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304 The Monk Is Here Again

 Fangzheng was a little stunned while standing in the hall of the Central Provincial Hospital. He had been to Songwu County's hospital. It was not a small one either but compared to the hospital he was at now, it paled in comparison. The hospital in front of him had more than ten high-rise buildings! It occupied the space of a tiny city! Fangzheng stood there at a loss. He could not tell what was what! At that moment, Fangzheng increasingly realized how lacking his knowledge of the world was. He had gone out into the world, but when it came to fully immersing himself in that world, he was still in a mess. If he did not travel the mortal world, how was he to refine a bodhi heart?

Upon coming to this realization, Fangzheng was even more determined to travel more and expand his horizons. Besides, how many people could he help if he stayed on Mt. One Finger? How much merit could he obtain? Thinking back to the past, he had earned merit basically on a monthly basis. Now that he had the Formless Door, he should use it effectively.

Fangzheng and Red Boy looked rather striking standing in the hall. One was bald and dressed in white monk robes. Beside him was a child wearing a red dudou with his buttocks exposed for all to see. Immediately, people who passed them would subconsciously give them a look. There was a flurry of discussion.

"Hehe, look! That monk brought a child over."

"Don't tell me it's his illegitimate child?"

"Pui! How old is that monk? You even talk about an illegitimate child. How old do you think he was when he got married?"

"My grandfather was stabbed to death by the Japanese when I was five. If I had a father when I was five, why can't this monk have a son at his age?"

A dark cloud hung over Fangzheng's head the moment he heard that. What sort of brains did these people have? What the hell were they thinking!?

"Master, it looks like trying to find the person you are looking for won't be that simple." Red Boy looked around as he commented.

Fangzheng sighed. It was not that he did not want to inquire but after being teased, he was a little embarrassed about making inquiries. With a brilliant idea coming to his mind, his eyes flashed with a golden beam. He activated his Wisdom Eye! Fangzheng was doing a last ditch effort. Since the elderly man had so much merit, with the lotus flower so resplendent with its golden aura like a bright lamp in the night, perhaps he could use that characteristic to find the elderly man.

Indeed, with a sweep of his eyes, Fangzheng saw the golden light shimmering from the Emergency Room. He immediately walked in that direction. Red Boy followed closely when he saw this. Red Boy did not realize that ever since he learned that his divine powers were useless against Fangzheng, as well as Fangzheng's mention of renouncing asceticism, he had already begun acknowledging Fangzheng. At the very least, he viewed Fangzheng as an unlucky fool just like him...

In this world filled with strangers, Red Boy's acknowledgment of Fangzheng was naturally a lot deeper.

Fangzheng did not expect that a casual heart-to-heart talk would result in such an effect.

Huang Xinghua was sitting anxiously on a bench outside the operating theater. He would pace a few times after sitting for a while, feeling extremely restless. There was another person just like that. It was Huang Xinghua's younger brother, Huang Zhenhua. The two brothers were pacing around, pulling out their cell phones before stuffing them back into their pockets. It was unknown what they were looking at.

"Can the both of you stop pacing around? You are making me dizzy," said Huang Xinghua's wife, Jiang Min, in irritation.

"Stop pacing around? I'll die of anxiety if I don't walk. It's been so long since he went in, but there hasn't been any news," Huang Xinghua said fretfully.

"Sit down quickly. It has only been a few minutes. Also, watch Dad's box well. It's his treasure," said Jiang Min.

Huang Xinghua looked at the red wooden box before sitting back down. He hugged the box and looked at the lock on it, grumbling, "Dad has gone from the south to the north because of this, but his wishes have yet to be fulfilled. Sigh."

Huang Zhenhua sat up as well, "There's nothing we can do. So many things happened and it has been so long. How can we find what he's looking for? I believe that in the very worst case scenario, we should hire a few people to act if Dad can't hold on."

"Act?" Huang Xinghua was appalled.

Huang Zhenhua blushed, "It's not like there's any other way around it. Do you want him to depart filled with regret? By doing this, he will feel better and leave peacefully. At worst, we can then continue helping him search."

Huang Xinghua fell silent.

Huang Zhenhua's wife, Liu Na, said, "What will happen if Dad discovers what we did? We don't even know who Dad is looking for or the person's name."

"Dad's thought processes are already muddled. Will he be able to differentiate? We just need to convince him," said Huang Zhenhua.

Huang Xinghua said, "Let's talk about this if he's really at his deathbed."

"Eh? Isn't that the monk from before? Why is he here?" Huang Xinghua's wife, Jiang Min, said suddenly.

Huang Zhenhua immediately turned furious when he heard that. He had yet to vent his sulky fit. How could he not be angry now that the monk who stirred trouble was there again? Just as he was about to say something, Huang Xinghua said, "Brother, don't be rash. Dad's treatment is more important. As long as he doesn't cause trouble, leave him be."

Liu Na added, "That's right. Look at that temper of yours. You are still the same old despite all these years."

Huang Zhenhua snorted but did not say a word. Inwardly, he thought, "If this monk dares cause trouble, I'll definitely teach him a lesson."

As they spoke, the group saw the white-robed monk sit in front of them. Beside him was an adorable child that had supple milky skin. Simultaneously, this was the first time the group could carefully size up Fangzheng. He was a handsome young monk with fair skin and a genial look. His eyes were extremely pure like a lake of spring water. He did not seem tainted in any way, and he radiated a kind something that resembled sunshine which warmed people.

Upon seeing this, the four family members could not help but be puzzled. He looked like a good man and did not seem like he was there to cause trouble.

Finally, it was the women whose curiosity was extremely piqued. Liu Na could not help but ask, "Venerable One, why are you here again?"

Fangzheng was still vexing over how he should speak to the family members. When he heard Liu Na ask him a question, he pressed his palms together, "Amitabha. This Penniless Monk came by following all of you."

"What? Do you think it's not chaotic enough?" asked a peeved Huang Zhenhua.

Liu Na held back Huang Zhenhua, "How can you say something like that?"

Huang Zhenhua snorted and stood up, "Continue chatting. I'll go out to take a walk." With that said, he strode away. Clearly, his anger was not really directed at Fangzheng. It was mostly due to anxiety, and he was urgently in need to vent it.

Liu Na said awkwardly, "Venerable One, please don't take offence. This husband of mine has a bad temper. About this, though. Why did you follow us?"

Huang Xinghua vexed as well, "Venerable One, we don't seem to know each other right? Why did you follow us for no reason?"

Fangzheng looked at the operating theater. "It's true that This Penniless Monk does not know you. However, the elderly person in the operating theater is someone worthy of respect."

Everyone liked to hear compliments. The expressions of Huang Xinghua, Liu Na, and Jiang Min turned for the better. Huang Xinghua said, "My father is indeed a good person. However, what has this got to do with you following?"

Jiang Min immediately thought of something as she immediately said, "We aren't Buddhists. We don't buy any protective talismans either."