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342 Life Or Death

 After Cao Can left home, when he saw that he was about to reach the mine, he saw a white figure ahead of him. It looked familiar, and when he neared it, he was instantly stunned. Cao Can said in astonishment, "Venerable One, why are you here?"

For some reason, Cao Can felt his heart tremble when he saw Fangzheng. It was as though all his secrets could be seen through by Fangzheng. He was a little afraid of the monk in front of him. If his plan failed to proceed... What would happen to Xueke?

As the saying went, 'A clear conscience sleeps unperturbed in thunder.' It was precisely because Cao Can did not have a clear conscious that he was flustered.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. This Penniless Monk is here waiting for a duck."

"A duck?" Cao Can was taken aback.

"Yes, that duck wishes to drown today," said Fangzheng with a smile.

The color in Cao Can's face drained instantly as he said nervously, "Venerable One, then go ahead and wait."

With that said, Cao Can wished to leave. He discovered that he could not help but feel guilty when facing the radiant monk who did not appear very old. Besides, he had a nagging feeling that Fangzheng seemed to know what he was up to.

However, when Cao Can brushed past Fangzheng, he heard him say, "Patron, the water in the lake has dried up."

Cao Can immediately frowned. He did not know what Fangzheng was trying to say, and he sped up his pace to leave.

Shortly, Monkey jumped down from the tree and shouted, "Master, it's done!"

"Well done. Let's go." Fangzheng chuckled as he turned back to look at Cao Can who was rushing towards his working site. A glint flashed in his eyes.

After Cao Can entered the mine, everything happened as per normal. He signed in, changed his attire, and followed everyone down the mine. At that moment, someone shouted that the mine shaft had been blocked.

Cao Can felt a jolt in his heart when he heard that as he immediately ran over. "What's the matter?"

"This mine shaft has been blocked. This will really be troublesome. If it's too narrow, it's not easy to descend," said a worker.

"If there's no ventilation, something bad will happen below. I'll go down," Cao Can immediately volunteered bravely.

"Cao Can, don't be in a rush. This matter is not easily resolved. If the mind shaft is too narrow, it's easy for people to get suck in there. If you are tipped over in suspension for long periods of time... As well as the poor ventilation below, it'd be easy to cause death," said someone worriedly.

Cao Can said, "What about the boss?"

"I can't get reach his phone. I've no idea where he is," a foreman walked over and grumbled.

"Who would dare go down to mine if the mine shaft isn't cleared?" someone grumbled.

The foreman was anxious as well. If they did not work a day, the losses would amount to a huge sum. If the boss were to learn of it, he would definitely suffer his boss's wrath.

Cao Can offered himself, "Brother Wang, I'm a veteran. I know the situation below very well. I'll go down and give it a try. If it really doesn't work, we can think of another solution."

"Alright. Go down and give it a try. If it really doesn't work, come back up quickly," said Foreman Wang.

"Alright." Cao Can immediately took of his shirt. He did not have a bulky body, but he could be considered lean. He wrapped a rope around his body as a few of his fellow workers slowly lowered him into the mine shaft. The mine shaft was not the usual kind. It was very narrow and someone of a bigger build would not even be able to enter. This was also a common problem in private old mines in rural regions. Many things were antiquated. They lacked the scientific level of administration and planning.

Cao Can was gradually lowered as the people above waited nervously. They had previously decided that they would pull Cao Can up once he tugged at the light rope.

However, there was not a single stir after Cao Can was lowered for three minutes. In the beginning, they still could feel the rope tightening and moving, but eventually, it stopped moving. With the light rope not having any reaction all this time, no one was in a hurry to pull him up, even though they were anxious. They trusted the veteran, Cao Can.

Another minute passed when they felt some movement from the rope. Clearly, the person beneath was still alive and moving. Everyone let out a collective sigh.

Then, there was no motion again.

The foreman turned a little impatient. "Let's pull him up and ask him about the situation."

Everyone nodded as they began pulling. But they realized that they could not pull him up at all. It was as though something was stuck beneath!

The foreman immediately turned anxious. "We have to pull him up even if he's stuck. We can't let him stay down there for too long."

Everyone used their strength to pull, and after a few minutes, everyone managed to collectively pull Cao Can up. However, his face was flushed red. Clearly, the blood had gotten to his head and his eyes were wide open. His body was stiff!

Everyone jumped in fright as they placed Cao Can on the ground to resuscitate him. However, Cao Can was already dead for some time. It was impossible to turn back time.

Everyone turned flustered. The other workers ran over when they heard the news. Phone calls were made to the police and ambulance. It was a mess.

"Amitabha. Patron, let it be as you wish." At that moment, a Buddhist proclamation sounded. Cao Can, who was groggy, suddenly opened his eyes. He was astonished to discover that he was lying on the ground! He looked at the crowd around him, as well as Fangzheng, and exclaimed, "Why am I not dead?"

"You are already dead," said Fangzheng lightly before looking behind Cao Can.

Cao Can turned his head and indeed, there was another him lying on the ground. The color of the body's face was extremely nasty. He was already beyond saving.

"What's going on?" Cao Can was alarmed. "Did I become a ghost?"

Fangzheng nodded. "Patron, you have died as you wished. It's time to reincarnate. From this moment forth, you and your family are separated by life and death, severing all connections."

Only then did Cao Can snap to his senses. He was dead, but how was Fangzheng able to see him? After recalling the accounts regarding Fangzheng, he grabbed Fangzheng and said, "Venerable One, I don't want to reincarnate. I... I want to wa- watch my child and my wife, my family. Please, I beg you to help me!"

Fangzheng shook his head. "This Penniless Monk will not help selfish people. Patron, when you entered the shaft, you held a short pole and used it to pin your body, preventing the others from pulling you up in a timely fashion. You ended up suffocating to death down there. And all you wished was for the mine owner to compensate you for your death. You are too selfish by doing that."

"I have my reasons. My daughter has thalassemia. The doctors say she won't have many more years to live. But her symptoms now are still minor. It's still possible for her to be treated, but the amount of money needed is just too much. I have borrowed what I can borrow and sold what I can sell. I have nothing left now. I can't watch her die! Now, this is the only thing I can do, which is to use my life in exchange for hers! A bit over two hundred thousand is peanuts to my boss, but to me, it's enough to save a life," Cao Can wailed.

Fangzheng shook his head and retorted, "Is your boss an evil person?"

"No, he isn't a bad person. In the year since he took over the mine, everyone's salary increased a grade. Besides that, he employed specialists to design safety precautions for the mine.The safety equipment has already been sent here. It just hasn't been installed yet. On this point, he is much more responsible than the bosses from before. However, he is a bit insincere. He promises a lot, but little has been fulfilled. I even heard... I heard that he is in financial trouble because of the safety equipment he purchased..." With that said, Cao Can lowered his head.