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344 Helping Others Even Without Divine Powers

 Upon coming to this realization, Cao Can immediately turned and ran back to where he was before. However, where was Fangzheng?

He looked at the sky and then back at the mine. The deathly color in him gradually dissipated as he smiled, "It's not over until it's over. There will definitely be a solution!"

With that, Cao Can ran back home.

The moment he stepped in, Cao Can saw Cao Xueke playing with the rabbit doll without a ear in the yard. Cao Can did not wait a moment longer as he charged forward and hugged Cao Xueke, kissed her, and spun around three times. It made Cao Xueke produce bell-like laughter.

Upon hearing her daughter's laughter, Li Xiang walked out as well as she said, "Xueke, what happened to make you this happy? Eh? Old Cao, why... Why are you back so early today?"

"There's a power outage at the mine. It seems there's some inspection needed as well. We were told to stop work for the day, so I came back," said Cao Can with a laugh. Although his child had not recovered from her illness, he had died once. After experiencing the separation caused by life and death, Cao Can, who had experienced the pain of being able to watch but not interact, cherished everything before him greatly. Everything in front of him appeared perfect in his eyes!

Li Xiang looked at the beaming Cao Can and asked oddly, "Are you alright?"

"Of course! Alright, Xueke, let's go! Daddy will take you to meet someone!" After Cao Can said that, he carried Cao Xueke out the door.

Li Xiang chased up him and asked, "Old Cao, are you really... alright?"

"I'm fine. I'm fine. Heh heh!" Cao Can was feeling really happy. He waved his hand as he left with his daughter in his arms. He also wished to return back to kiss Li Xiang on the lips, but since their daughter was around, he could not thicken his skin enough to do it.

"Master, that patron is here again." Fangzheng was reading the scriptures when he saw Squirrel run in, shouting.

Fangzheng smiled. "They are here if they are here. Why are you so excited?"

With that said, Fangzheng got up and went to the front yard.

The moment he saw Fangzheng, Cao Can immediately knelt down and said sincerely, "Venerable One, please save my daughter. As long as you save her, I'm willing to do anything."

Cao Xueke was shocked seeing her father's actions. She obediently knelt down as well.

However, Fangzheng side-stepped and smiled. "Patron, This Penniless Monk cannot accept your bow."

"This... Venerable One!" Cao Can was not an eloquent speaker. All he could think of was to plead with this divine monk to save his daughter. However, if the monk was not accepting his bow, did it mean that he was not saving his daughter?

Fangzheng smiled. "Patron, please get up. This Penniless Monk cannot treat your daughter's illness, but This Penniless Monk knows someone who might be able to help you."

"Who?" asked Cao Can immediately.

Fangzheng smiled. "Wait a moment. She will be here soon."

After Fangzheng said that, he got Monkey to entertain Cao Can and Squirrel to play with Cao Xueke. Seconds changed to minutes, but Cao Can felt like years were passing by. He yearned for the person to appear, but as he looked forward to it, he also felt worried. If the person was unwilling to help him, what would he do?

On the other hand, Fangzheng was not anxious. He sat silently under the bodhi tree and read his Buddhist scriptures. The sunlight poured through the gaps in the bodhi tree's leaves, leaving spots on the ground.

Not long later, a series of footsteps came from outside. Following that, a familiar voice sounded from outside, "Venerable One, where are you?"

After that, a pair of long legs walked into One Finger Monastery.

Cao Can immediately stood up when he heard the voice. He traced the location of the voice and saw a woman draped in a white shawl who was wearing long gray pants walk in. The way she carried herself was very good. Clearly, she was no ordinary person.

Cao Can looked at Fangzheng as if to ask him who she was.

Fangzheng closed his scripture book and stood up. He pressed his palms together. "Amitabha, Patron Jing Yan, long time no see. The person This Penniless Monk spoke of is this patron."

Jing Yan looked at Cao Can and gave a warm smile. She extended her right hand generously. "Hello, my name is Jing Yan. I'm currently a reporter at Songwu County's county newspaper. I've heard about your situation. Leave it to me."

"Ah... Ah? Oh... Ah! Thank you!" Cao Can was completely dumbfounded. He did not even understand what was happening. He had been a miner all his life and had not had much life experience. He had heard the word reporter on television and always felt that these people were high and mighty figures. He was somewhat lost having such a figure so close to him.

Cao Can subconsciously held his hand to his back and wiped it against his clothes before extending it to shake Jing Yan's.

Upon seeing this, Jing Yan immediately retracted her hands. She imitated Cao Can and wiped her hands before shaking his hand.

Cao Can was once again stunned before he laughed with her. Goodness could spread. By respecting the other person, the other person also showed him respect. The feeling of being respected made him feel good.

Fangzheng nodded his head when he saw this. He realized that Jing Yan was a different person every time he met her. The first time he met her, she was a little bossy. She had a lofty arrogance about her, but she was not bad deep down. Perhaps it had to do with her upbringing. Later, Jing Yan went to help the poor and gave out boxes of items, but did not know the correct way of giving out items. She had the heart, but not the correct method. Now, although she still had queen-like traits, her entire being now effused a genial aura. Her actions were now considerate.

"You're welcome. You are a good father," said Jing Yan.

"No... I'm a failure as a father. I can't even help my own child," Cao Can said as he lowered his head.

"You have already done very well. Although you are unable to provide monetarily, the love you have for her is the same as that of all fathers in the world, or even more. With your permission, I wish to have a special interview with you. In addition, I will help you seek help on some charity websites. As you know, an illness like thalassemia requires quite a lot of treatment fees in the later stages. Typically others, with a person or two, will not be able to help you. But if you gather the help from countless kind-hearted souls, every little will make a mickle. Once there's a lot of people, it won't be a problem. However, I will have to be responsible towards the good will of the people. I have to understand your situation in its entirety and truthfully. You cannot lie or I will not help you."

"Oh... As long as I can save Xueke, I will definitely say everything truthfully," said Cao Can nervously.

"That's simple. I will ask you this question first. What do you think of Venerable Fangzheng?" Jing Yan suddenly asked playfully.

Cao Can and Fangzheng were taken aback. Cao Can looked at Fangzheng in a surprise while Fangzheng rubbed his nose. He was dumbfounded. How did he get into the line of fire?

When Cao Can saw Fangzheng's embarrassed look, he could not help but laugh. His nervous feelings finally relaxed. "He's rather handsome."

Jing Yan chuckled. "I think so too. If it's possible, can I make a trip to your home?"

Cao Can hurriedly nodded.

When she left the monastery, Jing Yan turned to look at Fangzheng. "Venerable One, shall we go together?"

Fangzheng shook his head. "This Penniless Monk won't be going. As you have seen, it's not nice if there's no one in the monastery. This Penniless Monk will just wait for the news."