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353 Infinite Death

 Tiger Liang had not cared about Blind Li's death.

But now, he cared. He knew that this hell he was in was hard to traverse. Every step was hell. Each step represented one of his sins! When he took the second step, the pain made him want to yell or cut off his foot. However he eventually managed to endure the pain.

When he took another step, another scene appeared in his mind. He had poured boiling water into an ant's nest. It was unknown how many ants were killed.

As he continued walking, all these scenes flashed past Tiger Liang's mind. It was painful. But Tiger Liang managed to withstand it by clenching his teeth. His heart was filled with hate. "I could kill all of you while you were alive. Now you wish to exact revenge on me in death? No way! Isn't it just pain? I can take it! I can bear with the pain! Once I ascend the knife mountain, what can you do to me? The world might be large, but who can redeem me?" At that moment, the more memories Tiger Liang recalled, the more bloodlust he had! He did not realize that a bald monk was calmly watching him from a distance.

"What an incorrigible vile person. Unfortunately for you, so what if you continue your evil ways? How can this hell be easily traversed?" Fangzheng shook his head.

Indeed, it was unknown how long Tiger Liang took, but he did manage to reach the foot of the knife mountain! He looked up at the lofty knife mountain and to his despair, he realized that it was impossible to walk up the knife mountain. He had to climb! That also meant that the pain would no longer be limited to his feet. At the very least, he needed to use his hands. If he did not do well, his chest would have its skin ripped off!

However Tiger Liang was quite a tough person. He also discovered that as long as he advanced, his wounds would rapidly heal and not tear him apart so that he would have to redo everything. Therefore all he needed to withstand was the pain! Steeling his heart, Tiger Liang gritted his teeth and extended his hands to grab the knife blades. With an angry roar, he began climbing the mountain!

At that moment, there was a tragic cry as an unlucky fool fell to the ground. Instantly, he was reduced to pieces before being revived. Tiger Liang turned his head and noticed that the revival point was the original spot. That meant that he would have to redo everything once he failed!

"I must not be made to start over! I must not be made to start over!" Tiger Liang roared inwardly. Who knew how he had endured the entire journey. Another time? That would definitely leave him in despair.

Tiger Liang continued climbing the mountain. He went higher and higher. And just like before, every step he took was a scene, a memory. Every scene and memory stirred his inner mind, meant to make criminals reflect on themselves. However, that ended up being Tiger Liang's motivation. As he climbed, he cursed, "It's just a bunch of animals. So what if they are dead? Why should I suffer because of them? Once I'm out, I'll kill them a thousand more times! Kill! Kill! Kill!"

In order to deliver his massacre, Tiger Liang kept climbing as though nothing could stop him.

However, a large and tiny ghost behind him revealed a contemptuous smile.

Just as Tiger Liang was about to reach the peak, when he had just one more step left! Tiger Liang seemed to see the light of victory already, the hope of leaving! Tiger Liang had an excited smile and just as he was about to climb over!

He heard-


A crisp sound, and Tiger Liang felt his spine be shattered from a lash! His body plummeted to the ground involuntarily. The final destination that was just inches away instantly became an unreachable target. All that was left was indignation and despair...


Tiger Liang was sliced into pieces.

And he was revived once again.

"It's not fair! I was almost out. Why did you lash at me?" Tiger Liang roared angrily as he blamed the whip-wielding ghost.

The ghost gave him a contemptuous look. "I only said that you can leave if you reach the top. When did I say I won't lash you to pieces?"

"If... If you do that, how can it be possible for anyone to reach the top?" Tiger Liang yelled hatefully. "I want to lodge a complaint against you!"

"Complaint?" The ghost looked at the larger ghost.

The large ghost raised its foot, sending Tiger Liang flying amid his cries. He landed on the knife road and was sliced to pieces.

And he was revived once again.

The smaller ghost said, "Lodge a complaint? Hehe. This Knife Mountain Hell is watched over by us brothers. All the rules are determined by us! Of course, the rule of you being able to leave once you reach the summit is set by King Hades. We can't change that, but giving a lashing to anyone that pisses me off isn't a problem. Alright, cut the crap. Do you want to continue the walk or do you want our help again?"

Tiger Liang looked at the completely unreasonable ghosts with an aggrieved look. But since he was powerless against the situation, what else could he do? The only way out was to climb up the knife mountain. If he did not take that path, it would only result in endless torture!

Tiger Liang ultimately walked forward. The memories flashed past his mind again as the pain seemed to have increased in intensity! However, Tiger Liang was extremely tenacious. Once again, he almost reached the summit!

However this time a huge foot struck down at him, and with a bam, Tiger Liang was kicked down and with a splat, he was reduced to a splatter of flesh.

"I beg you, stop fooling around with me! What must I do for you to spare me?" Tiger Liang yelled.

"It's not up to us. Everything depends on yourself." The smaller ghost grinned as he brandished his whip and lashed out!

"O- Ouch!" Tiger Liang jumped around in pain before he fell into the road of knives. The pain from his feet caused him to tumble, reducing him to a splatter of flesh.

He was reborn once again, and this time, he knew better. He no longer grumbled as he strode forward.

However the pain intensified again, and the memories turned more vivid. He failed to withstand the pain when he was halfway. He fell to the ground and died!

He was reborn before meeting death once more. Meanwhile Tiger Liang discovered that the distance he could walk was shrinking. He could see no hope.

As the saying went, a man's words were true to his heart in death. In his despair, Tiger Liang finally learned how to think, repent, and view his past seriously.

Each death meant something gained and an opportunity to repent. His negative karma, foulness, and resentment finally began to dissipate slowly.

It was unknown how many times he walked, and how many times he repented. Finally, Tiger Liang knelt right on the knife mountain, taking a kneel and kowtowing with each step. He died and was reborn countless times. When Tiger Liang stood on the summit once again, he turned his head and saw the two ghosts ignoring him. They were torturing another unlucky fool. Tiger Liang did not say a word. He bowed before taking a step into the door behind him. At that instant, he felt his body turn ethereal, as though he had repaid all the debts in his life.

However, he knew that this was only the beginning of his debt repayment! Could he ever finish paying all his debts?

"Amitabha!" At that moment, a Buddhist proclamation sounded.

A Buddhist light appeared in front of Tiger Liang. To be precise, it was a ray of sunlight, one that he had not seen in ages. He felt as though he had not seen sunlight for hundreds of thousands of years.