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305 Send Him In

 Fangzheng was stunned. He never expected to be mistaken for a fake monk. He said with a smile, "Amitabha. This Penniless Monk is not here to sell anything."

"Then why are you here?" asked Liu Na out of curiosity.

Fangzheng took a deep breath and asked seriously, "Patrons, does the patron inside have some unfulfilled wish?"

The family members were taken aback as Jiang Min subconsciously asked, "Venerable One, how do you know of that?"

Huang Xinghua subconsciously tightened his grip on the box, bringing it closer to his chest. He said warily, "You must be asking that question because you saw my father hugging the box tightly, right?" Huang Xinghua was no fool. Anyone who saw the previous situation would know that the elderly man had an unfulfilled wish, something that he could not let go of. He had already decided that Fangzheng was a cheat. However, his scamming tactics were just too juvenile.

Fangzheng had nothing to conceal. After all, a clear conscience laughs in the face of a false accusation. What he should do was to be done. Therefore, Fangzheng nodded, "That is indeed the case."

Huang Xinghua was taken aback. The monk had not resorted to excuses? He was intrigued, curious what the monk would say next. Regardless, he would immediately chase the monk away if he wanted any money. Huang Xinghua said, "Venerable One, are you able to help my father fulfill his wishes?"

"If it's possible, This Penniless Monk is very willing to do so. But now..."

Upon saying that, Fangzheng immediately frowned.

"Venerable One, why aren't you continuing? What about now?" pressed Liu Na.

"Patrons, if it's possible, quickly bring that box into the operating theater. Without that box, the surgery will turn dangerous." Fangzheng was not being alarmist, but he had his Wisdom Eye constantly activated. He had noticed that the golden light in the operating theater had dimmed suddenly. It meant that the elder's life was almost ending! However, the golden light was especially bright in the direction of the box like an arrow. It was clearly indicating to Fangzheng that the box was key!

"What did you say? What danger?" Huang Zhenhua, who was returning from outside, heard that and was instantly incensed. He charged over fuming.

Liu Na hurriedly pulled back Huang Zhenhua, but she also had a nasty expression. "Venerable One, if there's nothing, please leave. We do not welcome you here."

Anyone would be irritated if someone spoke ill of their family member who was undergoing surgery.

Huang Xinghua and Jiang Min were no different. Their expressions were extremely nasty.

Fangzheng sighed and knew he had gone overboard with his words. However, he did not say anything and instead stood up to leave.

At that moment, the operating theater's door opened as a nurse rushed out.

"Nurse, how's my father?" The quartet charged over immediately and stopped the nurse.

She said anxiously, "Aiyah, stop asking. I'm in a hurry. The elder is in critical condition. I'm trying to get some medicine!"

The quartet immediately made way when they heard that. The nurse ran off. When Fangzheng saw this, he pricked up his brows and tugged at Red Boy to walk out. Red Boy whispered, "Master, are we leaving just like that? Didn't you say you were here to save someone? Are you giving up just like that?" Red Boy was a fearless person from a young age. He hated to admit defeat. Thus, if he were to leave today without doing a thing, he would keep feeling aggrieved. Although Fangzheng was the one that embarrassed himself, they were together. He immediately felt like they were facing a common enemy.

Fangzheng smiled, "10... 9... 8..."

"Eh? Master, are you possessed?" Red Boy was puzzled why his silly master was counting down as he walked.

When Huang Xinghua, Jiang Min, Huang Zhenhua, and Liu Na heard the nurse's words and saw Fangzheng leaving, they shuddered. They realized that whatever Fangzheng said was congruent with the nurse's words. They exchanged looks.

Huang Xinghua subconsciously cried out, "Venerable One, hold on!"

At that moment, Fangzheng had already counted down to six!

Red Boy was stunned as he secretly gave Fangzheng a big thumbs up. Impressive!

Fangzheng turned his head and asked with an amiable tone, "Patrons, is there anything else?"

"Venerable One, how did you know my dad... was... You know?" He felt that it was not appropriate to describe it as that would bring bad luck. Huang Xinghua could only refer to it vaguely.

"This Penniless Monk naturally knew. Your father's mind and heart was all on that box. Without the box, he would not feel assured. This kind of illness is naturally difficult to treat. Bring the box in and let him see it. He will feel at ease. His desire to live on will also intensify because of the obsession in his mind."

Fangzheng did not refer to any mystical Buddhist Dharma and instead gave a simple explanation.

Huang Xinghua and company were not idiots. If they could not understand the simple explanation, they would truly be fools.

At that moment, the nurse came rushing over. Huang Xinghua quickly stopped the nurse and requested for her to bring the box into the operating theater to show his father.

The nurse blew her top, "Why are you adding to our troubles at this point in time?"

Huang Xinghua was placed in a difficult spot. After all, no one could speak with certainty about such things, nor was it easily explained. He did not even know how to begin.

At that moment, Fangzheng came forward, "Only with the heart alive will a person live on. This has been an obsession of the elder his entire life. If he doesn't see it, no amount of medical skills can save him."

"Why is a monk like you speaking nonsense?" The nurse glared at Fangzheng with a displeased look. This look made her realize that the monk was rather handsome... At the very least, the air he exuded was completely unlike the youths she knew. He made her eyes light up.

However, it was a fleeting thought. At that moment, another nurse came out and shouted, "Yu Fei, what's taking you so long?"

Yu Fei immediately jolted to her senses and turned around to leave. Just as Huang Xinghua was about to say something, he realized that Yu Fei had taken the box from him. Upon seeing this, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

When Yu Fei brought the box to the door, she immediately placed the box into a bag to prevent any germs from entering the operating theater.

When Huang Xinghua saw the nurse take away the box, he realized how foolish he was. What was there? Was it not an operating theater? Who was the person outside? A monk that did not know any medicine. He actually heeded the advice from a monk. This... was truly f**ked up. However, it was too late for regret. He could not hate the monk since it was only a suggestion. He had not been forced to do it and the final decision was his.

While Huang Xinghua felt regret, Huang Zhenhua, Liu Na, and Jiang Min shared the same feelings. They turned anxious and worried in various ways.

It was Fangzheng that sat calmly outside the door. However, his eyes were trained on the operating theater. He did not know medicine, and he was unable to resurrect the death. However, Fangzheng trusted the System. Since the Formless Door had sent him here, it meant that he had a chance to help fulfill the elder's wishes. If not, what was the point in sending him here? Wouldn't it be a joke? Furthermore, with such great merit, there was no reason for an opportunity to vanish now that he had gained an opportunity by meeting Fangzheng. It might have turned out otherwise if he had not met Fangzheng.

Inside the operating theater, Yu Fei brought the box close to the operating table. The medicine she had taken was received by another nurse. As she had been in a hurry, she did not notice the box in Yu Fei's other hand. She directly handled the medicine and handed it over to the surgeon who was focused on the surgery.