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347 Whats a Master?

 In the beginning, they were indeed retarded. Every time they entered the woods, the villagers had to enter the mountains to save them. But with the passage of time, these aficionados began to become clever. They also grasped better means to deal with their prey. Gradually their roles with the wild beasts changed. From time to time, they would even successfully poach a rare animal.

Early on, these people hunted to satisfy their desires, either for eating, for the leather and fur, or to flaunt their achievements.

But it developed to a point where people made it an industrial chain. They were slaughtering for profit!

This was a severe violation of the law. However the mountains were huge. Even with forest rangers and conservationists keeping an eye out, they were unable to watch the entire mountain. There would always be some who slipped through the cracks. Besides, these people came prepared. They would frequently hire experienced villagers who could lead the way. There were a few villagers that did not engage in honest work. Instead, they specialized as guides!

Back then, Dog Song had done such a job as well. It was unknown what he experienced, but the guy refused to enter the mountains again. He ended up wasting his time doing nothing in the village. This was something everyone knew, but he did not give the reason when probed.

When poachers hid in the mountain, it was very difficult to find them. This was troublesome for most people.

However, this was trivial for Fangzheng.

Liang Zequan lowered his head and looked at the grass and broken branches carefully before sneering. "This beast sure has a thick hide, and it ran fast."

"Old Liang, since it has run off, why do we still chase it?" A man in camouflage clothes and a sun hat stepped on a tree stump. He wore sunglasses as he acted cool.

"Lin Zi, you saw it too. The boars are like f**king tanks these days. This is a self-made rifle. It's not a problem shooting some chickens. But do you really think it's some Rambo-like Gatling gun? Don't be fooled by the blood it bled. That was only a superficial wound. If you really want to finish it, you have to think of a way to hold it back and shoot it up close." Old Liang rolled his eyes at Lin Zi.

Lin Zi laughed out loud. "Old Liang, I never expected you to begin being so humorous. I only said it in passing. You also know that although boar meat is no longer as expensive as it was in the past, it still can be sold for quite a sizable amount of money if you can get your some. Of course, that's nothing compared to getting two flying dragons. Hehe..."

Upon saying this, Lin Zi subconsciously swallowed mouthfuls of saliva.

"Flying dragons are becoming rarer in recent years. If you can really get one, you'll make a killing." Old Liang's eyes lit up as well before he shook his head. "However, it's quite difficult to get a flying dragon in the periphery of Mt. Tongtian. There might be a chance if you venture in deeper. Let's go. There's still plenty of time for today. Let's take it slow. There's no hurry."

Lin Zi nodded. "Sure, you are the expert. I'll follow you. Guys, let's go!"

"We're coming." Two other men and a woman got up from the ground and followed.

At that moment in the forest, a huge wild boar was sprawled under a tree, licking its wound while remaining alert.

At that moment, a series of footsteps came from a distance. The boar grunted and stood up. It stared in the direction of the sound with eyes red. As the shrubs parted, the boar grunted and charged over without taking a careful look!

At that moment, a Buddhist proclamation sounded. "Amitabha. Wild boar, you should know better. This Penniless Monk is here to help you."

However, the boar had already charged over and failed to stop in time. A familiar palm smacked it and with a loud colliding sound, the boar was diverted to the side while it tumbled on the ground before stopping as it hit an old tree. The boar shook its head and looked up. It saw a white-robed monk standing in the woods. Upon seeing Fangzheng, the boar looked dazed. The baldy looked somewhat familiar.

When Fangzheng saw the boar's dazed look, he shook his head helplessly, thinking to himself, "This pig's memory sure is bad. It's no wonder they can't elevate themselves from being called stupid."

"Jingxin," Fangzheng whispered. Following that, the boar saw a brat dressed in a red dudou walk out from behind Fangzheng. The boar's pupils immediately constricted as its muscles turned tense. Even its fur stood on its end!

Boars did have poor memories, but that was because they could not be bothered to remember things they thought nothing of! There were things they would remember, however; for example things that represented danger or this invincible young ancestor that was a boar slayer!

All the boars in the Mt. Tongtian periphery had been given a beating by Fangzheng and Red Boy, and especially by Red Boy. The terrifying aura he had and the flames he spewed had scared the living daylights out of the boars! How could it not remember?

The boar let out a low growl and turned around before scampering off! Since it could not offend Red Boy, it could only run! In a blink of an eye, it vanished into the woods.

Fangzheng shook his head helplessly. He patted Red Boy on the head and with a grin, Red Boy took a step forward...

"Aooo..." It did not take Red Boy long to return. He had one hand on the pig's tail and the other hand on its feet. He dragged the huge boar which weighed a few hundred kilograms the entire way. The wild boar squealed like it was a young bride about to consummate her marriage. It wailed as it kicked, tears flowing into a river. It had two lumps on its head. It was obvious where those came from.

"Master, I got it back. This guy sure isn't obedient." Red Boy threw the boar to the ground and clapped his hands.

The boar was also intelligent. It knew it could not escape and decided to give up on doing so. It sprawled on the ground trembling, its ass lifted high into the air. It remembered that this was what it did previously to survive under the little demon king's hand. It was likely to be fine if it prostrated like that again.

Fangzheng was rendered speechless when he saw the boar in this posture. He walked over and patted the boar on the head. "Amitabha, get up."

The boar stole a glance at Red Boy. Compared to the baldy without any fur on its head, it was more afraid of the one with fur on its head.

Red Boy slapped him. "This is my master!"

The boar asked pitifully, "What's a master?"

Red Boy looked up into the sky. "Master, I need a pig-slaughtering knife."

The boar trembled. He knew that what a master was was no longer important. It just needed to know that the baldy was more powerful! It was likely that the baldy was the little demon king's king! The boar horde had a king too. This was likely a bald king. Therefore, the boar looked obediently at Fangzheng. "About that, what do you want to do?"

"Let This Penniless Monk look at your wound."

The boar looked suspiciously at him, but since its life was in the hands of the duo, it could only submit to them. It turned its body to the side. There was a red patch on its thick skin with some mud on it.

Fangzheng checked for a moment and confirmed that it was a superficial wound. The boar would be fine. Furthermore, he confirmed that it was a wound caused by a self-made firearm.

"Self-made firearms. This is no longer your typical poaching," uttered Fangzheng.

"Master, what did you say?" Red Boy asked out of curiosity.