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289 Mask

 Zhou Wu nearly blew his top when he heard that, but he obviously did not have the mind to bicker with Dog Song. Without saying a word, he ran off. He no longer cared for the bamboo shoots. He did not realize that his hand had slipped previously, taking one final picture.

Ge Yan and Zhou Wenwu chased after Zhou Wu when they saw him run. Ge Yan subconsciously swept her gaze at the bamboo shoots that were strewn on the ground. The frightening shock made her broke out in a cold sweat. There was definitely something wrong with the moles. There was absolutely no reason for them to appear all of a sudden! However, she did not dare voice her conjecture out loud. Who would believe her? Even she did not believe it herself as she muttered, "It has to be a coincidence. A coincidence..."

Zhou Wu ran down the mountain whilst covering his face. He did not even dare look up. But as he felt his hairy face, he felt like dying. It was too ugly and disgusting. Was he even still human?

With Zhou Wu's family gone, Dog Song picked up Zhou Wu's cell phone and when he saw the picture on it, he immediately laughed and silently pressed the 'Send' button...

Once Zhou Wu reached the foot of Mt. One Finger, he drove straight for Songwu County Hospital. Although he felt that the hospital was quite a small one, he was not in the mood to be particular about that for once. All he needed was a hospital.

Meanwhile, Songwu County Hospital's dermatologist, Tian Xia, was in quite a good mood that day. As there were few patients, she had time to waste on WeChat and converse with others. The day was quite relaxed.

Just as Tian Xia was playing with her cell phone, she suddenly heard footsteps coming from outside. She subconsciously put away her cell phone and looked up. Almost at the same instant, a person rushed in through the door. Once he raised his head...

"Ah! A ghost!" Tian Xia was shocked as she picked up a book on her desk and smashed it over.

The pitiable Zhou Wu was in such panic that he hadn't knocked on the door or anything. He rushed straight in to be smacked in the face with a book. He roared, "What the f**k are you doing?!"

Tian Xia was taken aback when she heard that. A human's voice? She asked weakly, "Are you human?"

"Bullshit! What else can I be besides human? A ghost?" The moment Zhou Wu said the word 'ghost,' he felt extremely aggrieved. How did he grow a face full of hairy moles for no apparent reason? It was as though he had encountered a ghost.

"Uh, sorry about that. Everything happened too suddenly. Are you here for a diagnosis?" Tian Xia looked at Zhou Wu's face and asked.

Zhou Wu sat on a stool and pointed at his face. "What do you think? Doctor, my face suddenly grew lots of moles today. There's even black hair growing from them. Take a look."

Tian Xia was not averse to such situations. She prodded Zhou Wu's face lightly. "Does it hurt? Is it itchy? Is there any feeling?"

"No. It's like a glue was plastered over my face. It feels stifling."

Tian Xia frowned, "Moles are typically a result of having too much melanin in the skin. But these moles of yours are very special. It's as though your face has grown another layer of skin filled with moles." Upon saying that, Tian Xia subconsciously thought of the legendary type of person: two-faced!"

"Don't bother saying so much. Doctor, can this be treated?"

Tian Xia smiled bitterly, "Sorry, despite all my years as a medical doctor, I have really never seen such a strange ailment. Can you describe how it happened?"

"I... I don't f**king know," Zhou Wu scratched his ears and cheeks in anxiety, subconsciously cursing without realizing it.

At that moment, Ge Yan and Zhou Wenwu ran in. Ge Yan said, "Doctor, it's like this. Our family went to Mt. One Finger today to dig bamboo shoots. When it comes to digging bamboo shoots, we don't have much experience and just dug randomly. It's such a tall mountain and we only had one bag. We naturally chose the best. We didn't want those that were too old, and the small ones were not enough for eating. In the end, a group of villagers saw this and said we were wasting. Tell me, it's only some pieces of bamboo, what's there to talk about waste? Do you expect us to climb such a tall mountain only to dig up some bad bamboo shoots? Wouldn't that be a waste? Later-"

"Madam, can you get to the main point?" asked Tian Xia.

"Main point? Uhm, it's this. There was a monk. He said that what we did was not right and said something about how the gods were watching. Then, he ignored us. We continued digging and finally as you see it, his face became like this." When Ge Yan said that, she felt a lingering fear. She was secretly thankful that she had to take care of the child and did not dig the bamboo shoots as a result. If not, her face would probably be...

At that moment, a nurse walked passed the room. She heard mention of Mt. One Finger and immediately stopped. She was none other than Jiang Ting.

Jiang Ting peeked her head in and saw Zhou Wu's black hairy face. She immediately pulled her head back.

"Jiang Ting, didn't you go to Mt. One Finger before? What's up with that mountain?" Tian Xia did not believe a word from Ge Yan's mouth. How could there be a god in this world? If there were truly a god, wouldn't all the evil people in the world be dead? But she did not know how to handle the matter. Happening to notice Jiang Ting, she decided to change topics.

When Jiang Ting heard that, she stuck out her tongue and walked in, "Sis Tian, I went there before, but that was last year. However-" When she said so, Jiang Ting stole a glance at Zhou Wu, "The Venerable Fangzheng who resides on the mountaintop is quite a godly person. I don't care if you believe it, but I do. I believe that they must have angered Venerable Fangzheng and are suffering from punishment."

"Jiang Ting, don't speak nonsense," Tian Xia cut Jiang Ting off. Such talk could be said in private but not in a professional setting.

"Bullshit, what godly monk!" Zhou Wu cursed. "Forget it. If you can't treat me, I'm going to a hospital in Black Mountain City. If that doesn't work, I'll go to a hospital in the province." With that said, Zhou Wu dragged Ge Yan and Zhou Wenwu away.

As Tian Xia watched the trio depart, she whispered to Jiang Ting, "Is he that godly?"

"Absolutely," Jiang Ting nodded.

Tian Xia curled her mouth, "That man isn't some good guy either. He went to dig up bamboo shoots on someone else's mountain and even wasted them. It's already good that his entire body isn't covered in moles. Jiang Ting, what do you want to eat for dinner?"


After Zhou Wu left Songwu County City, he quickly encountered trouble.

"Sir, please do not wear a strange mask while driving," a traffic policeman stopped Zhou Wu's car and said very sternly.

Zhou Wu was instantly too deep for tears. He raised his voice and tugged at the black hair on his face, roaring, "Mask? Bro, look at it yourself. Is this a mask? Is it?!"

The policeman tugged at it, and it was truly not a mask! He was instantly dumbfounded. He smiled wryly, "Sorry about that. Well... You may go."

Zhou Wu floored the accelerator angrily and drove off but ended up speeding. He was caught up with by the policeman once again. He received demerit points and was fined!

"F**k, why am I so unlucky today? Why do I encounter bad luck everywhere?" Zhou Wu bellowed angrily as he struck his steering wheel.

By the time he reached Black Mountain City, it was already night.

Meanwhile, Liu Xiaozhou was happily driving his newly bought BMW. He switched on his headlights as he drove off. He liked the feeling of having his high beam lights switched on to blind others!

"Xiaozhou, isn't that headlamp of yours way too bright?" commented a friend beside him.