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327 Lottery Draw

 "Oh?" Fangzheng was stunned, "There's water? Where?"

Red Boy pointed into a distant mountain and said, "South of that mountain is a river, but it is unable to flow over due to the mountain's obstruction. The locals' problems could be resolved if a hole through the mountain were made, allowing the river to flow. Back when you told me to Call the Wind and Summon the Rain, I flew onto the mountaintop and saw people doing construction work. It looked like they were trying to open up a tunnel."

Fangzheng's eyes lit up as he immediately ran to Village Chief Lei to ask about the situation.

Village Chief Lei nodded, "Progress on that tunnel has been happening for almost a year. The previous mayor came to our village once together with scientists who said our land was very suitable for the planting of something. They said that as long as there was water, everything would turn for the better. I don't know much about that, but it seems the construction work encountered some trouble. There was a lack of funding, which resulted in the construction work being put on hold. Sigh, to be honest, I have no idea when the water can flow over."

"Will there be any danger when the water surges in?"

"There won't be. We had water here in the past with a river channel. As long as the water flows here, it will enter the channel and not cause us any danger," explained Village Chief Lei. At that moment, someone came looking for him, and he bade Fangzheng farewell.

Fangzheng looked at Red Boy as he said bitterly, "Master, speak no further. All the hard work will definitely be left to me, right?"

Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly heard the System's prompt which had not appeared in a while.

"A reminder, you have one draw at the lottery for saving He Ming. In addition, digging up a tunnel would result in great merit. If you get Red Boy to do it, the merit will be his. You will only earn a little credit, but nothing much. What you plan to do is up to you."

Fangzheng was taken aback when he heard that. He immediately swung his upper arm as he patted Red Boy, "My dear disciple, how can a kind master like yours be exploiting you all the time? Get some tool for your master. He's going up the mountain to dig a tunnel!"

Red Boy was stunned as he looked suspiciously at Fangzheng, "Master, are you certain?"

"Of course! A tunnel will be dug out by me personally to benefit all these people! Cut the crap. Make haste." Fangzheng pushed Red Boy away as Red Boy scratched his head while searching for pickaxe-like tools.

As for Fangzheng, he began the lottery draw, "System, begin the draw!"

"Ding! Congratulations on obtaining a string of Zen Buddha Beads!"

"Buddha Beads?" Fangzheng was taken aback before a blob of Buddhist light appeared in front of him. As it scattered, a string of beads made of the Seven Treasures-gold, silver, crystal, aquamarine, conch shell, ruby, and emerald-appeared in his hand. There were a total of 18 Buddhist prayer beads!

Fangzheng was immediately given a fright when he saw them!

The Buddha Beads that one could see sold on the market were mostly made of wood. There were some of higher grades that were made of bodhi seeds. However, beads made of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism were practically unseen! It was obvious that the Buddha Beads he held were very valuable. Fangzheng even mused over the possibility of selling one of the beads if he was really broke one day. It would probably be enough for him to gallivant for several years.

"This is a Buddhist treasure. If you dare sell it, hehe... You will know what it means to feel painful pleasure."

When Fangzheng heard the System's sinister laughter, he decisively abandoned the thought. But out of curiosity, he asked, "System, why did you only give me the holding beads and not the entire set? Why didn't you add on the ornament beads and hanging beads?"

"Dream on. Holding beads are already one of the three treasures of Buddhism. You already lucked out greatly from getting them. You still want the entire set? Those holding beads of yours are not some run-of-the-mill beads. They are cherished treasures of the Zen school of thought. The Eighteen Buddha Beads are also commonly known as the Eighteen Seeds. The eighteen here refers to the eighteen realms. They are the six sense organs, the six objects people perceive, and the six consciousnesses!

Each of these eighteen Buddha Beads will help you in casting one divine power. This also means that the usage of the Buddha Beads can aid your unreliable Divine State in choosing a particular kind of divine power once the Buddhist powers in one of the Buddha Beads is expended! You can Call the Wind and Summon the Rain if you wish. You can Cast Beans for Soldiers if you so wish! But, once the Buddhist powers in it are expended, it will be difficult to replenish them. With the incense offerings your tiny monastery gets, don't even think about filling one Buddha Bead without waiting ten years."

Fangzheng disparaged at the thought when he heard that, "System Bro, you are being too stingy. I know the holding beads are impressive, but there are many types, aren't there? Different types have different numbers, right? I have eighteen here, which is slightly better than the lamentable state which Guan Yin Bodhisattva has with the ten directions, three times, six destinies and others, as well as the fourteen holding beads that give all life the fourteen types of fearless merit, isn't that so? But I recall that the one with the most number of beads is a set of hanging beads which has a total of 1008 Buddha Beads... Why don't you exchange it for me?"

"Sure, why don't I exchange one with fourteen for you?"

"Treat it as I never said a word!" Fangzheng decisively gave up. He knew that negotiating with the stingy System was a pure waste of time. However, since Red Boy was still not back, he did have some time to waste. Besides, what if he succeeded? Upon thinking of the beads on the holding beads, Fangzheng began coveting the hanging beads made up of 1008 Buddha Beads! That would truly be awesome!

But on second thought, the length of 1008 Buddha Beads made Fangzheng subconsciously give a cheesy grin. There were such meditation beads, but they were typically used in major Dharma Assemblies. Only accomplished and famous monks would use those as a decoration. No one would bring them around usually. What for? If one hung such a huge string of beads on their neck, with it circling it again and again, just the thought of it was odd.

As Fangzheng was letting his thoughts run wild, Red Boy returned. The brat had borrowed a pickaxe. He did not lift it up or carry it but instead, he had dragged it all the way here, drawing a long mark across the ground.

"Master, I got the pickaxe. Go on." Red Boy threw the pickaxe in front of Fangzheng, producing a dull thud.

"My dear disciple, you are efficient," said Fangzheng with a chuckle.

"Of course!"

"Well done. Alright, take it back."


Finally, Red Boy returned the pickaxe feeling extremely peeved due to Fangzheng's unspoken threats. Then, he flew Fangzheng beyond the mountain.

When Fangzheng looked at the mountain beneath him and where the passageway was, he took a deep breath as he took out the meditation beads. He silently cast his Divine State and a moment later, the divine power that he needed appeared in his mind: Mountain Opening!

With a thought, Fangzheng pointed at the mountain beneath him and said, "Open!"

Following that, the mountain trembled violently as its interiors rumbled.

The workers who were working on the side of the mountain suddenly felt the mountain tremble, and they hurriedly triggered the alarm in fright, shouting, "Earthquake! Earthquake. Quickly pull out of the tunnel!"

The workers inside the tunnel were left dumbfounded! They were digging inside when the tunnel in front of them suddenly shook. Then, the rocks in front of them shattered and fell to the ground as the tunnel extended away from them! They lost all notion of time. Perhaps a few hours passed, perhaps a few minutes, or maybe even just a few seconds!