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362 I Can Have a Draw?

 Lin Zicheng halted the moment he heard that. He did not dare venture deeper into the mountains. He decided to head to the right.

"My dear disciple, it's normal for there to be danger in the mountains. Did you forget the huge venomous snake on the right?"

Lin Zicheng halted once again as he sadly headed to the left.

"That python is indeed powerful, but the hawk to the left is even more powerful. He nearly snapped off the snake's head. He is precise and accurate when catching mice. He tears open their bellies right on the spot. It's really bloody and gruesome."

Lin Zicheng halted once again. Out of the four directions, he could not head back, left, or right. The only remaining direction was where the monk was, so he could only follow.

Then he heard Fangzheng say, "My dear disciple, be careful. There are boars ahead. These guys don't know good from bad. If you enter their line of sight, you will be attacked. When these big guys run, they can kill a bull upon collision."

Lin Zicheng froze in his spot once again as he realized in sorrow that although the world was huge, death awaited him in every direction!

"Master, there have been quite a number of hunters recently. It's not like we can deal with all of them. If someone were to come, hehe..."

"Sigh, This Penniless Monk is rather worried too. Some people have wicked hearts. They do not kill the animals they capture, but instead torture them in all sorts of ways. Only after the animal dies from their games would they eat it. They are really excessive."

Upon hearing that, Lin Zicheng suddenly realized that he had such a habit as well! Some time ago, he had caught a porcupine. He had used pliers to pluck out the porcupine's quills one after another for fun! He enjoyed seeing porcupines writhe in pain. Once, he had also caught a deer and brandished a pole to break its horns, wanting to hear the crisp, cracking sound of the fracture and the deers whimpering.

If these things happened to him... All he felt was his feathers stand on their ends. It was terrifying! Extreme horror!

Having never seen things from a different perspective, he had never realized how much damage and horror such amusement-seeking methods brought to the animals.

He did not know how horrifying it could be, but back when he was facing Lin Lei's boiling pot, he felt several rounds of despair. The feeling was still fresh on his mind. That helplessness and inability to resist, a despair filled with indignation overwhelmed him once again. He knew that he had really been wrong in the past!

As he watched Fangzheng and Red Boy vanish from the ends of the forest and the tranquility of the forest, as though danger lurked under all shadows, with the possibility of a ferocious creature attacking him at any moment, Lin Zicheng crumpled into a ball of fear. He did not know where he could go.

And not far away, Fangzheng and Red Boy were squatting behind the grass, secretly looking at all of this.

"Master, your method doesn't work. This fellow doesn't seem to have any intention of repenting. Why don't you ignore him? He deserves the death he gets for the sins he committed."

Fangzheng did not say a word. Instead, he silently murmured, "Five, four, three, two..."

Before he counted down to one and Red Boy was about to mock him, they realized Lin Zicheng suddenly get up and charge over. As he ran, he shouted, "Master, I get it! I'm willing to donate all my wealth. I'm willing to give myself up! What I did in the past was inhumane! I'm willing to suffer the punishment!"

The mocking words that Red Boy almost said immediately turned to, "Master, you are awesome!"

Fangzheng smiled. "Amitabha, how can This Penniless Monk be your master if he isn't awesome?"

"Master, can't you be a little humble?"

"This Penniless Monk is already very humble. Being overly humble is being hypocritical."

Red Boy thought to himself, "How shameless!"

At that moment Squirrel ran back and shouted, "Master, those three people are still searching nearby. They are almost done searching the vicinity. They have yet to search the northeastern corner."

Fangzheng nodded. "Roger that. Well done."

As that was said, Lin Zicheng had already chased up to Fangzheng. He knelt on the ground and continued shouting, "Master, I'm willing to donate all my wealth! I'm willing to surrender myself! Please, Master. Give me a chance to repent!"

"In that case, go northeast. When you go there, you will naturally recover your human form. Remember what you said. The world is huge. There is a price to lying." With that said, Fangzheng left.

Lin Zicheng immediately thanked profusely when he heard that before he ran off! He did not wish to remain a hazel grouse for even one more second!

When Lin Zicheng reached the northeastern area, he felt his body itch just as he was about to say something. Then, his view started to turn tall as he quickly looked at his hands. Indeed, he no longer had wings. A familiar pair of hands had appeared! At that moment, Lin Zicheng cried. Finally he realized how wonderful it was being human! He thought to himself, "Being human isn't easy. In the future, I must not do inhumane and bastardly acts."

At that moment, Xia Meng happened to arrive. When he saw Lin Zicheng, he exclaimed, "Boss Lin, why are you here? Where were you?"

"Xia Meng, don't continue. Hand me my clothes. I don't wish to speak of certain matters, so don't ask. In short, let's return. Everything is over."

Lin Lei and Lin Ying ran over when they heard the commotion. When he heard Lin Zicheng's words, Lin Lei subconsciously asked, "Bro, aren't we going to catch flying dragons? I'm telling you. I caught one just now, but unfortunately a bastard monk-"


Lin Zicheng raised his hand and slapped Lin Lei in the head before harrumphing, "Don't you dare mention flying dragons in front of me! Or hazel grouses! And chickens! I'll beat the crap out of anyone who mentions them!"

With that said Lin Zicheng widened his stride and left. Lin Lei held his head and said flabbergasted, "What's happening? Bro, aren't we hunting? We didn't get anything today yet."

"No more hunting. No more! You are not to hunt either!"

"But didn't you say that a man that doesn't hunt isn't a man?"

"A man that hunts for entertainment is a beast! Do you want to be one?"

"Uh... Bro, you are scolding yourself."


The group of people left the mountain and even when they reached the road, Lin Zicheng remained silent all the time. It made the atmosphere rather repressed. When he reached Black Mountain City, Lin Zicheng immediately dissolved his company and gave all his employees their salaries. Then he donated all of the remaining money to animal preservation organizations. He then walked into the police station.

Three days later, Fangzheng saw a piece of news.

Black Mountain City had cracked a huge poaching case. The case involved more than ten of the nation's Category I and II protected animals. The numbers reached into the hundreds... It was especially mentioned that the successful cracking of the case had to do with a criminal who had given himself up. However the specifics were not elaborated on.

But of course, Fangzheng knew that the person was definitely Lin Zicheng, because...

"Ding! Congratulations. Lin Zicheng and Tiger Liang have both turned over their way of living."

"Then?" Fangzheng's heart thumped.

"Then... Let me think. Do you want a draw?"

"I can have a draw?" Fangzheng's eyes lit up.