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271 Subduing the Bra

 "Hehe, this child is rather fierce. But he's only a little guy. So what if he's fierce? A smack from me, Lord Wolf, will send him flying more than ten meters!" Lone Wolf chuckled.

Red Boy's ears caught Lone Wolf's comment as he smiled at him faintly. Lone Wolf had an ominous feeling but considering how he was the mighty guardian of One Finger Monastery, what was there to be afraid of from the pygmy in front of him?

Lone Wolf did not manage to discern what happened the next moment. All he felt was as though he had been hit by a train before he tumbled in the air, across the monastery walls before smashing outside the walls with a loud thud.

Red Boy snorted. "Do you think a king like me can't understand animal speak!? How dare a wolf brat address himself as lord in front of a king? If not for that Bald... that guy, I'd have smacked you into oblivion and made a stew out of you!"

When Fangzheng saw Lone Wolf fly out, he could not help but curse. "Normal child? System, about that family of yours... Heh heh..."

Fangzheng naturally could not watch idly as his guardian was being beaten. He snorted coldly, "Red Boy, now that you have entered This Penniless Monk's One Finger Monastery, you are not to commit any acts of violence. Your divine powers are not to be used without This Penniless Monk's permission! If This Penniless Monk discovers a violation, hmph! The severity of the punishment will be increased several fold! It will increase without limit. If you wish to spend the rest of your life in pain, give it a try! Oh, This Penniless Monk would like to remind you that the intensity of the pain is something This Penniless Monk can control. The pain inflicted on you previously was the weakest I could set it to. This Penniless Monk welcomes you to try challenging the more potent levels!"

Red Boy quivered when he heard that what he had previously suffered through was the weakest setting. But for him to obey a young monk? He was unwilling to do so! His eyes darted around as he pondered. Should he find a chance to caught the monk by surprise, stabbing him to death when he wasn't paying attention? Red Boy stayed calm and collected. He had made up his mind. "Master, I submit! I'll refrain from any acts of violence."

Only then did Fangzheng nod in satisfaction. He could not help but feel smug. It was Red Boy! It was a demon that even Sun Wukong had trouble with. It was one of the two most troublesome children in Journey to the West! Yet, he had tamed him. He felt delighted. Yet he knew things were likely not this simple so Fangzheng made sure he remained wary. Red Boy had rebelled back when he was subdued by Guan Yin Bodhisattva after all.

"There's no need to worry. All his divine powers are useless against you. Besides, you can remove his ability to use divine powers at any moment," said the System suddenly.

Fangzheng exclaimed inwardly, "Why didn't you say!? If I knew I was that powerful... Hehe... This Penniless Monk would want to fight ten of him!"

But it was talk. Since Red Boy was being submissive, Fangzheng felt relieved. Lone Wolf had returned, his face ashen. The moment he entered, he grumbled loudly, "Abbot, are you not going to do something about this? This kid is too violent! He beat me, you see that? That's right, he beat a wolf, a wolf! He beat your wolf. Are you not going to do anything about that?"

"Shut up! If you dare spout anymore of your nonsense, I'll make a stew out of you!" Red Boy glared at Lone Wolf, causing him to hide behind Fangzheng in fright. Fangzheng shook his head when he saw this. The fellow was a typical bully that feared the strong! Hoping that Lone Wolf could guard the monastery was truly an unreliable idea.

Fangzheng still berated Red Boy. "Red Boy, since you are here in This Penniless Monk's One Finger Monastery, you have to obey the rules. Reduce the talk about killing, especially... You are not allowed to kill anyone! If I learn that you are causing trouble, hmph! This Penniless Monk does not mind unleashing his full power and recite a decade or two worth of scriptures!"

Red Boy nearly lost his life from the pain he previously suffered. If he suffered that for one or two decades? Just the thought left him trembling. He hurriedly promised, "Fine, fine, fine. I'll refrain from killing people in the future. But what if someone bullies me?"

