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354 A Hundred Thousand Years

 As he squinted his eyes, Tiger Liang looked at the bald monk in front of him. He calmly asked, "How long has it been?"

Fangzheng asked with a smile, "To which place do you refer?"


"A hundred thousand years."

"What about outside?" asked Tiger Liang again.

"A second."

That's right. This was the truly horrifying aspect of the Door to Hell. A thought could result in tens of millions of years of eternal suffering!

Tiger Liang subconsciously trembled. He knew that if the monk in front of him so wished it, he could be trapped for a few more seconds. That would truly be the time of his life... But even so, his heart was still trembling. He did not dare feel angry or spew out vicious words.

Fangzheng said, "Jingxin, let the two dogs free."

Red Boy patted the dog head underneath his crotch and jumped off. The two dogs immediately ran to Tiger Liang's side.

Tiger Liang knelt on the ground as he caressed the two dogs' heads. "Thank you for all these years. In the future, let's change our way of living. I owe this mountain too much. I'll use the rest of my life to repay the debt. Tiger Liang is dead. In the future, I guess I'll go back to using my name, Liang Zequan." In the past Tiger Liang's name had been Liang Zequan. It was not a name many people knew. Later on Tiger Liang felt that his name was not domineering enough, that it was unable to bring out his might as king of the jungle. Therefore he changed his name to Tiger Liang. It was also from that moment forth that he began to wreak havoc in Mt. Tongtian. Now that he was changing his name back to the old one, it was testimony that he was determined to change for the better.

The two dogs did not understand what Tiger Liang was saying, but they could sense that the mood was not right. They whimpered softly and leaned their heads on Tiger Liang's arm as though they were trying to console him.

"Patron, what are your plans for the future?"

"I owe this mountain too much. In the past, I poached. From this day forth, I'll spend the rest of my life to protect this mountain. Perhaps my strength is limited, but every bit counts."

At that moment, Lin Zi's shouts sounded from afar. "Old Liang, where are you?"

Tiger Liang looked at Fangzheng, but Fangzheng turned around and walked into the woods. From afar he said, "Amitabha. Patron, congratulations on repenting. This Penniless Monk shall be going!"

It did not take long before Lin Zi, Lin Lei, Lin Ying, and Xia Meng ran over after Fangzheng left.

"Old Liang, what happened?" Lin Zi had no idea what had happened. He ran over and asked out of concern.

Old Liang looked up into the sky. "Nothing. Lin Zi, how long have we known each other?"

"Three years I think. Old Liang, why do you ask?" Lin Zi was puzzled.

Old Liang sighed. "I was sinful in the past. In the recent three years, I can be considered as having committed sins crazily. It's no wonder I was punished for a hundred thousand years. There's nothing wrong with that."

"What do you mean punished for a hundred thousand years?" Lin Zi was stupefied.

"Lin Zi, cut down on the poaching in the future. I have decided to abandon the life of an outlaw. In the future there will no longer be the hunter, Old Liang, but a forest protector, Old Liang. If you ever come poach again, my hunting rifle and hunting dogs will not show mercy. As friends, this is my sincere warning to you." With that said, Old Liang turned to leave.

"Old Liang, what silly talk is that?" Lin Zi was completely dumbfounded. Old Liang had only been out of his sights for a short amount of time, so how did he change so drastically? What happened to the ferocious Old Liang?

However Old Liang left without turning his head. As he walked, he said, "Trust me. If you die from my rifle, it will be much more comfortable than walking into that place. Return to your city and be a scion. Stop coming again."

Old Liang was long gone as his voice resounded in Lin Zi's head. And it was from this day forth that the mountain had one fewer Old Liang that wreaked havoc, and instead gained a forest protector, Liang Zequan, who worked for free. Liang Zequan, with his two huge dogs, chased away countless poachers. When someone nominated him as a hero, he said lightly, "I'm only a criminal atoning for his sins. How can you deem me a hero?"

Lin Zi furrowed his brows tightly. He was baffled as to what could have happened to Old Liang in such a short amount of time. With Old Liang no longer working, it also meant that his business would suffer a severe setback! This was something he absolutely did not wish to see! Furthermore, he had received a big order this time. Once he completed it, the benefits he reaped would not only be monetary. There were even other, better rewards that awaited him. Therefore he had a reason to complete the task. He had believed that it would be a sure thing with Old Liang's help and had thought nothing of it. But now, with such unforeseen circumstances, he was a little worried. If he failed, the contractual fees from breaking his promise would in no way be trivial.

At that moment, Xia Meng said in a deep voice, "The two dogs had half their faces slapped swollen. Furthermore their eyes were filled with terror. Old Liang must have encountered something."

"Brother Meng, stop scaring me. We are probably the only ones in this forest, right? We didn't do anything, so could it be that..." Lin Lei shuddered before he could finish his sentence.

Lin Zi rolled his eyes at Lin Lei. "Old Meng, tell me directly. Is there someone else here?"

Xia Meng nodded. "Definitely. If not, Old Liang would not have undergone such a drastic change. The opponent is very powerful. Boss, if it's possible, it's best we leave this place. I have a nagging feeling that someone is watching us."

After Xia Meng said that, he looked up at his surroundings. Unfortunately, other than a squirrel, there was nothing special.

"Old Meng, have you forgotten the reason why I hired you? You are not here to say when I should leave, but to resolve the problems that could make me leave. Since there's someone trying to stir trouble, resolve the problem for me! As for Old Liang, I'll settle it myself."

Xia Meng sighed deeply before saying, "I won't be able to find a person that is hiding."

"Then it's simple. Since he could stop Old Liang from hunting, all we need to do is continue hunting. The crazier the better. He will definitely appear!"

"But I'm not familiar with this forest. I'm also not familiar with the animal habits. Without a month to prepare, I won't be as skilled as Old Liang," said Xia Meng.

"Don't worry. We still have time. I'll hunt. You stand by my side and watch. If you can help, help. If you can't, find that troublemaker for me! Then, you should understand my intentions. Breaking a leg or two in the mountains is quite common, isn't it?"

Xia Meng fell silent. He knew how to kill people and obviously wild beasts as well. However, Xia Meng shook his head. "Boss Lin, I'm only your security detail. I'm only responsible for your safety. As for anything else, I'm sorry."

"Brother Meng, why are you so stubborn? Since my brother requested you to do so, why can't you just fulfill his request? He's the boss. Can't you just finish whatever he asks of you?" said Lin Lei.

Xia Meng shot a glance at Lin Lei before shaking his head. "I have my principles. I will not do things that go against my principles. If not, I would not have returned to my home country." Upon saying that, a characteristic glint flashed in his eyes.