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290 Returning to Mt. One Finger Again

 "Hehe, this is the kind of headlamps I want! I used to be blinded by the high beam lights of others. Now, I want to blind them all!" Liu Xiaozhou said smugly.

"That can easily cause trouble. What happens if you cause an accident?"

"That'd be the other person's fault, not mine. Who can blame me?" Liu Xiaozhou curled his lips and said disapprovingly.

His friend thought about it and felt that that was indeed the case, but he warned, "If trouble really happens, leave immediately. Don't stop to watch the buzz."

Liu Xiaozhou chuckled, "Definitely. Don't worry!"

Just as he said that, there was an oncoming land rover. Liu Xiaozhou whistled, "Hehe, this bro's lights are quite bright. Do you think I'm afraid of you! My modified headlamps will teach you the meaning of life!"

His headlights were switched on as they shone forward!

"Holy shit! What the f**k!" Liu Xiaozhou saw a monster filled with black hair sitting at the driver's seat. It looked like a black bear demon! The instant he saw that, it gave Liu Xiaozhou such a fright that his hair stood on its end. He broke out into goosebumps as he trembled. His feet pressed down forcefully as the engine whirled! He nearly bumped into the car in front of him and with a quick swerve, his car lost control and slammed into the wall. It resulted in a huge hole with the car stuck in it.

Thankfully, Liu Xiaozhou and his friend had worn their seatbelts. The airbags had inflated, saving their lives.

When Liu Xiaozhou and his friend crawled out the car, they exchanged looks and were too deep for tears!

"Do you still want those high beam lights?"

Liu Xiaozhou shook his head and said with a weeping tone, "F**k, I'll dismantle the high beam lights. It's only trouble! Also, what the heck was that thing sitting in the car? I'm f**king going to buy a mask too!"

Zhou Wu had been driving when he suddenly saw a BMW slam into a wall. His depressed face finally smiled. Indeed, he was the kind of person that rejoiced at the bad luck of others!

However, Zhou Wu's joy did not last much longer. He cried after reaching the hospital. The outcome from the hospital's numerous tests:

"According to the examination, there is no problem with your face. As for why there are moles and hair on your face... That requires further observation," a doctor delivered the outcome with great solemnity.

Zhou Wu instantly realized what it meant when he heard that. It sounded nice but basically, he could not be treated! His eyes turned black as he fainted on the spot.

Ge Yan and Zhou Wenwu hurriedly held him up.

When he regained consciousness, Zhou Wu touched his face full of black hair. It was not a dream! He immediately felt too down for tears.

By the side, Ge Yan held her cell phone looking infuriated. Zhou Wu was at an angle that allowed him to see the screen. He nearly blew his top when he saw that! On Ge Yan's WeChat Moments, a picture had been posted. It was the picture of his black-hair-covered face! He remembered that he was the one who had taken the picture!

Zhou Wu quickly looked for his cell phone but could not find it. Only then did he recall that he had thrown his cell phone in his shock. He could not help but curse, "Which son of a bitch took my cell phone and posted it on my Moments? F**k him!"

At the same time, Zhou Wu had a feeling that everyone in the hospital was looking at him oddly. Some were even mocking him! He vaguely heard people by the side talking about the moles and hair on his face. He instantly blew his top and rushed up and pointed at the patient beside him, "You f**king shut your mouth. What f**king nonsense are you talking about?"

The patient was given a shock as he looked at the pig head meat in his meal tray, "I... I was talking about how the hair on the pig head meat was not removed cleanly. Why?"

Zhou Wu felt rooted to the spot as he looked at the pig head meat on the patient's meal tray. Indeed, there was a clump of hair.

"F**k! F**k! F**k!" Zhou Wu cursed thrice and ran out.

When Ge Yan saw Zhou Wu running, she immediately held him back, "Old Zhou, what are you doing?"

Zhou Wu pointed at his face, "What am I doing? What else can I do? With this face of mine, what can I do in the future?" With that said, Zhou Wu began running outside, giving Zhou Wenwu such a fright that he began wailing. Ge Yan quickly carried her son and chased after Zhou Wu.

When they boarded the car, they avoided the gazes of others. Only then did Zhou Wu calm down. He leaned back on his chair and said with a sob, "Dear, What... What should I do in the future?"

"Old Zhou, he that hides can find. This matter is very likely related to that monk from One Finger Monastery. Did you forget what he said? Besides, your first mole grew after he left. It happened after you wasted the first bamboo shoot. Although I did not see what happened later, I'm certain that the moles increased as you wasted."

Zhou Wu wanted to retort but with the situation as it was, he could only make a Hail Mary effort. He asked, "Then what should I do now?"

"Return to Mt. One Finger. Speak to that monk. Perhaps, perhaps it's redeemable."

Zhou Wu clenched his teeth, "Let's go! If, if he was the one who did it, I... I..."

After thinking all day, Zhou Wu did not manage to say anything nasty. If Fangzheng could make his face grow moles, it meant that he could do it to his entire body. He really was afraid of such a wondrous person.

"Old Zhou, I have been pondering over the matter the entire way. Were the things we did previously a little too overbearing? Could the monk be sent from Heaven to punish us?"

Zhou Wu snorted but did not say a thing. But when he reflected on his past actions, he felt that he was indeed a little overbearing. But... Was he really at fault?

The couple did not speak during the journey. They drove straight to the foot of Mt. One Finger, and it was just before dawn when they arrived.

As Zhou Wu pointed at Mt. One Finger, he sighed, "Wait here for me. I'll go up to take a look."

"Don't. I'll go with you."

Zhou Wu shook his head and quickly went up the mountain.

Ge Yan thought about it and eventually decided against it. She knew Zhou Wu too well. He was a bastard that would rather suffer than lose face.

When Zhou Wu reached the summit, the sun had already peeked out the horizon. Standing at Mt. One Finger's peak and looking at the white line at the end of the sky made him feel refreshed.

At that moment, One Finger Monastery's door slowly opened with a creak. Following that, a white-robed monk appeared at the door.

Zhou Wu instantly recognized Fangzheng and ran over. He shouted, "Venerable Fangzheng, save me!"

Fangzheng had just opened the monastery's door and was planning to test the miraculous effects of the Formless Door when he heard the cry. He turned over. "Amit-my-tabha! What's that thing? Black bear demon?"

Fangzheng might have used the Mole Spell knowing its description: "Moles grow upon incantation. The conditions to the growth and removal of moles can be set freely." And he had set the growth condition to have moles grow the moment Zhou Wu wasted the Frost Bamboo. However, he really had no idea what the outcome would end up looking like. As long as it would not take Zhou Wu's life, Fangzheng could not be bothered.

"Venerable Fangzheng, I'm Zhou Wu!" Zhou Wu ran in front of Fangzheng.