this entire time, Fangzheng only turned even hungrier.

"Master, I want to return to the mountain," said Lone Wolf softly.

Fangzheng patted Lone Wolf on the head. "Same here."

"Why don't we return?" probed Lone Wolf.

"If it were possible, would there be a need to wait for you to say so?" Fangzheng rolled his eyes.

"Master, we won't starve to death outside, right?"

Fangzheng thought about it. If this really continued, it was possible he might really starve to death outside! However, just showing a bit of his abilities would definitely not be difficult for him to get something to eat, to the point of even getting VIP treatment. With this thought in mind, Fangzheng decided to do it. He did not wish to get rich, but at the very least, he had to get something to eat! Besides, helping the good and not evil, and making evil people turn over a new leaf was merit! There was no reason for him to stick to the Formless Door's mission...

Having made up his mind, Fangzheng led Lone Wolf to begin roaming around. At that moment, a bell rang. It was the intermission bell for evening self-study classes. The break lasted ten minutes before the evening self-study classes resumed.

Fangzheng had been loitering outside the school as he had a hunch that his mission definitely had something to do with the boys and girls. Therefore he never went far away.

When he heard the bell that signified the end of classes, Fangzheng stood outside the school's entrance to watch.

"What are you looking at?" At that moment, an unfamiliar voice sounded in his ear.

"Looking at the students." Fangzheng did not turn around and subconsciously answered. He was now looking at the girl who he had met during the day. She was the one with a ponytail, and the way she cheered made her give off manly vibes.

"Oh? Looking at the female students..." The voice dragged out its tone as though the owner understood what was on Fangzheng's mind.

Fangzheng turned his head and saw a man dressed in a security attire. He was smiling nastily at him.

Fangzheng hastily pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. Patron, you are mistaken. This Penniless Monk is looking for someone."

"Oh? Looking for someone? Who? What's the person's name? Which year and class is the person from? Why don't I help you find the student?" grunted the security guard.

Fangzheng was instantly stunned. He was indeed searching for someone, but how could he know what year and class they were from? The guard clearly did not have kind intentions. If he did not answer properly, he would be chased away. With a stroke of brilliance, Fangzheng answered, "Wang Kun and Chen Wei."

"Wang Kun? Chen Wei? Why are you looking for those two little bastards?" Fangzheng believed that the guard would not know the two, and even if he knew them, he would not be too familiar with them. But when he saw how the guard looked even more wary, Fangzheng suddenly realized he had found the wrong excuse.

Fangzheng replied without answering the question, "Is there someone wrong with them?"

"Not much. They are quite good at basketball, but that's the only thing they are good at. They are no different from gangsters in other respects. They are fond of acting brave and fighting all day, with no interests in their studies."

"Oh. Why are you so familiar with them?" Fangzheng was taken aback.

"No particular reason. They just get punished to stand outside here every other day. Since they stand at my door, I got to know them over time. What relationship do you have with them?"

Fangzheng was rendered speechless again. He believed that he was quite disobedient when he had been in school, but he never expected someone to be worse than him!

Just as he was about to say something, he heard the sound of a basketball bouncing as well as screams and cheers!

Fangzheng turned his head and was surprised to see Wang Kun and Chen Wei on a basketball court. Although the school's court was not lit, these hyperactive children continued playing basketball with the weak illumination of the classrooms' light. However, the one that caused the sharp shouts was not Wang Kun or Chen Wei, but a silverish-white figure. Upon further inspection, it was Lone Wolf! It was unknown what he had done. A large number of students were pointing at him. Wang Kun and Chen Wei wore surprised looks on their faces.

However Wang Kun refused to have his beliefs shaken as he raised the basketball and threw it at Lone Wolf. Lone Wolf jumped up and struck it with his head, sending the basketball whistling over with the target being the basketball hoop! However Lone Wolf had used too much strength, sending it bouncing off the backboard! Chen Wei laughed. "Indeed, it was only luck just now."

With that said, Chen Wei jumped up to grab the ball, but a white shadow appeared suddenly in front of him. At the same time, there was a series of astounded cries! Lone Wolf had jumped up even higher than Chen Wei! He struck the basketball once again, completely taking down Chen Wei who was considered invincible anywhere below the backboard! Lone Wolf had turned his body in midair, brushing his tail across Chen Wei's mouth, filling it with fur. Lone Wolf learned from his mistake and did not use as much strength. When he caught the basketball with his head, he inched forward, and the basketball nearly went through the hoop!

Although it did not enter, it caused a series of screams and kudos!

"Holy sh*t! This dog is awesome!"

"This is a flying dog in the sky!"

"This fellow actually knows how to play basketball! He has attempted to score a few times now! He even tried to do a slam dunk for his final attempt! Awesome!"

"This dog really jumps high!"

"The King of the Board is having his title snatched away by a dog. He was even left eating a mouthful of dog fur. Tsk... I wonder what Chen Wei's thoughts on this are."


As the crowd discussed fervently, Lone Wolf and Chen Wei landed on the ground. Lone Wolf did not advance and instead shook his tail. He was a little unhappy. He thought that playing basketball would be a simple thing, but only when he began playing did he realize that strength and speed were not everything. He had to be accurate as well. When Lone Wolf saw Fangzheng look over, he immediately tightened his tail and knew that he was in trouble. He was about to return.

Wang Kun and Chen Wei ran over and raised their thumbs. "Awesome!"

Lone Wolf looked at Fangzheng who was smiling. He said to the guard who was agape. "That is This Penniless Monk's dog. This Penniless Monk's dog has quite a good relationship with them. Well, in a way, This Penniless Monk is considered an indirect friend. There's no problem with looking at friends, right?"

The guard looked at Fangzheng and rolled his eyes. He did not know what to say either. He was only a guard and could at most refuse entry to suspicious people. However he did not have the authority to interfere with Fangzheng's activities outside of that.

Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief when the guard left. Although the guard did not have any authority, it would be troublesome if the guard continued pestering him.

Since Lone Wolf had done something, Fangzheng naturally did not rebuke him. He beckoned for Lone Wolf who immediately ran over adorably. The students followed and marveled along the way. When they saw Lone Wolf return to a young monk's side and sit there obediently, they looked at Fangzheng curiously.

Although Qingshui County had a monastery, the monks there basically never came to the county. Even if they did, the students would not see them as they were in class. The sight of a white-robed monk piqued the students' curiosity. Of course, they were even more curious about how the monk had trained a flying dog!

Wang Kun and Chen Wei instantly recognized Fangzheng. Wang Kun immediately ran over and stood behind the gates as he shouted, "Hey, Bro. We met earlier in the day, right? You trained your dog really well! It can actually play basketball! Are you selling it?"