Fangzheng rolled his eyes. "If someone bullies you? This Penniless Monk will be thanking the heavens if you do not bully others. Also quit the king talk. Since you have come under the Buddhist school of thought, you are now a monk. Since you are a monk, you should have a Dharma name. You call yourself Boy Sage King, your father is Bull Demon King and your mother is Princess Iron Fan, Demonic Lady. In that case, you shall be called Dog Balls in the future!"

"Pfft!" Monkey spat a mouthful of Unrooted Clean Aqua.

Squirrel rolled around the ground laughing while holding his belly.

Lone Wolf grinned and secretly laughed.

Red Boy was infuriated. He stomped his foot and it felt like the entire mountain shook. Thankfully, the monastery was indestructible or the monastery might even have crumbled from that stomp. He also became more vigilant. Red Boy truly had godlike powers. If he was not careful, it might lead to grave problems.

Red Boy growled, "Darn Baldy, how dare you give me such a name? As king, I'll stab you to death today!"

Fangzheng knew that the rascal's wildness was not easily tamed. He pressed his palms together and smiled at Red Boy. The heavens care for every living being. This Penniless Monk shall give you another chance to reconstruct that sentence of yours. Child, grab that opportunity or This Penniless Monk might try reciting scriptures for an entire day just for kicks."

"You..." Red Boy's eyes turned red as he stared at Fangzheng. When he saw Fangzheng's indifference with a smile that insinuated how he was bullying him, he finally gritted his teeth and said, "The name is not bad..."

"What did you say? This Penniless Monk did not hear it carefully. Louder," said Fangzheng with a smile.

Red Boy roared, "Don't TEST ME!"

"Forget it then. This Penniless Monk shall begin reciting. I should warm up with a night's recital for the long nights ahead."

"The name is not that bad!" Red Boy shouted while holding back his tears.

"That's a good boy. Alright, Dog Balls will be our name used for you in private. To the public... One Finger Monastery's generation name go in the order, 'Yi, Fang, Jing, Tu, Yuan, Ming, Jing, Zhi, De Xing, Fu Xiang.' Since This Penniless Monk is of the Fang generation, you will be of the Jing generation! This Penniless Monk wishes that you could calm the bloodlust in your mind. Your Dharma name shall be Jingxin!" Fangzheng nodded to himself. How could he give him a random Dharma name? He was only testing Red Boy previously. The bloodlust in Red Boy's heart was just too intense. Fangzheng had to find a reason, even if there was none, for him to unleash it before he could extinguish it. To put it simply, he had to put down the child from time to time. If the child really wanted to act brattish, no ordinary brat could compare to the sheer danger involved.

When Red Boy heard the Dharma name, he found it pretty good. At least, it was better than Dog Balls. "That's more like it..."

"Hmmm?" Fangzheng darted his eyes over.

Red Boy pressed his palms together and said reluctantly, "Thanks..."

"Although you are Child of Wealth, you are This Penniless Monk's disciple after entering my One Finger Monastery." Fangzheng took advantage of the situation. After being scammed by the System, he needed to gain something in return. Just the thought of taking in the Child of Wealth as his disciple was thrilling.

Red Boy pressed his palms together. "Greetings Master, I'm your disciple, Jingxin." Red Boy extremely resented the thought of it but by being forced to live under the roof of Fangzheng, he had no choice but to submit! Besides, Red Boy had made up his mind to find an opportunity to stab the darn baldy before he made his escape.

Fangzheng also knew that Red Boy would not submit that easily. If not, Guan Yin Bodhisattva would not have thrown Red Boy at him. However, since he accepted the mission, Fangzheng had to consider how he could subjugate the problem child. Although it was cause for a major headache, the thought of taking in a deity as a disciple was... interesting. With Red Boy protecting him, who in the world could harm him?

He would soon realize the folly of his ignorance.