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326 Theres Water

 Upon seeing this scene, all He Ming could do was thank them profusely. But he received even more thanking in return.

When Fangzheng saw this, all he could do was sigh. True kindness beget true kindness. It was not strange that He Ming could receive such treatment.

However, what shocked Fangzheng was that another person arrived in the village in the evening!

"Liu Yuan?" He Ming was dumbfounded.

Standing by the door of He Ming's new house stood a woman wearing jeans, a blue blouse, and a sun hat. She was quiet, but she smiled very sweetly.

"Why are you here?" He Ming asked perplexed.

Liu Yuan smiled faintly, "You do know I teach Chinese and Literature, right? After I graduate, I plan on becoming a teacher. Now that the pressure of getting a job is so high and the children here are lacking teachers, I have decided to be a teacher here."

"What?" He Ming, Fangzheng, Red Boy, and Village Chief Lei were given a shock! In every sense of the meaning, Liu Yuan was a city person. She was the typical white-collar worker who drank coffee in the office, an elite of the future. Yet, she came to this rural, godforsaken place to be a teacher. It was completely... unbelievable!

Fangzheng looked at Liu Yuan and then He Ming. He Ming was in a daze while Liu Yuan was filled with warm passion. Fangzheng sighed and patted Red Boy on the head, "Let's go."

"Master, what are we going to do? I still want to see why Sis Liu will be staying," cried Red Boy unhappily.

"What's there to see. Let's go." Fangzheng grabbed one of Red Boy's erect plaits and dragged him away. Red Boy cried indignantly along the way, "What are you doing! I want to watch."

"There's nothing a kid like you should see. Join your master in reciting the scriptures." Although Fangzheng had never been in love, he had seen and watched similar scenes in novels and on television. A silly guy like He Ming might not be able to tell, but Liu Yuan's eyes explained everything. At that moment, it was indeed not right to have too many third wheels. Especially a huge third wheel like him!

However, once the master and disciple left the yard, Fangzheng covered Red Boy's mouth and whispered, "Do you really want to continue watching?"

Red Boy nodded.

"Then don't you utter a word no matter what you see in a while!"

Red Boy continued nodding.

Then, the inglorious master-and-disciple pair began climbing the wall and discovered that there was another person on the wall opposite them. On careful look, it was Village Chief Lei who had left earlier than them! The trio exchanged looks and understood each other without a word. They smiled and fell silent.

In the yard, He Ming was scratching his head, somewhat at a loss at what to say.

Instead, it was Liu Yuan who liberally walked over and surveyed her surroundings and sized up the yard. She said satisfied, "This place is not bad. It's quite good."

The moment Fangzheng heard that, he knew that He Ming had hope!

But He Ming replied like an idiot, "It's not bad. It's still a little dirty. Hey, if you are going to be a teacher here, where are you going to stay?"

Fangzheng rolled his eyes when he heard that. He really wanted to slap He Ming with a brick to straighten his thoughts.

Indeed, Liu Yuan was rendered somewhat speechless. She said, "I don't have a place to stay yet. Do you have enough space here?"

"I do, but there's no additional bed."

This time it wasn't Fangzheng who reacted, but Red Boy who started grinding his teeth. He cursed, "What an idiot."

Fangzheng smacked him, "You are just a kid. What do you know?"

Red Boy pouted his mouth, "I'm already more than two hundred years old. Who are you calling a kid? Isn't it just getting a partner? I know that! My mom taught me, but I just lack actual experience."

"Congratulations. You won't have a chance in the future," Fangzheng said in all seriousness.

Red Boy was watching in grief, too deep for tears. However, the moment he thought of a woman like Yao Yuxin, he instantly felt no love for women.

Meanwhile, Liu Yuan had once again been made speechless by He Ming's actions. She bit her lips and asked, "Are you certain that you are staying?"

"Who knows? At the very least, I should do what needs to be done. Once the stairway to heaven is fixed, someone will have to check it. Uncle Lu fell to his death recently, so I do not wish such an unfortunate event to happen again." The moment the topic was on good deeds, He Ming immediately became the thoughtful team leader. However, once the topic was on love, he would immediately turn into a retard. He asked Liu Yuan, "What about you? You haven't graduated from college, right? It's not the right time for you to be here."

Liu Yuan looked into the sky, "I'm here... to find something. Either I find it soon or I'll stay here to find it my entire life." With that said, Liu Yuan looked He Ming.

When He Ming heard that Liu Yuan was looking for something, he immediately turned spirited, "What are you looking for? Tell me. I'll help you seek it. I wouldn't dare make promises about anything else, but the villagers are all very nice people. If I tell them, they will definitely help you. It will definitely be found if it's here!"

Fangzheng and Red Boy exchanged looks and began grinding their teeth.

Even Village Chief Lei, who stood across them, was rolling his eyes. Clearly, he could not bear with He Ming's low emotional quotient!

Liu Yuan looked at He Ming in front of her and realized that the guy was really stupid! Peeved, she said, "Forget it. I'll look for it another day. I'll ask Village Chief to see where I can stay."

"Sure. Village Chief Lei is a really enthusiastic person. He will definitely find you a good place to live in. Heh heh."

Fangzheng could not stand to watch any further. Although He Ming was a good man, his emotional quotient was too low! Clenching his teeth, Fangzheng produced a seal and shot it at He Ming. He Ming felt his entire body clamp up as he turned motionless. Just as he was feeling a little horrified, he realized his body was automatically moving as he suddenly shouted towards Liu Yuan's back, "Don't go. Liu Yuan! I love you!"

This shout had used up all his strength. It was earth-shattering and was probably something the entire village heard!

After the shout, He Ming realized that he had regained control of his body. However, he was dumbfounded in shock. Why did he shout out such shameless and embarrassing words? How would Liu Yuan think of him? If he was rejected, how would they interact in the future?

At that moment, Liu Yuan turned around and looked at He Ming. She said with a smile, "You fool. You have finally straightened out your thoughts."

He Ming was taken aback. He was not really foolish. He only had a tiny inferiority complex. He had deliberately ignored certain things to prevent his thoughts from going astray. He was afraid that his one-sided love would make him misunderstand her feelings for him, making it impossible for them to be friends in the future. In the end... This baffling roar seemed to... bring success!

Liu Yuan knew He Ming's character. Since even He Ming had shouted it out, what did she need to be embarrassed about? She went to He Ming's side and held his hand for the first time, "I'm here to accompany you. Are you willing to accompany me?"

He Ming smiled, a foolish-looking smile.

Upon seeing this, Fangzheng and Red Boy shook their heads in unison. They lost all hope for the fool. They pulled back their heads from the wall and departed while shaking their heads.

Although the matter was temporarily resolved, this place was in a perennial drought. No one was certain if something similar to what happened that day would happen again in the future.

At that moment, Red Boy whispered, "Master, there's actually water here."